International Journal of Forecasting 2000 - Abstracts

International Journal of Forecasting 2000
A method for spatial-temporal forecasting with an application to real estate prices.EconomicsSirmans, C.F., Pace, R. Kelley, Barry, Ronald, Gilley, Otis W.
An application of rule-based forecasting to a situation lacking domain knowledge.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsArmstrong, J. Scott, Adya, Monica, Collopy, Fred, Kennedy, Miles
An evaluation of the predictions of the federal reserve.EconomicsJoutz, Fred, Stekler, H.O.
A note on the Robust Trend and ARARMA methodologies used in the M3 Competition.(the auto-regressive auto-regressive moving average)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMeade, Nigel
A survey of credit and bahvioural scoring: forecasting financial risk of lending to consumers.EconomicsThomas, Lyn C.
Automatic ARIMA modeling including interventions, using time series expert software.(Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMelard, G., Pasteels, J.M.
Automatic neural network modeling for univariate time series.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsBalkin, Sandy D., Ord, J. Keith
Commercially available software and the M3-Competition.(Statistical Data Included)Economics 
Comparing seasonal components for structural time series models.EconomicsProietti, Tommaso
Correct or combine? Mechanically integrating judgemental forecasts with statistical methods.EconomicsGoodwin, Paul
Does updating judgmental forecasts improve forecast accuracy?EconomicsO'Connor, Marcus, Remus, William, Griggs, Kenneth
Estimating non-linear ARMA models using Fourier coefficients.(autoregressive moving average)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsLudlow, Jorge, Enders, Walter
Exact smoothing for stationary and non-stationary time series.EconomicsCasals, Jose, Jerez, Miguel, Sotoca, Sonia
Father of leading indicators: the legacy of Geoffrey H. Moore.EconomicsBanerji, Anirvan, Klein, Philip A.
Forecasting market share using predicted values of competitive behavior: further empirical results.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsKlapper, Daniel, Herwartz, Helmut
Forecasting OECD industrial turning points using unobserved components models with business survey data.(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)EconomicsGarcia-Ferrer, Antonio, Bujosa-Brun, Marcos
Forecasting sport: the behaviour and performance of football tipsters.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsForrest, David, Simmons, Robert
Forecasting stock indices: a comparison of classification and level estimation models.EconomicsDaouk, Hazem, Leung, Mark T., Chen, An-Sing
Forecasting the short-term demand for electricity.EconomicsDarbellay, Georges A., Slama, Marek
Improving the voluntary integration of statistical forecasts and judgment.EconomicsGoodwin, Paul
Interest rate spreads as predictors of German inflation and business cycles.EconomicsIvanova, Detelina, Lahiri, Kajal, Seitz, Franz
Is it safe to assume that software is accurate?(no)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMcCullough, B.D.
Mr Henri Theil.EconomicsBewley, Ronald
New dogs and old tricks: do money and interest rates still provide information content for forecasts of output and prices?EconomicsBlack, David C., Corrigan, Paul R., Dowd, Michael R.
Out-of-sample tests of forecasting accuracy: an analysis and review.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsTashman, Leonard J.
Sales forecasting practices of Egyptian public enterprises: survey evidence.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMady, M. Tawfik
Sales forecasting updates: how good are they in practice?(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsLawrence, Michael, O'Connor, Marcus
Sales forecasts for existing consumer products and services: do purchase intentions contribute to accuracy?(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsKumar, V., Armstrong, J. Scott, Morwitz, Vicki G.
The accuracy of European growth and inflation forecasts.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsOller, Lars-Erik, Barot, Bharat
The M3-Competition: results, conclusions and implications.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsMakridakis, Spyros, Hibron, Michele
The theta model: a decomposition approach to forecasting.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsAssimakopoulos, V., Nikolopoulos, K.
The use of an expert system in the MC competition.(Illustration)(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsFlores, Benito E., Pearce, Stephen L.
What does it take to achieve adoption in sales forecasting?(businesses slow to adopt new developments in forecasting)(Editorial)EconomicsLawrence, Michael
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