Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 2001 - Abstracts

Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 2001
Corporate environmental disclosures: are they useful in determining environmental performance?BusinessHughes, Susan B., Anderson, Allison, Golden, Sarah
Economic rates of return: an extension.(public accounting)BusinessEly, K, Miller, B
Further evidence on the ethics of managing earnings: an examination of the ethically related judgements of shareholders and non-shareholders,.BusinessKaplan, Steven
Information systems, incentives and the timing of investments.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessStark, Andrew W., Antle, Rick, Bogetoft, Peter
Information technology and the social construction of information privacy.BusinessBaker, C. Richard, Shapiro, Brian
Management control and hospital cost reduction: additional evidence.BusinessEvans, J, Hwang, Y, Nagarajan, N
Managing earnings surprises in the US versus 12 other countries.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessBrown, Lawrence D., Higgins, Huong Ngo
Non-US firms' Accounting Standards choices.(United States)BusinessAshbaugh, Hollis
Off-balance sheet R&D assets and market liquidity.(research and development)BusinessBoone, Jeff P., Raman, K.K.
On R&D capitalization and value relevance: a commentary.BusinessRonen, Joshua
The disciplinary process of the accounting profession: protecting the public or the profession? The Quebec experience.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessBedard, Jean
The effect of EDGAR on the market reaction to 10-K fillings.(corporate financial reports, Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system)(Statistical Data Included)BusinessBalsam, Steven, Asthana, Sharad
The liability equivalence of unfunded nuclear decommissioning costs.BusinessKhurana, Inder K., Raman, K.K., Pettway, Richard H.
The relation between audit pricing and audit contract type: a public sector analysis.BusinessHolmes, Sarah A., Thorne, Jerry, McGowan, Annie S., Strand, Carolyn A., Strawser, Robert H.
The usefulness of financial and nonfinancial performance information in resource allocation decisions.BusinessReck, Jacqueline
Y2K spending by entrepreneurial firms.(US)(Statistical Data Included)BusinessAnderson, Mark C., Banker, Rajiv D., Natarajan, Ram, Ravindran, Sury
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