International Affairs 2006 - Abstracts

International Affairs 2006
An international civilization? Empire, internationalism and the crisis of the mid-twentieth century.International relationsMazower, Mark
Apocalypse now? Continuities or disjunctions in world politics after 9/11.International relationsKennedy-Pipe, Caroline, Rengger, Nicholas
At the end of the journey: The risks of Cold War thinking in a new era.International relationsButler, Lee
Battle over the box: International election observation missions, political competition and retrenchment in the post-Soviet space.International relationsFawn, Rick
Beware of false prophets: Biology, human nature and the future of International Relations theory.International relationsBell, Duncan
Big boats and bigger skimmers: Determining Britain's role in the long war.International relationsRogers, Paul
Blair, Brown and the Gleneagles agenda: Making poverty history, or confronting the global politics of unequal development?(Tony Blair; Gordon Brown)International relationsPayne, Anthony
Brazil as an intermediate state and regional power: Action, choice and responsibilities.International relationsSoares De Lima, Maria Regina, Hirst, Monica
Breaking the covenant: Governance of the British army in the twenty-first century.International relationsForster, Anthony
China's oil diplomacy in Africa.International relationsTaylor, Ian
Chinese strategies in a US-hegemonic global order: Accommodating and hedging.International relationsFoot, Rosemary
Comfort blanket or weapon of war: What is Trident for?International relationsMccGwire, Michael
Critical perspectives on CSR and development: What we know, what we don't know, and what we need to know.(corporate social responsibility)International relationsChan, Anita, Prieto-Carron, Marina, Lund-Thomsen, Pete, Muro, Ana, Bhushan, Chandra
Destination unknown: Rokkasho and the international future of nuclear reprocessing.International relationsWalker, William
Europe's energy security: Challenges and opportunities.International relationsBahgat, Gawdat
Fear, interest and honor: Outlines of a theory of international relations.International relationsLebow, Richard Ned
France's new nuclear doctrine.International relationsYost, David S.
Hegemony, liberalism and global order: What space for would-be great powers.International relationsHurrell, Andrew
In praise of folly: International administration and the corruption of humanity.International relationsBain, William
International law, international relations theory and post-atrocity justice: Towards a genuine dialogue.International relationsSriram, Chandra Lekha
International political theory and the question of justice.International relationsNardin, Terry
Islamism revisited.International relationsAzzam, Maha
Labor and the bomb: The first 80 years.International relationsScott, Len
No pain, no gain? Torture and ethics in the war on terror.International relationsBellamy, Alex J.
Normative theory and Europe.International relationsDobson, Lynn
Nuclear deterrence.International relationsMccGwire, Michael
Nuclear disarmament versus peace in the twenty-first century.International relationsLewis, Julian
Peculiar chauvinism or strategic calculation? Explaining the negotiating strategy of a rising India.International relationsNarlikar, Amrita
Post-Kyoto? Post-Bush? Toward an effective 'climate coalition of the willing'.International relationsChristoff, Peter
Quacking like a duck? Bush II and presidential power in the second term.(George W. Bush)International relationsDunn, David Hastings
Rebels without a cause: North Korea, Iran and the NPT.(Non-proliferation Treaty)International relationsHuntley, Wade L.
Shared sovereignty and the politics of peace: Evaluating the EU's 'catalytic' framework in the eastern Mediterranean.International relationsRichmond, Oliver P.
The commentariat and discourse failure: Language and atrocity in Cool Britannia.International relationsJones, David Martin, Smith, M.L.R.
The economics of UK nuclear weapons policy.International relationsHartley, Keith
The evolution of international political economy.International relationsDickins, Amanda
The Failure of American and British Propaganda in the Arab Middle East, 1945-1957: Unconquerable Minds.(Book review)International relationsKyle, Keith
The future of United Kingdom nuclear weapons: Shaping the debate.International relationsQuinlan, Michael
The 'R' in BRICs: Is Russia an emerging power.International relationsMacfarlane, Neil S.
The role of forests in global climate change: Whence we come and where we go.International relationsStreck, Charlotte, Scholz, Sebastian M.
The WTO in crisis: Lessons learned from the Doha negotiations on the environment.International relationsTarasofsky, Richard, Palmer, Alice
What are armed forces for? The changing nature of military roles in Europe.International relationsEdmunds, Timothy
Wildlife trade, sanctions and compliance: Lessons from the CITES regime.(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)International relationsReeve, Rosalind
Will the 'global war on terrorism' be the new Cold War?International relationsBuzan, Barry
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