International Affairs 1999 - Abstracts

International Affairs 1999
Algeria's veiled drama.International relationsRoberts, Hugh
An interview with subcomandante insurgente Marcos, spokesperson and military commander of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN).(guerrilla leader Subcomandante Marcos)(Interview)International relationsDuran De Huerta, Marta, Higgins, Nicholas
Bingo or fiasco? The global financial situation is not guaranteed.(Statistical Data Included)International relationsGranville, Brigitte
Chile 1997-1998: the revenge of incomplete democratization.International relationsGarreton, Manuel Antonio
Democratization, legitimacy and political change in Central Asia.International relationsMatveeva, Anna
Getting it right, getting it wrong: the Soviet collapse revisited.International relationsKennedy-Pipe, Caroline
Global environment and international inequality.International relationsShue, Henry
Globalization and change in the international political economy.International relationsBarry Jones, R.J.
International regimes and democratic governance: political equality and influence in global institutions.International relationsBohman, James
Interpreting trends in global environmental governance.International relationsPatterson, Matthew
Justice unbound? Globalization, states and the transformation of the social bond.International relationsHiggott, Richard, Devetak, Richard
Law, justice and the idea of a world society.International relationsArmstrong, David
New institutions for transatlantic trade?International relationsHindley, Brian
On the hazards of foreign travel for dictators and other international criminals.International relationsWeller, Marc
Peace conferences and the century of total war: the 1899 Hague Conference and what came after.International relationsBest, Geoffrey
Perceptions of the War in Bosnia.International relationsWilliams, Michael C.
Pinochet: the politics.(former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet)International relationsHawthorn, Geoffrey
Policies for biodiversity conservation: the case of Sub-Saharan Africa.International relationsPerrings, Charles, Lovett, Jon
Russia and the IMF.(International Monetary Fund)International relationsWoods, Ngaire, Gould-Davies, Nigel
Social and cosmopolitan liberalism.International relationsBeitz, Charles R.
The Brazilian devaluation: national responses and international consequences.(Statistical Data Included)International relationsBulmer-Thomas, Victor
The chimera of the 'International University'.International relationsHalliday, Fred
The European Union in South-East Asia: continuity and change in turbulent times.(Statistical Data Included)International relationsForster, Anthony
The evolving spheres of international justice.International relationsLinklater, Andrew
The intellectual interment of a conflict: the forgotten war in Northern Ireland.International relationsSmith, M.L.R.
The political future of ASEAN after the Asian crisis.(Statistical Data Included)International relationsGhoshal, Baladas, Ahmad, Zakaria Haji
The principle and practice of 'reconciliation' in German foreign policy: relations with France, Israel, Poland and the Czech Republic.International relationsFeldman, Lily Gardner
The Rambouillet conference on Kosovo.(Rambouillet, France)International relationsWeller, Marc
The South Korean financial crisis: competing explanations and policy lessons for financial liberalization.(Statistical Data Included)International relationsDemetriades, Panicos O., Fattouh, Bassam A.
The viability of the United Nations approach to economic and social human rights in a globalized economy.International relationsFelice, William F.
Trade liberalization and prudential regulation: the international framework for financial services.International relationsKey, Sydney J.
Why is there a Biodiversity Convention? The international interest in centralized development planning.International relationsSwanson, Timothy
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