International Affairs 2000 - Abstracts

International Affairs 2000
A European 'society of states' - but only states of mind?International relationsMorgan, Roger
A wider Europe: the view from Moscow and Kyiv.International relationsLight, Margot, White, Stephen, Lowenhardt, John
Bad, mad, sad or rational actor? Why the 'securitization' paradigm makes for poor policy analysis of north Korea.International relationsSmith, Hazel
Bad, mad, sad or rational actor? Why the 'securitization' paradigm makes for poor policy analysis of North Korea.International relationsSmith, Hazel
Biodiversity and business: coming to terms with the 'grand bargain'.(Special Biodiversity Issue)(Statistical Data Included)International relationsKate, Kerry Ten, Laird, Sarah A.
Biodiversity finance.(Special Biodiversity Issue)International relationsRubino, Michael C.
Democracy and international society.International relationsMayall, James
European values and the asylum crisis.International relationsBoswell, Christina
French and British security: mirror images in a globalized world.International relationsClarke, Michael
From the Atlantic to the Bug, from the Arctic to the Tigris? The transformation of the EU.(European Union)International relationsWallace, William
Global governance: poorly done and poorly understood.International relationsMurphy, Craig N.
International history and international relations theory: a dialogue beyond the Cold War.International relationsKennedy-Pipe, Caroline
Introduction and overview.(Special Biodiversity Issue)International relationsWard, Halina
Is there a French way of explaining African politics?International relationsChabal, Patrick
Linking agricultural biodiversity and food security: the valuable role of agrobiodiversity for sustainable agriculture.(Special Biodiversity Issue)(Statistical Data Included)International relationsThrupp, Lori Ann
Making EMU a success.International relationsDornbusch, Rudi, Jacquet, Pierre
NATO's triple challenge.International relationsCroft, Stuart, Howorth, Jolyon, Terriff, Terry, Webber, Mark
Nuclear order and disorder.International relationsWalker, William
Political theory and international relations: promised land or exit from Eden?International relationsRengger, Nicholas
Regulating biotech trade: the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.(Special Biodiversity Issue)(Colombia)International relationsFalkner, Robert
Russia: a part of Europe or apart from Europe?International relationsBaranovsky, Vladimir
State, market, and global political economy: genealogy of an (inter-?) discipline.International relationsUnderhill, Geoffrey R.D.
The Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949: from the 1949 diplomatic conference to the dawn of the new millennium.International relationsBugnion, Francois
The nature of value and the value of Nature: a philosophical overview.(Special Biodiversity Issue)International relationsRogers, Ben
The sharp edges of Europe: extending Schengen eastwards.(Schengen Convention)(Statistical Data Included)International relationsGrabbe, Heather
The US and Europe: continental drift?International relations 
Tourism and biodiversity: a convergence of interests?(Special Biodiversity Issue)International relationsVaughan, David
US foreign relations in the twentieth century: from world power to global hegemony.International relationsDunne, Michael
Variable geography: America's mental maps of a greater Europe.International relationsWalker, Martin
Why did we bomb Belgrade?International relationsMcGwire, Michael
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