Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 1992 - Abstracts

Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 1992
An empirical analysis of theories on factors influencing state government accounting disclosure.BusinessCheng, Rita Hartung
An empirical investigation of the market for "single audit" services.BusinessRaman, K.K., Wilson, Earl R.
Data envelopment analysis for monitoring customer-supplier relationships.BusinessKleinsorge, Ilene K., Schary, Philip B., Tanner, Ray D.
Debt covenant disclosures and the impact of SEC Rule 144A. (removal of restrictions on the resale of privately placed securities by security brokers and institutional buyers) (Research Note)BusinessWeintrop, Joseph, Press, Eric
Debt financing, the Darby effect, and the inflation-induced penalty in historical cost depreciation. (Research Note)BusinessSchnabel, Jacques A., Thakkar, Rashmi
Extending technology: the estimation and control of costs. (Research Note)BusinessGreer, Willis R., Jr., Moses, O. Douglas
Financial accounting standard setting as an institutionalized action field: constraints, opportunities and dilemmas.BusinessFogarty, Timothy J.
Municipal financial reporting and the general obligation bond market: New York City, 1961-1975.BusinessSoybel, Virginia E.
Municipal selection of a state or external auditor for financial statement audits.BusinessRubin, Marc A.
SEC communications to the independent auditors: an analysis of enforcement actions.BusinessCampbell, David R., Parker, Larry M.
Stock price informativeness of accounting numbers: evidence on earnings, book values and their components.BusinessWild, John J.
The case for mandatory municipal disclosure: do seasoned municipal bond yields impound publicly available information?BusinessMarquette, R. Penny, Wilson, Earl R.
The impact of SEC-required disclosure and insider-trading regulations on the bid/ask spreads in the over-the-counter market.BusinessHagerman, Robert L., Healy, Joanne P.
The relation between perceived accounting quality and economic characteristics of the firm.BusinessImhoff, Eugene A., Jr.
The relationship between accounting earnings and bond returns.BusinessJin, Jong-Dae
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