Hospital & Health Services Administration 1993 - Abstracts

Hospital & Health Services Administration 1993
Assessing the viability of situationally driven segmentation opportunities in the health care market.Health care industryPinto, Mary Beth, Gehrt, Kenneth C.
A teachable moment. (healthcare policy) (Editorial)Health care industryKurz, Richard S.
CEO turnover in rural Northwest hospitals. (Rural Health)Health care industryHart, L. Gary, Rosenblatt, Roger A., Lishner, Denise M., Robertson, Deborah G.
Comparing low-severity hospital admissions in IPA HMOs and indemnity-type programs. (independent practice association health maintenance organizations)Health care industryBradbury, Robert C., Golec, Joseph H., Stearns, Frank E., Jr.
Complying with the patient self-determination act: legal, ethical, and practical challenges for hospitals.Health care industryParidy, Nancy
Economic value added - a framework for health care executive compensation.Health care industryCleverley, William O., Harvey, Roger K.
Ethical issues faced by clinician/managers in resource-allocation decisions.Health care industryMeslin, Eric M., Lemieux-Charles, Louise, Aird, Catharine, Baker, Ross, Leatt, Peggy
Health care administration in the year 2000: practitioners' views of future issues and job requirements.Health care industryHudak, Ronald P., Brooke, Paul P. Jr., Finstuen, Kenn, Riley, Pat
Hospital survival in a competitive environment: the competitive constituency model.Health care industryEhreth, Jenifer
Issues management: the other side of strategic planning.Health care industryReeves, Philip N.
Measuring charitable contributions: implications for the nonprofit hospital's tax-exempt status.Health care industrySanders, Susan M.
Organizational and administrative factors influencing the adoption of consortia programs by rural hospitals. (Rural Health)Health care industryChan, Benjamin, Moscovice, Ira S., Christianson, Jon B., Kralewski, John E., Johnson, Judy A.
Physician satisfaction with rural hospitals. (Rural Health)Health care industryMackesy, Richard
Public-private partnership organizations in health care: cooperative strategies and models.Health care industryPhillips, Robert, Jack, Max
Quality improvement for a hospital patient transportation system.Health care industryDershin, Harvey, Schaik, Michael S.
Report on beginning and early career development: 1992.Health care industry 
Restructuring military health care: the winds of change blow stronger.Health care industryBoone, Charles, Lanier, Jack O.
Rural hospital administrators and strategic management activities. (Rural Health)Health care industryJones, Alison, Mick, Stephen S., Wise, Christopher G., Malitz, Faye E., Morlock, Laura L., De Lissovoy, Gregory
Schmoozing with the enemy: conversations with employee benefits managers.Health care industryThompson, Jon M., Hurley, Robert E.
Service recovery in health services organizations.Health care industryStrasser, Stephen, Schweikhart, Sharon B., Kennedy, Melissa R.
Sexual harassment at work: issues and answers for health care administrators.Health care industryRobinson, Robert K., Franklin, Geralyn McClure, Fink, Ross L.
The determinants of hospital profitability.Health care industryGapenski, Louis C., Vogel, W. Bruce, Langland-Orban, Barbara
The illusion of control and the importance of community in health care organizations.Health care industryPitts, Terry
The patient representative role and sources of power.Health care industryCharters, Margaret A.
The treatment perspectives of physicians, citizens and state legislators.Health care industryConnolly, Terry, Beach, Lee Roy, Geller, Stacie
Utilization care plans and effective patient data management.Health care industrySheps, Samuel B., Tan, Joseph K.H., McCormick, Edward
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