Industrial Marketing Management 2001 - Abstracts

Industrial Marketing Management 2001
A conceptual model for building and maintaining relationships between manufactures' representatives and their principals.Business, internationalMcQuiston, Daniel H.
A model of value creation: supplier behaviors and their impact on reseller-perceived value.Business, internationalSimpson, Penny M., Siguaw, Judy A., Baker, Thomas L.
An expanded model of business-to-business partnership formation and success.Business, internationalUrban, David J., Tuten, Tracy L.
An exploritory investigation of the relationship of sales force compensation and intrinsic motivation.(research data)Business, international 
Antecedents of commitment and trust in customer-supplier relationships in high technology markets.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalRuyter, Ko de, Moorman, Luci, Lemmink, Jos
Author and Institution productivity in Industrial Marketing management from 1971 to 1998.(research data)Business, international 
Beyond the dyad: electronic commerce and network perspectives in industrial marketing management.Business, internationalBorders, Aberdeen Leila, Johnston, Wesley J., Rigdon, Edward E.
Brand values related to industrial products.(research data)Business, international 
Building and assessing cultural diversity skills.(research data)Business, international 
Can you buy a business relationship.(research data)Business, international 
Cisco resellers add value.Business, internationalMitchell, Tom
Competition, collusion, and confusion: the impact of current antitrust guidelines on competition.Business, internationalStrutton, David, Herndon, Neil, Pelton, Lou E.
Complex and strategic decision making in organizations.(research data)Business, international 
Conceptualizing and isolating Cultural Differences in perfromance Data in International high tech industrial markets.(research data)Business, international 
Conceptualizing and operationalizing the business-to-business value chain.Business, internationalEvans, Joel R., Berman, Barry
Creating value that cannot be copied.(research data)Business, international 
Culture as a driving force for interfirm adaptation.(research data)Business, international 
Customer profitability: prospective vs. retrospective approaches in a business-to-business setting. (research data) (Special Issue: Customer Value in Business Markets)Business, international 
Customer value in business markets: An agenda for inquiry.(research data)Business, international 
Drivers of superior importer performance in cross-cultural supplier-reseller relationships.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalKatsikeas, Constantine S., Skarmeas, Dionisis A.
Embeddedness and the evolution of global networks.(research data)Business, international 
Emerging technologies for enhancing supplier-reseller partnerships.Business, internationalWeber, John A., Mirani, Robert, Moore, Deanne
Expected relationship value.(research data)Business, international 
Hedonic price methods and the structure of high-technology industrial markets.(research data)Business, international 
Industrial marketing applications of Quantum measurement techniques.(research data)Business, international 
Insights into relationship structures: the Australian aluminum industry.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalDonnan, Michael P., Comer, James M.
Integrative pricing via the pricing wheel.Business, internationalShipley, David, Jobber, David
Market segmentation: Diagnosing and treating the barriers.(research data)Business, international 
Measurement and modeling of alienation in the distribution channel: implications for supplier-reseller relations.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalGaski, John F., Ray, Nina M.
On recontextualising sales resistance: A defense of information processing-based classifications.(research data)Business, international 
Recontextualizing sales resistance.(research data)Business, international 
Recruiting wrong salespeople: Are the job ads to blame?Business, international 
Redesigning physical layout for increased efficiency.(research data)Business, international 
Same time next year- buyer trade show motives.(research data)Business, international 
Supply chain management: the integration of logistics in marketing.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalAlvarado, Ursula Y., Kotzab, Herbert
Technology and the sales force.(research data)Business, international 
The determinants of commitment in the distributor - manufacturer relationship.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalDion, Paul A., Goodman, Lester E.
The extent and formailty of sales agency evaluation of principals.(research data)Business, international 
The future of competition: value-creating networks. (research data) (Special Issue: Customer Value in Business Markets)Business, international 
The initiators of changes in customers' desired value: results from a theory building study. (research data) (Special Issue: Customer Value in Business Markets)Business, international 
The negogiation process as a predictor of relationship outcomes in International buyer-supplier arrangements.(research data)Business, international 
Theory-testing using case studies.(research data)Business, international 
The purchasing of full service contracts: An exploratory study within the industrial maintenance market.(research data)Business, international 
Value creation in Buyer - seller relationships.(research data)Business, international 
Value creation in markets.(research data)Business, international 
Your product costing system seems to be broken: Now what.(management theory and techniques)Business, international 
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