International Affairs 2005 - Abstracts

International Affairs 2005
'Advice is judged by results not by intentions': Why Gordon Brown is wrong about Africa.(Gordon Brown)International relationsTaylor, Ian
British government policy in sub-Saharan Africa under new labor.International relationsPorteous, Tom
Citizenship, accountability and community: The limits of the CSR agenda.(corporate social responsibility)International relationsNewell, Peter
Combating light weapons proliferation in West Africa.International relationsVines, Alex
Consistency and inconsistencies in South Africa foreign policy.International relationsNathan, Laurie
Contending cultures of counterterrorism: Transatlantic divergence or convergence?International relationsRees, Wyn, Aldrich, Richard J.
Corporate accountability in South Africa: The role of community mobilizing in environmental governance.International relationsLund-Thomsen, Peter
Corporate social responsibility: Reinventing the meaning of development?International relationsBlowfield, Michael
Empire by denial: The strange case of the United States.International relationsCox, Michael
Enhancing African peace and security capacity: A useful role for the UK and the G8?International relationsRamsbotham, Alex, Bah, Alhaji M.S., Calder, Fanny
Globalization, corporate social responsibility and poverty.International relationsJenkins, Rhys
Greetings from the cybercaliphate: Some notes on homeland insecurity.International relationsJones, David Martin, Smith, M.L.R.
'International Community' after Iraq.International relationsBuzan, Barry, Pelaez-Gonzalez, Ana
Killing with kindness: Funding the demise of a Palestinian state.International relationsMore, Anne Le
Lord Castlereagh's return: The significance of Kofi Annan's high-level panel on threats, challenges and change.International relationsPrins, Gwyn
Lydon Johnson's war? Part 2: From escalation to negotiation.International relationsWarner, Geoffrey
Manufacturing amnesia: Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa.International relationsFig, David
New approaches to deterrence in Britain, France, and the United States.International relationsYost, David S.
New approaches to volatility: Dealing with the 'resource curse' in sub-Saharan Africa.International relationsShaxson, Nicholas
Old wine in new bottles: China-Taiwan computer-based 'information warfare' and propaganda.International relationsRawnsley, Gary D.
Planning post-conflict reconstruction in Iraq: What can we learn?International relationsRathmell, Andrew
South Asia's arms control process: Cricket diplomacy and the composite dialogue.International relationsCroft, Stuart
The collapse of British foreign policy.International relationsWallace, William
'The enemy is at the gate': Russia after Beslan.International relationsLynch, Dov
The false developmental promise of Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from multinational oil companies.International relationsFrynas, Jedrzej George
The future of political Islam: The importance of external variables.International relationsAyoob, Mohammed
The new South Africa's foreign policy: Principles and practice.International relationsBaraber, James
The political support system for American primacy.International relationsBetts, Richard K.
The politics of corporate responsibility and child labor in the Bangladeshi garment industry.International relationsNielsen, Michael E.
The predicament of 'civil society' in central Asia and the 'Greater Middle East'.International relationsRoy, Oliver
The right that failed? The ambiguities of conservative thought and the dilemmas of conservative practice in international affairs.International relationsRengger, Nicholas, Hall, Ian
The rise and fall of the NPT: An opportunity for Britain.(Non-Proliferation Treaty)International relationsMccgwire, Michael
US democracy promotion in the Arab Middle East since 11 September 2001: A critique.International relationsDalacoura, Katerina
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