International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 2004 - Abstracts

International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 2004
Acute Rhodiola Rosea intake can improve endurance exercise performance.Sports and fitnessHespel, Peter, De Bock, Katrien, Eijnde, Bert O., Ramaekers, Monique
Antioxidant diet supplementation influences blood iron status in endurance athletes.Sports and fitnessCordova, Alfredo, Aguilo, Antoni, Tur, Joseph A, Pons, Antoni, Tauler, Pere, Fuentespina, Emilia, Villa, Gerardo
A pilot intervention to increase calcium intake in female collegiate athletes.Sports and fitnessWard, Kenneth D., Klesges, Robert C., Vukadinovich, Christopher M., Mehlenbeck, Robyn S.
Bone mineral density in young active females: The case of dancers.Sports and fitnessYannakoulia, Mary, Keramopoulos, Antonios, Matalas, Antonia-Leda
Carbohydrate-electrolyte feedings and 1h time trial cycling performance.Sports and fitnessHargreaves, Mark, Desbrow, Ben, Anderson, Sally, Rao, Elissa
Comparison of DXA, Siri's 2C, and Lohman's Db-mineral models for estimating the body fat of physically active adults.Sports and fitnessHeyward, Vivian H., Gibson, Ann L., Mermier, Christine M., Janot, Jeffrey M., Wilmerding, Virginia
Comparison of water turnover rates in young swimmers in training and age-matched non-training individuals.Sports and fitnessLeiper, John B., Maughan, Ron J.
Cordyceps sinensis (cordymax Cs-4) supplementation does not improve endurance exercise performance.Sports and fitnessParcell, Allen C., Smith, Jason M., Schulthies, Shane S., Myrer, J.William, Fellingham, Gilbert
Creatine supplementation in younger soccer players.Sports and fitnessOstojic, Sergej M.
Daily body mass variability and stability in active men undergoing exercise-heat stress.Sports and fitnessSawka, Michael N., Montain, Scott J., Cheuvront, Samuel N., Carter, Robert, III
Dietary composition influences short-term endurance training-induced adaptations of substrate partitioning during exercise.Sports and fitnessSherman, W. Michael, Hinchcliff, Kenneth W., Jacobs, Kevin A., Paul, David R., Geor, Ray J.
Dietary intake and nutritional practices of elite Greek aquatic athletes.Sports and fitnessFarajian, P., Kavouras, S.A., Yannakoulia, M., Sidossis, L.S.
Doping-control urinalysis of a ginseng extract, Cold-FX, in athletes.Sports and fitnessShan, Jacqueline J., Goel, Danny P., Geiger, Jonathan D., Kriellaars, Dean., Pierce, Grant N.
Eating attitudes, exercise identity, and body alienation in competitive ultramarathoners.Sports and fitnessLantz, Christopher D., Rhea, Deborah J., Mesnier, Karin
Effect of active versus passive recovery on metabolism and performance during subsequent exercise.Sports and fitnessFebbraio, Mark A., Carey, Michael F., McAinch, Andrew J., Stojanovska, Lilian, Parkin, Joann M., Zhao, Shuang, Tangalakis, Kathy
Effect of an amino acid, protein, and carbohydrate mixture on net muscle protein balance after resistance exercise.Sports and fitnessWolfe, Robert R., Borsheim, Elisabet, Aasland, Asle
Effect of endurance training and fasting on renal gluconeogenic enzymes in the rat.Sports and fitnessDonovan, Casey M., Sumida, Ken D., Hevener, Andrea L., Garrett, Jeff H., McJilton, William T.
Effect of ingested fluid composition on exercise-related transient abdominal pain.Sports and fitnessMorton, Darren Peter, Fernando Aragon-Vargas, Luis, Callister, Robin
Effect of Maltose-containing sports drinks on exercise performance.Sports and fitnessBeer, Michael, Skenderi, Katerina, Anastasiou, Costas A., Kovouras, Stavros A., Koutsari, Christina, Georgakakis, Charalambos, Sidossis, Labros S.
Effect of microhydrin on blood lactate, protein carbonyls, and glutathione status in rats before and after aerobic exercise.Sports and fitnessGoldfarb, Allan H., Bloomer, Richard J., McKenzie, Michael J.
Effects of an alleged myostatin-binding supplement and heavy resistance training on serum mystatin, muscle strength and mass, and body composition.Sports and fitnessWilloughby, Darryn S.
Effects of antioxidant therapy in women exposed to eccentric exercise.Sports and fitnessGoldfarb, Allan H., Bloomer, Richard J., Nguyen, Linh, McKenzie, Michael J., You, Tonjian
Effects of caffeine ingestion on exercise testing: A meta-analysis.Sports and fitnessDoherty, Mike, Smith, Paul M.
Effects of Microhydrin supplementation on endurance performance and metabolism in well-trained cyclists.Sports and fitnessSpriet, Lawrence L., Glazier, Lee R., Stellingwerff, Trent
Effects of vitamin-mineral supplementation on cardiac marker and radical scavenging enzymes, and MDA levels in young swimmers.Sports and fitnessCavas, Levent, Tarhan, Lemen
Evaluation of nutrition knowledge and dietary recommendations by coaches of adolescent Brazilian athletes.Sports and fitnessJuzwiak, Claudia Ridel, Ancona-Lopez, Fabio
Fluid and electrolyte intake and loss in elite soccer players during training.Sports and fitnessMaugham, Ronald J., Merson, Stuart J., Broad, Nick P., Shirreffs, Susan M.
Food and macronutrient intake of elite Kenyan distance runners.Sports and fitnessPitsiladis, Y.P., Onywera, V.O., Kiplamai, F.K., Tuitoek, P.J., Boit, M.K.
Food preferences, dieting behaviors, and body image perceptions of elite figure skaters.Sports and fitnessJonnalagadda, Satya S., Ziegler, Paula J., Nelson, Judy A.
Gastrointestinal discomfort during intermittent high-intensity exercise: Effect of carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage.Sports and fitnessShi, Xiaocai, Murray, Robert, Passe, Dennis H., Horn, Mary K., Osterberg, Kris L., Stofan, John R., Zachwieja, Jeffrey J., Horswill, Craig A.
Inadequate carbohydrate intake following prolonged exercise does not increase muscle soreness after 15 minutes of downhill running.Sports and fitnessConlee, Robert K., Parcell, Allen C., Nelson, Matthew R.
Influence of carbohydrate and age on lymphocyte function following a marathon.Sports and fitnessNieman, David C., Henson, Dru A., Pistilli, Edward, Schilling, Brain, Colacino, Anna Rita
Metabolic effects of the addition of resistive to aerobic exercise in older men.Sports and fitnessGoldberg, Andrew P., Ryan, Alice S., Ferrara, Cynthia M., McCrone, Susan H., Brendle, David
Moderate intensity resistance exercise, plus or minus soy intake: effects on serum lipid peroxides in young adult males.Sports and fitnessHill, Stephen, Box, Wesley, DiSilvestro, Robert A.
Nutrient intake and eating habits of triathletes on a Brazilian diet.Sports and fitnessNogueira, Julia A.D., Da Costa, Teresa H.M.
Nutrient intakes and dietary behaviors of male and female collegiate athletes.Sports and fitnessBeck, Niels C., Hinton, Pamela S., Sanford, Tiffany C., Davidson, M. Meghan, Yakushko, Oksana F.
Nutritional status of Brazilian elite swimmers.Sports and fitnessPaschoal, Valeria Cristina Provenza, Amancio, Olga Maria Silverio
Nutritional supplement use among college athletes and their sources of information.Sports and fitnessFroiland, Kathryn, Koszewski, Wanda, Hingst, Joshua, Kopecky, Lisa
One year of oral calcium supplementation maintains cortical bone density in young adult female distance runners.Sports and fitnessWinters-Stone, Kerri M., Snow, Christine M,
Palatability and voluntary intake of sports beverages, diluted orange juice, and water during exercise.Sports and fitnessHorn, Mary, Murray, Robert, Passe, Dennis H., Stofan, John
Prevalence of iron depletion and anemia in top-level basketball players.Sports and fitnessConstantini, Naama W., Dubnov, Gal
Prevalent use of dietary supplements among people who exercise at a commercial gym.Sports and fitnessMorrison, Laura J., Gizis, Frances, Shorter, Barbara
Reduced neuromuscular activity with carbohydrate ingestion during constant load cycling.Sports and fitnessHawley, John A., Nikolopoulos, Vasilis, Arkinstall, Melissa J.
Rehydration with a caffeinated beverage during the non-exercise periods of 3 consecutive days of 2-a-day practices.Sports and fitnessCasa, Douglas J., Fiala, Kelly A., Roti, Melissa W.
Reliability and validity of a brief questionnaire to assess calcium intake in female collegiate athletes.Sports and fitnessMcClanahan, Barbara S., Clemens, Linda H., Ward, Kenneth D., Vukadinovich, Christopher M., Hunt, Kami Mays, Berg, Melanie Burstyne, Slawson, Deborah A.
Resistive training and chromium picolinate: Effects on inositols and liver and kidney functions in older adults.Sports and fitnessAnderson, Richard A., Farrell, Peter A., Campbell, Wyne W., Joseph, Lyndon J. O., Ostlund, Richard E., Evan, William J.
Skeletal muscle total creatine content and creatine transporter gene expression in vegetarians prior to and following creatine supplementation.Sports and fitnessGarnham, Andrew P., Snow, Rodney J., Watt, Kenneth K.O.
The effect of single and repeated bouts of prolonged cycling on leukocyte redistribution, neutrophil degranulation, IL-6, and plasma stress hormone responses.Sports and fitnessGleeson, Michael, Tzai-Li Li
The effects of caffeine ingestion on exercise high carbohydrate meals with different glycemic indices on blood leukocyte redistribution, IL-6, and hormonal responses during a subsequent prolonged exercise.Sports and fitnessGleeson, Michael, Williams, Clyde, Tzai-Li Li, Ching-Ling Wu
The effects of creatine supplementation on cardiovascular, metabolic, and thermoregulatory responses during exercise in the heat in endurance -trained human.Sports and fitnessMitchell, M., Kilduff, L.P., Georgiades, E., James, N., Minnion, R.H., Pitsiladis, Y.P., Hadjicharlambous, M., Kingsmore, D.
The impact of prior coffee consumption on the subsequent ergogenic effect of anhydrous caffeine.Sports and fitnessMcLellan, Tom M., Bell, Doug G.
The influence of low versus high carbohydrate diet on a 45-min strenuous cycling exercise.Sports and fitnessKavouras, Stavros A., Troup, John P., Berning, Jacqueline R.
Traditional and nontraditional supplement use by collegiate female varsity athletes.Sports and fitnessHerbold, Nancie H., Visconti, Bridget K., Frates, Susan, Bandini, Linda
Tricarboxylic-acid-cycle intermediates and cycle endurance capacity.Sports and fitnessBrown, Amy C., MacRae, Holden S.H., Turner, Nathan S.
Zinc and Copper biochemical indices of antioxidant status in elite athletes of different modalities.Sports and fitnessKoury, Josely C., de Oliveira Jr., Astrogildo, Portella, Emilson S., de Oliveira, Cyntia F., Lopes, Gustavo C.
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