Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 1998
An examination of the auditing standards promulgation process involving SAS No. 69. (Statement on Auditing Standards No. 69)BusinessMcEnroe, John, Martens, Stanley C.
An investigation of the accuracy of pre-implementation estimates required by SAB 74.(Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 74 of the Securities Exchange Commission)BusinessStrawser, Jerry R., Noland, Thomas R., Paserwark, William R.
Causality as an influence on hindsight bias: an empirical examination of judges' evaluation of professional audit judgment.BusinessJennings, Marianne M., Reckers, Philip M.J., Lowe, D. Jordan
Client risk and recent changes in the market for audit services.BusinessRaghunandan, K., Jones, Frederick L.
Independent auditor litigation: recent events and related research.BusinessFrederickson, James R., Hill, John W., Cloyd, C. Bryan
Managerial discretion and voluntary disclosure: empirical evidence from the New Zealand life insurance industry.BusinessAdams, Mike, Hossain, Mahmud
Market value and accounting implications of off-balance-sheet items.BusinessPfeiffer, Ray J., Jr.
Measuring corporate environmental performance.BusinessSoderstrom, Naomi S., Ilinitch, Anne Y., Thomas, Tom E.
Oil and gas reserve value disclosures and bid-ask spreads.BusinessBoone, Jeffery P.
Regulatory changes in the electric utility industry: investigation of effects on shareholder wealth.BusinessJohnson, Mark S., Niles, Marcia S., Suydam, Stacey L.
Regulatory cost effects in a good news environment: the intra-industry reaction to the Alaskan oil spill.BusinessPatten, Dennis M., Nance, Jon R.
Site uncertainty, allocation uncertainty, and superfund liability valuation.BusinessSoderstrom, Naomi S., Sefcik, Stephan E., Campbell, katherine
State regulation and professional accounting educational reforms: an empirical test of regulatory capture theory.BusinessRoberts, Robin W., Kurtenbach, James M.
The association between the SEC's 1992 compensation disclosure rule and executive compensation policy changes. (US Securities and Exchange Commission)BusinessVafeas, Nikos, Afxentiou, Zaharoulla
The effect of insider trading on financial analysts' forecast accuracy and dispersion.BusinessLustgarten, Steven, Mande, Vivek
The housing value-relevance of governmental accounting information.BusinessRaman, K.K., Lin, Wenshan
The impact of the EPA's TRI disclosure program on state environmental and natural resource expenditures.(Toxics Release Inventory)BusinessPatten, Dennis M.
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