Hospital & Health Services Administration 1996 - Abstracts

Hospital & Health Services Administration 1996
An exploratory analysis of market-based, physician-organization arrangements.Health care industryAndersen, Ronald M., Alexander, Jeffrey A., Burns, Lawton R., Hilberman, Diana, Vaughn, Thomas, Zuickerman, Howard S., Torrens, Paul
Business as usual? Changes in health care's workforce and organization work.Health care industryD'Aunno, Thomas
Changes in job design and work force composition.(Editorial)Health care industry 
Church ownership and hospital efficiency.Health care industryOzcan, Yasar A., White, Kenneth R.
Considerations in establishing visiting consultant clinics in rural hospital communities.Health care industryTracy, Roger, Saltzman, Keri Lynn, Wakefield, Douglas
Contemporary models of change in the health professions.Health care industrySchneller, Eugene S., Ott, John B.
Differences in characteristics of hospitals with sustained high and sustained low profitability.Health care industryGapenski, Louis C., Vogel, W. Bruce, Langland-Orban, Barbara
Discriminant analysis: a technique for adding value to patient satisfaction surveys.(patient satisfaction associated with service quality perceptions)Health care industryDansky, Kathryn H., Brannon, Diane
English-only work rules: balancing fair employment considerations in a multicultural and multilingual healthcare workforce.Health care industryRobinson, Robert K., Fink, Ross L., Wyld, David C.
Hospital community benefits other than charity care; implications for tax exemption and public policy.Health care industryBuchmueller, Thomas C., Feldstein, Paul J.
Hospital middle managers' perceptions of their work and competence.(includes appendices listing the questionnaire and defining the grouping of roles and skills)Health care industryRoemer, Linda
How health networks and HMOs could result in public utility regulation. (health maintenance organizations)Health care industryWeil, Thomas P.
Human resource departments and hospital labor strategies.Health care industryPommerenke, Pamela L., Stout, Suzanne K.
Implementation of total quality management: conventional wisdom versus reality.Health care industryShortell, Stephen M., Carman, James M., O'Connor, Edward J., O'Brien, James L., Hughes, Edward F.X., Foster, Richard W., Boerstler, Heidi
Increasing employee productivity, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment.(effective leadership behavior for hospital managers)Health care industryMcNeese-Smith, Donna
Insiders and business directors on hospital boards and strategic change.Health care industryGoodstein, Jerry, Gautam, Kanak
Internal complexity and environmental sensitivity in hospitals. (complicated operational structure usually indicates willingness to adapt to market conditions, needs)(includes bibliography)Health care industryMcDaniel, Reuben R., Jr., Duchon, Dennis, Ashmos, Donde P., Hauge, Frances E.
Keys to patient satisfaction in the emergency department: results of a multiple facility study.Health care industryHall, Melvin, Press, Irwin
Linkage strategies of rural hospitals - independent hospital, local health system, and/or externally linked facility.Health care industryGamm, Larry D., Fennell, Mary L., Kassab, Cathy D., Brannon, S. Diane
Management development for mid-level managers: results of a demonstration project.(New York Downtown Hospital)Health care industryKovner, Anthony R., Channing, Alan, Furlong, Martha, Kania, Cathy, Pollitz, Julie
Managerial responses to Medicaid prospective payment in the nursing home sector.Health care industryReid, W. Miachael, Coburn, Andrew F.
Managing diversity: a senior management perspective.Health care industryWallace, Paul E.
Predicting the degree of rurality of physician assistant practice location.Health care industryHart, L. Gary, Pan, Shihua, Muus, Kyle J.
Prediction of hospital failure: a post-PPS analysis. (Prospective Payment System)Health care industryJahera, John S., Jr., Oswald, Sharon L., Gardiner, Lorraine R.
Reengineering the work of caregivers: role redefinition, team structures, and organizational redesign.Health care industrySchweikhart, Sharon Bergman
Research and continuous improvement: the merging of two entities?(in health administration)Health care industryMorrison, Eileen, Mobley, Debbie, Farley, Barbara
Roles of hospital administrators in South Carolina.Health care industryBroyles, Robert W., Brandt, Edward N., Falcone, David J.
The effects of hospital executives' personality traits on their perceptions and trust.(dominant managers devaluate the skills of subordinates)Health care industrySaccardi, Thomas A.
The effects of treatment team diversity and size on assessment of team functioning.Health care industryLichtenstein, Richard, Alexander, Jeffrey A., D'Aunno, Thomas A.
The impact of healthcare reform on HMO administrators.(health maintenance organzations; winning undergraduate essay)Health care industryBolduc, Christopher R.
The role and impact of multiskilled health practitioners in the health services industry.Health care industryFottler, Myron D.
Understanding hospital referrals to home health agencies.Health care industryDansky, Kathryn H., Milliron, Mark, Gamm, Larry
Venturing into new territory - health systems as Medicare risk contractors.(winning graduate essay)Health care industryDaniel, Bradley A.
Vertical integration strategies: revenue effects in hospital and Medicare markets.Health care industryCody, Marisue
Views of implementation approaches by top managers in health service organizations.Health care industryNutt, Paul C.
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