International Affairs 2004 - Abstracts

International Affairs 2004
AIDS and global security.International relationsPrins, Gwyn
America as a European power: the end of empire by integration?.International relationsPeterson, John
An independent Palestine: the security dimension.International relationsHunter, Robert E., Jones, Seth G.
A self-restrained approach to nation-building by foreign powers.International relationsEtzioni, Amitai
Back to the future? Regionalism in South-East Asia under unilateral pressure.International relationsOjendal, Joakim
'Better off without them?' Politics and ethnicity in the twenty-first century.International relationsAscherson, Neal
Blair's project in retrospect.(Tony Blair)International relationsGray, John
Debating the transatlantic relationship: rhetoric and reality.International relationsJones, Erik
Dithering over Darfur? A preliminary review of the international response.International relationsSlim, Hugo
Does my bomb look big in this? Britain's nuclear choices after Trident.International relationsClarke, Michael
Exploring regional domains: A comparative history of regionalism.International relationsFawcett, Louise
Feminist International relations: a contradiction in terms? or: why women and gender are essential to understanding the world 'we' live in.International relationsYoungs, Gillian
From crisis to catharsis: ESDP after Iraq.(European security and defense policy)International relationsMenon, Anand
I Dominant and destructive masculinities.International relationsLinklater, Andrew
III 'Gender' is not enough: the need for a feminist consciousness.International relationsEnloe, cynthia
II War of the worlds/invasion of the body snatchers.International relationsCarver, Terrell
International humanitarian crises: Two decades before and two decades beyond.International relationsKent, Randolph C.
Just war or ethical peace? moral discourses of strategic violence after 9/11.International relationsBurke, Anthony
NATO: the practice and politics of transformation.(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)International relationsCornish, Paul
On the identity of NATO.International relationsSjursen, Helene
On the pdalogy of 'small wars'.International relationsBarkawi, Tarak
Peace with Hamas? the transforming potential of political participation.International relationsGunning, Jeroen
Regionalism in Central Asia: New geopolitics, Old Regional Order.International relationsBohr, Annette
Regionalism, Iran and Central Asia.International relationsHerzig, Edmund
Regionalism, regional structures and security management in Central Asia.International relationsAllison, Roy
Right-sizing international criminal justice: the hybrid experiment the Special Court for Sierra Leone.International relationsDougherty, Beth K.
Strategic reassertion in Russia's Central Asia policy.International relationsAllison, Roy
Supreme emergencies and the protection of non-combatants in war.International relationsBellamy, Alex J.
The Atlantic crisis of confidence.(international security)International relationsAllin, Dana H.
The British road to war: Blair, Bush and the decision to invade Iraq.(Tony Blair)(George W. Bush)International relationsBluth, Christopher
The Iranian nuclear challenge.International relationsBowen, Wyn Q., Kidd, Joanna
The Israeli-Palestinian road block: can European make a difference?International relationsHollis, Rosemary
The long sunset of strategic partnership: Russia's evolving China policy.International relationsLo, Bobo
The peace process and the Palestinians: a road map to Mars.International relationsNabulsi, Karma
The ultimate test case: can Europe and America forge a joint strategy for the wider Middle East?.International relationsEverts, Steven
The United States and regionalism in Central Asia.International relationsMacfarlane, S. Neil
The US Nuclear Posture Review and the NATO allies..International relationsYost, David S.
Transatlantic intelligence and security cooperation.International relationsAldrich, Richard J.
When the shooting starts': Atlanticism in British security strategy.International relationsDunne, Tim
Who's making UK foreign policy?International relationsWilliams, Paul
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