Hospital & Health Services Administration 1995 - Abstracts

Hospital & Health Services Administration 1995
Access implications of rural hospital closures and conversions.Health care industryMcKay, Niccie L., Coventry, John A.
A decision support system for hospital bed assignment.Health care industryClerkin, Daniel, Fos, Peter J., Petry, Frederick E.
Admission severity of illness and resource utilization: comparing Medicaid and privately insured patients.Health care industryBradbury, Robert C., Arndt, Margarete
A model of voluntary turnover among hospital CEOs.Health care industryWeil, Peter A., Kimball, Peter A.
Assessing the evidence on CQI: is the glass half empty or half full?(continuous quality improvement)Health care industryShortell, Stephen M., Levin, Damiel Z., O'Brien, James L., Hughes, Edward F.X.
Business strategy and financial structure: an empirical analysis of acute care hospitals.Health care industryYoung, Gary J., Beekun, Rafik I., Ginn, Gregory O.
Comparisons of medical technology in Canadian, German, and U.S. hospitals.Health care industryWeil, Thomas P.
Consequences of hospital financial distress.Health care industryBazzoli, Gloria, Andes, Steven
Continually improving governance.Health care industryArrington, Barbara, Gautam, Kanak, McCabe, William J.
Employee participation programs in the healthcare industry: are they unlawful under recent labor rulings?Health care industryRobinson, Robert K., Fink, Ross L., Fink, Lisa A.
Evaluating nurse turnover: comparing attitude surveys and exit interviews.Health care industryCrawford, Myra A., Fottler, Myron D., Quintana, Jose B., White, John B.
Fear of HIV contagion as workplace stress: behavioral consequences and buffers.Health care industryLewis, Charles E., Montgomery, Kathleen
Gender differences in factors affecting health care administration career development.Health care industryBorkowski, Susan C., Walsh, Anne
Hospital staffing adjustments under global budgeting.Health care industryBurgess, James F., Jr., Lehner, Laura A., Stefos, Theodore
Implementation strategies of patient-focused care.Health care industryMang, Andreas L.
Improving hospital performance: issues in assessing the impact of TQM activities. (total quality management)Health care industryOleske, Denise M., Counte, Michael A., Glandon, Gerald L., Hill, James P.
Management education for nurses: hospital executives' opinions and hiring practices.Health care industryWeisman, Carol S., Minnick, Ann F., Dienemann, Jacqueline A., Cassard, Sandra D.
Medical staff consolidation issues and concerns.Health care industryMaynard, Gary, Lagerwey, Mary D., Wendling, Joan M., Kindig, David
Patients, physicians, and professional knowledge: implications for CQI. (continuous quality improvement)Health care industryYoung, Mark J., Rallison, Steven, Eckman, Phillip
Physician practice acquisitions: valuation issues and concerns.Health care industryRimmer, Timothy B.
Quality improvement: beyond the institution.Health care industryKaluzny, Arnold D., McLaughlin, Curtis P., Kibbe, David
Really governing: what type of work should boards do?Health care industryPointer, Dennis D., Ewell, Charles M.
Rural hospital closures and access to services.Health care industryHicks, Lanis L., Fleming, Steven T., Williamson, Harold A., Rife, Isabel
Seeking the voice of the practitioner.(Editorial)Health care industryKurz, Richard S.
Service quality revisited: striving for a new orientation.Health care industryO'Connor, Stephen J., Shewchuk, Richard M.
Techniques for managing quality. (in the healthcare setting)Health care industryPlsek, Paul E.
The adoption of corporate restructuring by hospitals.Health care industryArndt, Margarete, Bigelow, Barbara
The changing management of public agencies. (Editorial)(Editorial)Health care industryKurz, Richard S.
The consequences of disclosure: one hospital's response to the presence of an HIV-positive physician.Health care industryStephens, B. Joyce, Sinden, Peter G., Ketcham, Richard H., Rzepkowski, Neil
The hospital as provider and employer: the case of AIDS.(Editorial)Health care industryLongo, Daniel R.
The impact of CQI on human resources management. (continuous quality improvement)Health care industryKurz, Richard S., Haddock, Cynthia Carter, Nosky, Cindy, Fargason, Crayton A., Jr.
The patient as the pivot point for quality in health care delivery.Health care industryLengnick-Hall, Cynthia A.
The role of knowledge utilization in adopting innovations from academic medical centers.Health care industryShaperman, Julie, Backer, Thomas E.
The total costs of illness: a metric for health care reform.Health care industryBatalden, Paul, Gustafson, David H., Cheng-Fang Hung, Nelson, Gene, Helstad, Cindy Peterson
U.S. hospital workforce-to-population ratios by service area.Health care industryConnor, Robert A.
Work ethics and CQI. (continuous quality improvement)Health care industryBrodeur, Dennis
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