International Journal of Human Resource Management 2000 - Abstracts

International Journal of Human Resource Management 2000
A test of assumed cluster homogeneity for performance appraisal management in four Southeast Asian countries.Human resources and labor relationsYongsun Paik, Charles M. Vance, H. Daniel Stage
'Best practice' human resource management: perfect opportunity or dangerous illusion?Human resources and labor relationsMick Marchington, Irena Grugulis
Beyond 'unloving care': linking human resource management and patient care quality in nursing homes.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsSusan Eaton
Change and development in pluralistic settings: an exploration of HR practices in Chinese township and village enterprises.(human resources)Human resources and labor relationsIrene Hau Siu Chow, Ping Ping Fu
Comparative performance appraisal practices and management values among foreign and domestic firms in India.Human resources and labor relationsSita C. Amba-Rao, Joseph a. Petrick, Jatinder N.D. Gupta, Thomas J. Von der Embse
Cross-national differences in cognitive style: Implications for management.Human resources and labor relationsChristopher W. Allinson, John Hayes
Determinants of variable pay for top managers of foreign subsidiaries in Finland.Human resources and labor relationsIngmar Bjorkman, Patrick Furu
Disability and employment: a comparative critique of UK legislation.(United Kingdom)Human resources and labor relationsDavid Goss, Fiona Goss, Derek Adam-Smith
Effect of supervisor-subordinate guanxi on supervisory decisions in China: an empirical investigation.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsKenneth S. Law, Chi-Sum Wong, Duanxu Wang, Lihua Wang
Employee ownership in enterprises in Africa and Asia.Human resources and labor relationsMike Wright, Andrew Pendleton, Ken Robbie
Farewell to HRM? Personnel practices in Japanese manufacturing plants in the UK.(human resources management)Human resources and labor relationsJonathan Morris, Barry Wilkinson, Max Munday
Front-line responses to customer orientation programmes: a theoretical and empirical analysis.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsRiccardo Peccei, Patrice Rosenthal
'Fun and surveillance': the paradox of high commitment management in call centres.Human resources and labor relationsNick Kinnie, Sue Hutchinson, John Purcell
Health sector reform and human resource management: Britain in comparative perspective.Human resources and labor relationsSrtephen Bach
How are internally oriented HRM policies related to high-performance work practices? Evidence from Singapore.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsMark E. Barnard, Ronald A. Rodgers
Human resource management, trade unions and empowerment: two cases from India.Human resources and labor relationsE.A. Ramaswamy, F.B. Schiphorst
In search of the changing role of the corporate human resource function in the international firm.Human resources and labor relationsHugh Scullion, Ken Starkey
Introduction: service work and its implications for human resources management.Human resources and labor relationsStephen Frenkel
Leadership style, organizational culture and performance: empirical evidence from UK companies.(United Kingdom, human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsEmmanuel Ogbonna, Lloyd C. Harris
Localizing management in foreign-invested enterprises in China: practical, cultural, and strategic perspectives.Human resources and labor relationsJos Gamble
Managing AIDS in Africa: HRM challenges in Tanzania.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsYehuda Baruch, Patricia Clancy
Manpower restructuring in the state-owned railway industry of China: the role of the state in human resource strategy.Human resources and labor relationsFang Lee Cooke
Move it or lose: An examination of the evolving role of the human resources professional in New Zealand.Human resources and labor relationsJacqui Cleland, Karl Pajo, Paul Toulson
National skill-creation systems and career paths for service workers: hotels in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsDavid Finegold, Karin Wagner, Geoff Mason
Organizing work to support relational co-ordination.(human resources management)Human resources and labor relationsJody Hoffer Gittell
Societal effects meet sectoral effects: work organization, competencies and payment systems in the Volvo Commercial Vehicle Division.Human resources and labor relationsTerry Wallace
Stepping into the kitchen: lay clients as co-producers of a professional service.(human resources management)Human resources and labor relationsRan Lachman
Strategic segmentation in front-line services: matching customers, employees and human resource systems.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsRosemary Batt
Test of the MBA knowledge and skills transfer.(Master of Business Administration)Human resources and labor relationsEddie W.L. Cheng
The adoption of innovative work practices in service establishments.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsLarry Hunter
The effect of human resource management practices on firm performance in Russia.Human resources and labor relationsCarl Fey F., Ingmar Bjorkman, Antonina Pavlovskaya
The human resource barriers to managing quality in China.Human resources and labor relationsLinda Glover, Noel Siu
The impact of cultural value orientations on individual HRM preferences in developing countries: lessons from Kenyan organizations.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsKevin Daniels, Stephen M. Nyambegera, Paul Sparrow
The making and remaking of HRM: The practice of managing people in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.Human resources and labor relationsGeoffrey Wood, Candice Els
The myth of the 'international manager'.Human resources and labor relationsNick Forster
The problem with pay flexibility: changing pay practices in the UK health sector.Human resources and labor relationsDamien Grimshaw
Training in service - importing and imparting customer service culture as an interactive process.Human resources and labor relationsAndrew Sturdy
Training in the new private sector in Russia.Human resources and labor relationsSimon Clarke, Tanya Metalina
Triumphs and tragedies: expectations and commitments upon repatriation.Human resources and labor relationsLinda K. Stroh, Hal B. Gregersen, J. Stewart Black
Union organizing in Britain: a survey of policy and practice.Human resources and labor relationsEdmund Heery, Melanie Simms, Rick Delbridge, John Salmon, Dave Simpson
Variances in staff-related management practices at eight European country subsidiaries of a global firm.Human resources and labor relationsLeonardo Liberman, Ingemar Torbiorn
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