Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 1997
A call for papers: cost management concepts, firm performance, and industrial competitiveness.(Editorial)BusinessLoeb, Martin P.
An examination of the efficiency of proprietary hospital versus non-proprietary hospital ownership structures.BusinessCarter, Richard B., Massa, Lawrence J., Power, Mark L.
An investigation of independent audit opinions and subsequent independent auditor litigation of publicly-traded failed savings and loans.BusinessBlacconiere, Walter G., DeFond, Mark L.
Audit litigation research: do the merits matter? An assessment and directions for future research.BusinessPalmrose, Zoe-Vonna
Cost-plus-fixed-fee contracts with payment ceilings: impact on commercial markets and indirect cost recoveries.BusinessSurysekar, Krishnamurthy, Loeb, Martin P.
Detecting GAAP violation: implications for assessing earnings management among firms with extreme financial performance.(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)BusinessBeneish, Messod D.
Determinants of the variability in corporate effective tax rates: evidence from longitudinal data.BusinessGupta, Sanjay, Newberry, Kaye
Environmental disclosures and public policy pressure.BusinessSchwartz, Bill N., Walden, W. Darrell
Environmental regulations and incentives for compliance audits.BusinessMishra, Birendra K., Stinson, Christopher H., Newman, D. Paul
Investors' assessment of implicit environmental liabilities: an empirical investigation.BusinessCormier, Denis, Magnan, Michel
Research in environmental accounting.BusinessShields, David, Boer, Germain
Superfund liabilities and governmental reporting entities: an empirical analysis.BusinessKhurana, Inder K., Lawrence, Carol M.
Target shareholders' returns: the effect of diversity in accounting standards and tax treatments in cross-border acquisitions.(includes review of related literature)BusinessCheng, Rita H., Dunne, Kathleen M., Nathan, Kevin S.
The association between deferred taxes and common stock risk.BusinessRo, Byung T., Chandra, Uday
The threat of litigation and voluntary partner/manager turnover in Big Six firms.BusinessDalton, Dan R., Hill, John W., Ramsay, Robert R.
Toward a multilevel framework for studying electronic control systems.BusinessKidwell, Roland E., Jr., Kidwell, Linda Achey
Trends in independent auditor liability: the emergence of a sane consensus.BusinessSiliciano, John A.
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