Hospital & Health Services Administration 1997 - Abstracts

Hospital & Health Services Administration 1997
A circular organization chart promotes a hospital-wide focus on teams.Health care industryFanning, Mary M.
A comparative analysis of revenue and cost-management strategies of not-for-profit and for-profit hospitals.Health care industryShukla, Ramesh K., Pestian, John, Clement, Jan
An ethics framework for assisting clinician-managers in resource allocation decision making.Health care industryMeslin, Eric M., Lemieux-Charles, Louise, Wortley, Jacinth Tracey
Antitrust and affiliations among healthcare providers: the need for a level playing field.Health care industryHeightchew, Alison
A unified health ministry in Central Tennessee: eleven years of successful partnership.Health care industryPrybil, Lawrence, Stringfield, David, Tighe, John
Best practices in managing organized delivery systems.Health care industryShortell, Stephen M., Young, Gary J., Gillies, Robin R.
Board development in two hospitals: lessons from a demonstration.Health care industryKovner, Anthony R., Ritvo, Rober A., Holland, Thomas P.
Components of the cost controlling quality: a transaction cost economics approach.(quality control costs of medical transaction)Health care industryStiles, Renee A., Mick, Stephens
Continuous quality improvement: a survey of American and Canadian healthcare executives.Health care industryHo, Shih-Jen Kathy, Chan, Yee-Ching Lilian
Customer service in healthcare: a new era.Health care industryEisenberg, Barry
Hill-Rom essay competition.Health care industry 
How well trained are nursing home administrators?Health care industryShi, Leiyu, Singh, Douglas A., Samuels, Michael E., Amidon, Roger L.
Is patient length of stay related to quality of care?Health care industryGuire, Kenneth E., Thomas, J. William, Horvat, Gary G.
Managing clinical integration in integrated delivery systems: a framework for action.Health care industryYoung, David W., Barrett, Diana
Managing the human side of change in VA's transformation.(Veterans Affairs)Health care industryBacker, Thomas E.
Mortality rates as an indicator of hospital quality.Health care industryEastaugh, Steven R., Zalkind, David L.
Organizational and environmental factors in hospital alliance membership and contract management: a resource-dependence perspective.Health care industryRosko, Michael D., Zinn, Jacqueline S., Proenca, Jose
Organizational citizenship behavior among hospital employees: a multidimensional analysis involving job satisfaction and organizational commitment.Health care industryBolon, Douglas S.
Organizational culture: the critical link between strategy and results.Health care industrySpreier, Scott W., Vestal, Katherine W., Fralicx, Rodney D.
Organizational determinants of service quality in nursing homes.Health care industryNystrom, Paul C., Steffen, Teresa M.
Organization design of integrated delivery systems.Health care industryCharns, Martin P.
Patient satisfaction with ambulatory healthcare services: waiting time and filling time.Health care industryDansky, Kathryn H., Miles, Jeffrey
Protecting the public interest: the role of the state attorney general in regulating hospital conversions.Health care industryMarschke, Kara
Reengineering hospitals: evidence from the field.(summary of results of field research of 14 reegineered hospitals around the United States)Health care industryWalston, Stephen L., Kimberly, John R.
Salaried physicians' intent to retain hospital membership: the effects of position and work attitudes.Health care industryLachman, Ran, Noy, Shlomo
Strategic alliances in healthcare: opportunities for the Veterans Affairs healthcare system.Health care industryYoung, Gary J., Halverson, Paul K., Kaluzny, Arnold D.
The veterans healthcare system: preparing for the twenty-first century.Health care industryKizer, Kenneth W., Fonseca, Maria L., Long, Laurel M.
Transferring managed care principles to VA. (Veterans Affairs)Health care industryYoung, Gary, Flynn, Karen, McGlynn, Geraldine
Trends and implications of visiting medical consultant outpatient clinics in rural hospital communities.Health care industryWakefield, Douglas S., Tracy, Roger, Einhellig, Julie
Visionary leadership and the future of VA health system. (Veterans Affairs)Health care industryBezold, Clement, Dighe, Atul, Mayer, Erica
What is the cost of controlling quality? Activity-based cost accounting offers an answer.Health care industryStiles, Renee A., Mick, Stephen S.
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