International Marketing Review 2005 - Abstracts

International Marketing Review 2005
Accelerated internationalisation: evidence from a late investor country.Business, internationalPla-Barber, Jose, Escriba-Esteve, Alejandro
A comparative study of the management styles of marketing managers in Australia and the People's Republic of China.Business, internationalAlbaum, Gerald, Poon, Patrick S, Evangelista, Felicitas U
A comparison of service quality dimensions conveyed in advertisements for service providers in the USA and Korea: A content analysis.(customer relations)Business, internationalTaylor, Charles R., Raymond, Mary Anne, Bang, Hae-Kyong, Moon, Young Sook
A conceptual framework of antecedents of information search in exporting: importance of ability and motivation.Business, internationalYeoh, Poh-Lin
Advertising appeals and cultural values in television commercials: a comparison of Hong Kong and Korea.Business, internationalMoon, Young Sook, Chan, Kara
Analyzing the cultural content of web sites: a cross-national comparison of China, India, Japan, and US.Business, internationalSingh, Nitish, Zhao, Hongxin, Hu, Xiaorui
An analysis of the factors affecting the adoption of electronic commerce by SMEs: Evidence from an emerging market.(small and medium-sized enterprises)Business, internationalKaynak, Erdener, Tatoglu, Ekrem, Kula, Veysel
An overview of the first 21 years of research in the International Marketing Review.Business, internationalWu, Lan, Malhotra, Naresh K., Whitelock, Jeryl
Antecedents to internet-based purchasing: a multinational study.Business, internationalKnight, Gary, Kuhlmeier, David
Beyond disconfirmation: the role of generosity and surprise.(customer service)Business, internationalImrie, Brian C.
Beyond national culture: implications of cultural dynamics for consumer research.Business, internationalCraig, C. Samuel, Douglas, Susan P.
Comparing US and European perspectives on B2B repair service quality for mission-critical equipment.(business to business)Business, internationalPeterson, Mark, Munch, James M., Gregory, Gary
Determinants of export intermediaries' service-mix configurations.Business, internationalBalabanis, George
Dimensions of service quality in developed and developing economies: multi-country cross-cultural comparisons.(customer relations)Business, internationalAgarwal, James, Wu, Lan, Malhotra, Naresh K., Ulgado, Francis M., Shainesh, G.
Effects of URLs in traditional media advertising in China.(Uniform Resource Locator (world wide web address))Business, internationalMaddox, Lynda M., Gong, Wen
Entering and Succeeding in Emerging Countries: Marketing to the Forgotten.(Book Review)Business, international 
Ethical segmentation of consumers in developing countries: a comparative analysis.Business, internationalRawwas, Mohammed Y.A., Al-Khatib, Jamal A., Stanton, Angela D'Auria
Ethics and international marketing: Research background and challenges.Business, internationalCarrigan, Marylyn, Szmigin, Isabelle, Marinova, Svetla
Excitement or sophistication? A preliminary exploration of online brand personality.Business, internationalOkazaki, Shintaro
Export intermediation and the internet: an activity-unbundling approach.Business, internationalAndersen, Poul Houman
Extending the construct of consumer ethnocentrism: when foreign products are preferred.Business, internationalEttenson, Richard, Krishnan, Balaji C., Klein, Jill Gabrielle
International e-marketing: opportunities and issues.Business, internationalSheth, Jagdish N., Sharma, Arun
International strategic alliance relationships within the foreign investment decision process.Business, internationalKatsikeas, Constantine S., Robson, Matthew J.
"I" versus "we": how individualists and collectivists use information sources to formulate their service expectations.(customer relations)Business, internationalLaroche, Michel, Cleveland, Mark, Kalamas, Maria
Mapping the mind of the mobile consumer across borders: an application of the Zaltman metaphor elicitation technique.Business, internationalSugai, Philip
Raising services' tangibility in foreign markets via marketing: A model construction and a cross-national comparative empirical survey.(intangible assets)Business, internationalTarn, David D.C.
Service innovation strategy and process: a cross-national comparative analysis.(new service development)Business, international 
Sustainable competitive advantage of internet firms: a strategic framework and implications for global marketers.Business, internationalJavalgi, Rajshekhar (Raj) G., Radulovich, Lori P., Pendleton, Glenna, Scherer, Robert F.
The dynamics of global e-commerce: an organizational ecology perspective.Business, internationalJavalgi, Rajshekhar G., Todd, Patricia R., Scherer, Robert F.
The fallout from French nuclear testing in the South Pacific: a longitudinal study of consumer boycotts.Business, internationalEttenson, Richard, Klein, Jill Gabrielle
The influence of country image structure on consumer evaluations of foreign products.(EQS structural equation modeling software)Business, internationalLaroche, Michel, Papadopoulos, Nicolas, Rodriguez, Carlos M, Heslop, Louise A, Mourali, Mehdi
The international e-marketing framework (IEMF): identifying the building blocks for future global e-marketing research.Business, internationalSingh, Nitish, Krishnamurthy, Sandeep
The internationalization speed of e-commerce companies: an empirical analysis.Business, internationalLuo, Yadong, Zhao, John Hongxin, Du, Jianjun
Values and collective self-esteem as predictors of consumer susceptibility to interpersonal influence among university students.(survey of 783 university students)Business, internationalKropp, Fredric, Lavack, Anne M, Silvera, David H
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