International Affairs 2003 - Abstracts

International Affairs 2003
9/11 and the past and future of American foreign policy.International relationsLeffler, Melvyn P.
A common European foreign policy after Iraq?International relationsCrowe, Brian
Afghanistan: the reconstruction process.International relationsMarsden, Peter
American power: from 'compellance' to cosmopolitanism?International relationsKaldor, Mary
America's protege in the east? the emergence of Poland as a regional leader.International relationsLonghurst, Kerry, Zaborowski, Marcin
A rogue is a rogue is a rogue: US foreign policy and the Korean nuclear crisis.International relationsBleiker, Roland
Britain and the convention on the future Europe.International relationsMenon, Anand
Confusion at home, confusion abroad: Turkey between Copenhagen and Iraq.International relationsRobins, Philip
Executive diplomacy: multilateralism, unilateralism and managing American power.International relationsSchuller, Frank C.; Grant, Thomas D.
George W. Bush, idealist.International relationsMazarr, Michael J.
Getting out of the Iraq trap.International relationsHollis, Rosemary
Global health ethics: the rationale for mutual caring.International relationsBenatar, Solomon R.; Daar, Abdallah S.; Singer, Peter A.
Hemispheric integration and subregionalism in the Americas.International relationsPhillips, Nicola
Herbert Butterfield, the english school and the civilizing virtues of diplomacy.International relationsSharp, Paul
History and globalization: reflections on temporality.International relationsBell, Duncans A.
Iraq: the military campaign.International relationsGarden, Timothy
Is Thabo Mbeki Africa's saviour?.International relationsOlivier, Gerrit
Lyndon Johnson's war?: part I: escalation.International relationsWarner, Geoffrey
Mercosur: a failing development project?International relationsMecham, Michael
Mercosur and Brazil: a European perspective.International relationsKlom, Andy
Myths, motivations and 'misunderestimations': the Bush administration and Iraq.International relationsDunn, David Hastings
Patents and medicines: the relationship between TRIPS and the human right to health.(Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights)International relationsCullet, Philippe
Policekeeping is the key: rebuilding the internal security architecture of postwar Iraq.International relationsFreeman, Christopher, Day, Graham
Reform from above: the politics of participation in the oil monarchies.International relationsEhteshami, Anoushiravan
Remembering September 11: photography as cultural diplomacy.International relationsKennedy, Liam
Resolving or exacerbating disputes? The WTO's new dispute resolution system.International relationsAlter, Karen J.
Saudi Arabia: The Politics of Education.International relationsProkop, Michaela
States, markets and governance for emerging market economies: private interests, the public good and the legitimacy of the development process.International relationsUnderhill, Geoffrey R. D.
The debate on globalization, poverty and inequality: why measurement matters.International relationsRavallion, Martin
The Euro: faith, hope and parity.International relationsCyr, Arthur I.
The 'external dimension' of EU immigration and asylum policy.International relationsBoswell, Christina
The future of Europe and the transatlantic relationship.International relationsSmith, Julie
The idea of global civil society.International relationsKaldor, Mary
The international affairs interview.(Interview)International relations 
The missing link: the need for comprehensive engagement in regions of refugee origin.International relationsLoescher, Gil; Milner, James
The relevance of the 'irrelevant': football as a missing dimension in the study of British relations with Germany.International relationsBeck, Peter J.
The United States, the United Nations and Iraq: 'multilateralism of a kind.'International relationsDunne, Michael
Transitional justice and human rights in Afghanistan.International relationsRubin, Barnett R.
US-European relations: past and future.International relationsHoffmann, Stanley
War in Iraq, revolution in America.International relationsTalbott, Strobe
What is to be done? Foreign policy as a site for political action.International relationsHill, Christopher
When should the central Europeans join EMU?.International relationsRostowski, Jacek
Why protect civilians? Innocence, immunity and enmity in war.International relationsSlim, Hugo
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