International Affairs 2001 - Abstracts

International Affairs 2001
After Seattle: free trade and the WTO.(World Trade Organization)International relationsBhagwati, Jagdish
Are the United States and Europe heading for divorce?International relationsDaalder, Ivo H.
A wider Europe: the view from Minsk and Chisinau.International relationsLight, Margot, Lowenhardt, John, Hill, Ronald J.
Beyond the EU/NATO dichotomy: the beginnings of a European strategic culture.International relationsCornish, Paul, Edwards, Geoffrey
Businesses, green groups and the media: the role of non-governmental organizations in the climate change debate.International relationsCarpenter, Chad
But will they fight and will they die?(volunteer armed forces)International relationsMileham, Patrick
Climate change: an important foreign policy issue.International relationsOtt, Hermann E.
Climate collapse at The Hague: what happened, why, and where do we go from here?International relationsGrubb, Michael, Yamin, Farhana
COP-6 collapse or 'to be continued. . . ?'(The Sixth Conference of Parties on climate change)International relationsVrolijck, Christiaan
Developing economies and the demographic imperatives of globalization.International relationsLehmann, Jean-Pierre
East Timor and the new humanitarian intervention.International relationsWheeler, Nicholas J., Dunne, Tim
Faith, history and Martin Wight: the role of religion in the historical sociology of the English school of international relations.International relationsThomas, Scott M.
Getting climate policy on track after The Hague.International relationsJacoby, Henry D., Reiner, David M.
Humanitarian assistance and conflict management: the view from the non-government sector.International relationsRigby, Andrew
Human rights and multinationals: is there a problem?International relationsMuchlinski, Peter T.
Indonesia: the key to South-East Asia's security.International relationsDibb, Paul
IsBritain European?International relationsAsh, Timothy Garton
Is there a Sovietology of South-East Asian studies?International relationsJones, David Martin, Smith, Michael L.R.
Making the IMF and the World Bank more accountable.(International Monetary Fund)International relationsWoods, Ngaire
Mexico's stalled peace process.(Chiapas)International relationsHiggins, Nicholas P.
Missile defence and the transatlantic security relationship.International relationsBowen, Wyn Q.
Putin's Russia: slowing the pendulum without stopping the clock.(Pres. Vladimir Putin)International relationsNicholson, Martin
Rentiers and autocrats, monarchs and democrats, state and society: the Middle East between globalization, human 'agency', and Europe.International relationsNonneman, Gerd
Russia's non-strategic nuclear forces.International relationsYost, David S.
Saudi-European relations, 1902-2001: a pragmatic quest for relative autonomy.International relationsNonneman, Gerd
Seizing the future: the South, sustainable development and international trade.International relationsNajam, Adil, Robins, Nick
South Africa's transition in a globalizing world: HIV/AIDS as a window and a mirror.International relationsBenatar, Solomon R.
The arithmetic of defence policy.International relationsAlexander, Michael, Garden, Timothy
The Atlantic burden-sharing debate - widening or fragmenting?International relationsChalmers, Malcolm
The 'English patient' strikes back: a response to Hall's mis-diagnosis.(response to article by Ian Hall in this issue p. 931)(Review)International relationsBuzan, Barry, Little Richard
The paradigm that lost its way.(post-World War II national security paradigm)International relationsMcGwire, Michael
The respectable politics of climate change: the epistemic communities and NGOs.(non-governmental organizations)International relationsGough, Clair, Shackley, Simon
The Security Council: behind the scenes.(United Nations)International relationsMelvern, Linda
Trading spaces: imagining and positioning the 'new' South Africa within the regional and global economics.International relationsSimon, David
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