Industrial Marketing Management 1998 - Abstracts

Industrial Marketing Management 1998
Activity-based costing: accounting for a market orientation.Business, internationalLocander, William B., Marshall, Greg W., Goebel, Daniel J.
A holistic approach to countertrade.Business, internationalFletcher, Richard
An interactive power activation approach to departmental influence in organizational purchasing decisions.Business, internationalRyan, Michael J., Katrichis, Jerome M.
A typology of political economies and strategies in international selling.Business, internationalBrouthers, Lance Eliot, Lamb, Charles W., Jr., Marshall, Greg W.
Balancing theory and practice: a reappraisal of business-to-business segmentation.Business, internationalMitchell, Vincent-Wayne, Wilson, Dominic F.
Business-to-business selling determinants of quality.Business, internationalWestbrook, Kevin W., Peterson, Robert M.
Conflict between engineers and marketers: the engineer's perspective.Business, internationalShaw, Vivienne, Shaw, Christopher T.
Cost-effectiveness of follow-up strategies in improving the response rate of mail surveys.Business, internationalFox, Christine M., Robinson, K. Lynne, Boardley, Debra
Diffusing against mature technology: issues and strategy.Business, internationalWeiss, Joel A., Dale, Bruce C.
Effective organization and management of technology assimilation: the case of Taiwanese information technology firms.Business, internationalWong, Veronica, Shaw, Vivienne, Sher, Peter J.H.
Evaluating strategic investments: complementing discounted cash flow analysis with options analysis.Business, internationalSlater, Stanley F., Reddy, Venkateshwar K., Zwirlein, Thomas J.
Exploring departmental level interaction patterns in organizational purchasing decisions.Business, internationalKatrichis, Jerome M.
Exporting problems of industrial manufacturers. (includes appendix)Business, internationalMorgan, Robert E., Katsikeas, Constatine S.
High-technology buying in low-technology environment: the issues in new market economies.Business, internationalDjeflat, Abdelkader
Impact of organizational and contract flexibility on outsourcing contracts.Business, internationalHult, G. Tomas M., Giunipero, Larry C., Harris, Audley
Improving response rates in cross-cultural mail surveys.Business, internationalFahy, John
Industrial mail surveys: a methodological update.Business, internationalO'Reilly, Daragh, Jobber, David
Information sources used by an organization during a complex decision process: an exploratory study.Business, internationalBrossard, H.L.
Is industrial advertising still sexist; it's in the eye of the beholder.Business, internationalLaTour, Michael S., Henthorne, Tony L., Williams, Alvin J.
Items to consider for just-in-time use in marketing channels: toward a development of a decision tool.Business, internationalErdem, S. Altan, Swfit, Cathy Owens
Logistics performance measurement and customer success.Business, internationalCooper, M. Bixby, Fawcett, Stanley E.
Managing a total quality orientation: factors affecting customer satisfaction. (includes appendix)Business, internationalMohr-Jackson, Iris
Managing interorganizational diffusion of technological innovations.Business, internationalSrivastava, Rajendra K., Kim, Namwoon
Marketing industrial products on the Internet.Business, internationalHoneycutt, Earl D., Jr., Flaherty, Theresa B., Benassi, Ken
Miscomprehension gap between CPAs and their corporate customers.Business, internationalChebat, Jean-Charles, Filiatrault, Pierre, Savard, Martin
Moneyless business exchange: practitioners' attitudes to business-to-business barter in Australia.Business, internationalLiesch, Peter W., Birch, Dawn
National accounts revisited: new lessons from recent investigations.Business, internationalNitse, Philip S., Dishman, Paul
New product development from past research to future applications.Business, internationalBarclay, Ian, Poolton, Jenny
Planning market share growth in mature business markets. (includes appendices)Business, internationalWeber, John A., Dholakia, Utpal
Relationship marketing in practice: myths and realities.Business, internationalMorris, Michael H., Page, Michael, Brunyee, Janinne
Service aspects of industrial products lead to future product purchase intentions. (includes appendix)Business, internationalSmith, Kirk
Single sourcing and supplier certification: performance and relationship implications.Business, internationalLarson, Paul D., Kulchitsky, Jack D.
Strategy-based segmentation of industrial markets.Business, internationalFrambach, Ruud T., Verhallen, Theo M.M., Prabhu, Jaideep
The earnings gap between male and female sales managers.Business, internationalMenguc, Bulent
The role of bonus pay in salesforce compensation plans. (includes appendix)Business, internationalKalwani, Manohar U., Joseph, Kissan
The role of marketing in the company turnaround process.Business, internationalHarker, Michael
The salesperson's operating freedom: a matter of perception.Business, internationalDelVecchio, Susan K.
Unifying marketing: the synchronous marketing process. (includes appendix)Business, internationalMroz, Ralph P.
What is a profitable product?Business, internationalSouth, John B., Oliver, John E.
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