International Journal of Human Resource Management 1997 - Abstracts

International Journal of Human Resource Management 1997
A clash of human resource management cultures: a micro-state case study. (local and foreign management styles in the Seychelles)Human resources and labor relationsGodfrey Baldacchino
A multi-method analysis of work-related preferences in three nations: implications for inter- and intra-national human resource management.Human resources and labor relationsRoderick D. Iverson, Sara L. McGaughey, Helen De Cieri
An empirical study of human resource management policies and practices in foreign-invested enterprises in China: the case of Shenzen Special Economic Zone.Human resources and labor relationsDail Fields, Syed Akhtar, Daniel Ding
An international comparison of human resource management objectives and activities. (Canada, South Africa and Zimbabwe)Human resources and labor relationsAndrew J. Templer, Karl B. Hofmeyr, Johan J. Rall
Another consequence of culture - intra-cultural variation.Human resources and labor relationsKevin Au
Appointments of CEOs in US companies: a comparison of 1978-9 and 1989-91. (chief executive officers)Human resources and labor relationsJacob Weisberg, Beni Lauterbach
A study of the employment system of Japanese multinational retailers in Hong Kong.Human resources and labor relationsChris Hendry, May M.L. Wong
Attitude and consciousness of Japanese men and women towards career commitment and continuity: the role of expected change in HRM policies.Human resources and labor relationsM. Mohsin-Ul Islam
Career motivation measures: a test of convergent and discriminant validity.Human resources and labor relationsMaurice M. Grzeda, J. Bruce Prince
Codetermination and personnel policies of German firms: the influence of works councils on turnover and further training.Human resources and labor relationsDieter Sadowski, Uschi Backes-Gellner, Bernd Frick
Cross-cultural differences in upward ratings in a multinational company. (workers appraising performance of managers)Human resources and labor relationsManuel London, Steven Crom, Dennis J. Adsit, Dana Jones
Developments in human resource management in manufacturing in modern Britain.Human resources and labor relationsMichael Poole, Glenville Jenkins
Differences in the organisational behaviour beliefs held by Australian employer representatives and health professionals involved in occupational rehabilitation: implications for workplace disability management.Human resources and labor relationsGregory C. Murphy, Peter Foreman, Amanda E. Young
Employee work values and organisational attachment in North Mexican maquiladoras. (foreign-owned manufacturing plants)Human resources and labor relationsLisa Hope Pelled, Kenneth D. Hill
Evaluating levels of strategic integration and development of human resource management in India.Human resources and labor relationsPawan S. Budhwar, Paul R. Sparrow
Evaluating performance-related pay for managers in the National Health Service.Human resources and labor relationsRay Richardson, Bernard Dowling
Expatriate adjustment as a multifaceted phenomenon: individual and organizational level predictors.Human resources and labor relationsZeynep Aycan
Expatriate compensation and its link to the subsidiary strategic role: a theoretical analysis.Human resources and labor relationsJaime Bonache, Zulima Fernandez
Facing the rankings from the past: a tournament perspective on repatriate career mobility.Human resources and labor relationsTuomo Peltonen
Flexibility, labour subcontracting and HRM in the construction industry in Singapore: can the system be refined?Human resources and labor relationsYaw A. Debrah, George Ofori
HRM and the legitimacy market.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsStan Lees
HRM practices in China-Western joint ventures: MNC standardization versus localization.Human resources and labor relationsIngmar Bjorkman, Yuan Lu
Human resource management and performance: a review and research agenda.Human resources and labor relationsDavid E. Guest
Human resource management in Taiwan: a future perspective.Human resources and labor relationsCarol Y.Y. Lin
Human resources in Sino-foreign joint ventures: selected case studies in Shanghai, compared with Beijing.Human resources and labor relationsMalcolm Warner, Keith Goodall
Human resource strategy: a process for managing the contribution of HRM to organizational performance.Human resources and labor relationsShaun Tyson
Introduction: workplace change and HRM. (human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsRick Delbridge, James Lowe
I suppose you think that's funny! The role of humour in corporate learning events.Human resources and labor relationsAlan B. Thomas, Huda Al-Maskati
Knowledge creation and learning in international HRM.(human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsKen Kamoche
Management training in small and medium-sized enterprises: methodological and conceptual issues.Human resources and labor relationsCecilia Wong, J. Neill Marshall, Neil Alderman, Alfred Thwaites
Multi-skilling in small- and medium-sized engineering firms: evidence from Wales and Germany.Human resources and labor relationsPeter Scott, Antje Cockrill
Participative management in Northern Mexico: a study of maquiladoras.(foreign-owned manufacturing plants)Human resources and labor relationsLisa Hope Pelled, Kenneth D. Hill
Payment structures and gender pay differentials: some societal effects.Human resources and labor relationsJill Rubery, Colette Fagan, Sigrid Quack, Francesca Bettio, Friederike Maier, Paola Villa
Peripheral location equals localized labour? Multinationals and the internationalization of training and development in Ireland.Human resources and labor relationsWilliam K. Roche, Alastair H. McPherson
Pluralism in retreat? A comparison of Irish and multinational manufacturing companies.Human resources and labor relationsThomas Turner, Daryl D'Art, Patrick Gunnigle
Pre-expatriation: the role of HR factors in the early stages of internationalization. (human resource input for employees working overseas)Human resources and labor relationsLawrence S. Welch, Denice E. Welch
Productivity innovation as a social movement: the case of Sinagpore.Human resources and labor relationsCheck-Teck Foo, Kenneth Hall
Reversion to China: implications for Hong Kong.Human resources and labor relationsNg Sek-Hong
Teams in Australia's automotive industry: characteristics and future challenges. (human resources management)Human resources and labor relationsRobert E. Park, Peter J. Erwin, Karl Knapp
The antecedents of employee commitment to customer service: evidence from a UK service context.Human resources and labor relationsRiccardo Peccei, Patrice Rosenthal
The challenge of change: the positive agenda of the TGWU (United Kingdom Transport and General Workers' Union)Human resources and labor relationsJohn Fisher
The effect of participative management on organizational performance: the case of Taiwan.Human resources and labor relationsTung-Chun Huang
The effects of interactive leadership on human resource management in Singapore's banking industry.Human resources and labor relationsJi Li, William K.L. Koh, Heng Sok Hia
The interplay between learning strategy and organizational structure in predicting career success.Human resources and labor relationsRoger Williams, Ludwig Hoeksema, Evert van de Vliert
'The persistent myth of high expatriate failure rates': a reappraisal.Human resources and labor relationsNick Forster
Top management teams and pioneering: a resource-based view.Human resources and labor relationsKen G. Smith, Patrick C. Flood, Sarah Moore, Michael Morley, Cher-Min Fong, Phillip O'Regan
Trade unions, management and European works councils: Opening Pandora's box? (networking across European boundaries)Human resources and labor relationsMiguel Martinez Lucio, Syd Weston
Training in different types of organisations: differences and dynamics in the organisation of learning at work.Human resources and labor relationsFerd van der Krogt, John Warmerdam
Women-friendly HRM good for QWL: the case of Hong Kong based companies. (quality of work life)Human resources and labor relationsCatherine W. Ng, Warren Chiu
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