International Journal of Human Resource Management 1995 - Abstracts

International Journal of Human Resource Management 1995
A Confucian perspective on conflict resolution.Human resources and labor relationsIrene K. H. Chew, Christopher Lim
An analysis of the factors affecting the turnover intention of non-managerial clerical staff: a Singapore study.Human resources and labor relationsHian Chye Koh, Chye Tee Goh
Assessing the adoption of HRM by small and medium-sized manufacturing organizations. (human resources management)Human resources and labor relationsPaul Walley, Joanne P. Duberley
Building integrated workforces across national borders: the case of British and Japanese engineers.Human resources and labor relationsAlice Lam
Career plateauing: reactions and moderators among managerial and professional employees.Human resources and labor relationsYue Wah Chay, Samuel Aryree, Irene Chew
Changes in the structure and prediction of earnings in Chinese state enterprises during the economic reform.Human resources and labor relationsJohn Child
Culture, control and commitment in international joint ventures.Human resources and labor relationsSang H. Nam
Declining sectors and strategies within the area of human resources: a case study from Spain.Human resources and labor relationsRamon Valle, Jose L. Galan, Ed Van Sluijs
Downward influence styles in cultural diversity settings.Human resources and labor relationsRyh-song Yeh
Effects of domestic multiculturalism on job attitudes in Nigeria: a research note.Human resources and labor relationsIsaac O. Adigun
Employee intercultural effectiveness in a multicultural workplace: theoretical propositions, strategies and direction for future research.Human resources and labor relationsAminu Mamman
Employment and wage practices of Japanese firms in the Philippines: convergence with Filipino-Chinese and Western-owned firms.Human resources and labor relationsMaragtas S.V. Amante
Employment equity, human resource development and institution building in South Africa.Human resources and labor relationsFrank M. Horwitz, Angus Bowmaker-Falconer, Peter Searll
Extending beyond borders: multinational companies and the international management of labour.Human resources and labor relationsJohn Purcell, P.K. Edwards, Paul Marginson, Peter Armstrong
How culture-sensitive is HRM? A comparative analysis of practice in Chinese and UK companies. (human resources management)Human resources and labor relationsMark Easterby-Smith, Danusia Malina, Lu Yuan
Human resource management and industrial relations in Italy.Human resources and labor relationsSerafino Negrelli, Tiziano Treu
Human resource management and organizational strategies in German- and US-owned companies.Human resources and labor relationsKirsten Wever
Human resource management in developing economies: a comparison of India and Thailand.Human resources and labor relationsJohn J. Lawler, Harish C. Jain, C.S. Venkata Ratnam, Vinita Atmiyanandana
Human resource management in turbulent times: HRM in the Czech Republic.Human resources and labor relationsChris Brewster, Josef Koubek
Human resource management in West Africa: practices and perceptions.Human resources and labor relationsDavid J. Woehr, Adebowale Akande, Winfred Jr. Arthur, Mark H. Strong
Human resource strategies and firm performance: what do we know and where do we need to go?Human resources and labor relationsLee Dyer, Todd Reeves
Industrial relations and the management of flexibility: factors shaping developments in Spain and the United Kingdom.Human resources and labor relationsMiguel Martinez Lucio, Paul Blyton
International assignments: is there a role for gender and race in decisions? (workforce diversity)Human resources and labor relationsBetty Jane Punnett, Edwin D. Davison
Managing people in China's foreign trade corporations: some evidence of change.Human resources and labor relationsDavid H. Brown, Mohamed Branine
Multinational corporation management strategies and international human resources practices: bringing IHRM to the bottom line.Human resources and labor relationsLinda K. Stroh, Paula M. Caligiuri
Organizational commitment and service delivery: evidence from an industrial setting in the UK. (United Kingdom)Human resources and labor relationsLeyland F. Pitt, Susan K. Foreman, Derek Bromfield
Organization HRD and technology: towards a bureaucratic theory of strategic control.Human resources and labor relationsCheck-Teck Foo
Predicting turnover among repatriates: can organizations affect retention rates?Human resources and labor relationsLinda K. Stroh
Skills for managing human resources in a complex environment: the perceptions of human resource managers in Singapore.Human resources and labor relationsYaw A. Debrah, J. Barton Cunningham
States and belief states. (examination of differences and similarities in managerial beliefs in Hungary and the United States)Human resources and labor relationsLivia Markoczy
Strategic compensation in South Korea's publicly traded firms.Human resources and labor relationsVida Scarpello, Michael Byungnam Lee, B.Wayne Rockmore
Strategic international human resource management approaches in the maquiladora industry: a comparison of Japanese, Korean and US firms.Human resources and labor relationsYongsun Paik, Mary B. Teagarden
Structuring change: training and recruitment in retail banking in Germany, Britain and France.Human resources and labor relationsSigrid Quack, Jacqueline O'Reilly, Swen Hildebrant
The adoption of international best practices in a Western culture: East meets West.Human resources and labor relationsGreg J. Bamber, John J. Rodwell, Mark A. Shadur
The competitive advantage of nations: the role of HRM and its socio-cultural context.Human resources and labor relationsMonir Tayeb
The determinants of absenteeism: evidence from Australian blue-collar employees.Human resources and labor relationsRoderick D. Iverson, Stephen J. Deery, Peter J. Erwin, Margaret L. Ambrose
The labour relations heritage and lean manufacturing at Fiat.Human resources and labor relationsArnaldo Camuffo, Guiseppe Volpato
The 'old' and 'new' competition and Malaysian manufacturing firms: a case study.Human resources and labor relationsWan Azis Wan Abdullah
The pattern of diffusion of employee share-ownership schemes in Britain: some key findings.Human resources and labor relationsR.I.D. Harris, P.B. Beaumont
The persistent myth of high expatriate failure rates.Human resources and labor relationsAnne-Wil K. Harzing
Total quality management and human resource systems: an international comparison. (Germany, Canada, United States and Japan)Human resources and labor relationsJody Hoffer Gittell, Thomas A. Kochan, Brenda A. Lautsch
When two cultures meet: new industrial relations at Japanco.Human resources and labor relationsAdrian Wilkinson, Peter Ackers
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