International Affairs 1998 - Abstracts

International Affairs 1998
A note on some recent writings on international relations and organizations.(Bibliography)International relationsSuganami, Hidemi
Arms procurement after the Cold War: how much is enough to do what (and how will we know)?(Bibliography)International relationsAnthony, Ian
Good international citizenship: a third way for British foreign policy.International relationsWheeler, Nicholas J., Dunne, Tim
International diplomacy and the crisis in Kosovo.International relationsCaplan, Richard
Labour's Strategic Defence Review.(United Kingdom)International relationsMcInnes, Colin
Military power and political influence.International relationsFreedman, Lawrence
Netting the future: international relations online.International relationsWalker, Martin
Russia's several seats at the table.(NATO enlargement)International relationsOdom, William E.
The four-stroke cycle in security studies.International relationsPrins, Gwyn
Winds of (democratic?) change. (Africa)International relationsOke, Tayo
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