Hospital & Health Services Administration 1992 - Abstracts

Hospital & Health Services Administration 1992
Administration complement and managerial efficiency in South Carolina hospitals.Health care industryJohnson, James A., Broyles, Robert W., Jones, Walter J.
A human resource decision support model: nurse deployment patterns in one Canadian system.Health care industryKazanjian, Arminee, Pulcins, Indra R., Kerluke, Kerry
Cancer treatment in rural areas.Health care industrySmith, Thomas J., Desch, Christopher E., Breindel, Charles L., Simonson, Cynthia J., Kane, Nancy
Collection performance: an empirical analysis of not-for-profit community hospitals.Health care industryRamanan, Ramachandran, Prince, Thomas R.
Contract management behavioral health programs: are hospitals satisfied with their performance?Health care industryMittermaier, Alan
Customer information and the quality improvement process: developing a customer information system.Health care industryOrme, Clifton N., Parsons, Robert J., McBride, Glen Z.
Determinants of capital structure. (for hospitals)Health care industryMcCue, Michael J., Ozcan, Yasar A.
Economic grand rounds: a forum for cost consciousness.Health care industrySchroeder, Richard E., Acker, Brian J., Schell, Michael G., Troyer, John E., Whitaker, Nancy K.
Establishing a substance abuse treatment program: considerations for the administrator.Health care industryCottler, Linda B., Lyndly, Jennifer
Health care reform: toward a healthier society. (Transcript)Health care industrySullivan, Joseph M.
Hospital CEOs view their careers: implications for selection, training, and placement.Health care industrySieveking, Nicholas, Wood, Daniel
Hospital-reviewer relations and effective utilization review.Health care industrySmith, Dean G.
Hospital specialization and cost efficiency: benefits of trimming product lines.Health care industryEastaugh, Steven R.
Incorporating an understanding of independent practice physician culture into hospital structure and operations.Health care industryTucker, Stephen L., Meyer, Paul G.
Large employers and their coalitions: exploring a hospital constituency.Health care industryGelb, Betsy D., Gelb, Laurie M., Noey, Henry E., Jr.
Leadership development in an environment of continuous improvement. (Editorial)Health care industryKurz, Richard S.
Operating characteristics and comparative performance of investor-owned multihospital systems.Health care industrySear, Alan M.
Organ donation and transplantation: the need for a multipronged approach for equitable allocation.Health care industryModarress, Mimi
Organizational and environmental determinants of hospital strategy.Health care industryYoung, Gary J., Ginn, Gregory O.
Outcomes measurement in hospitals: can the system change the organization?Health care industryLinder, Jane C.
Patterns of psychological type among health care executives.Health care industryO'Connor, Stephen J., Shewchuk, Richard M., Raab, Daniel J.
Pay allocations by hospital administrators: an empirical analysis.Health care industryDeshpande, Satish P., Schoderbek, Peter P.
Recruiting physicians: avoiding the legal minefield.Health care industryCopeland, William M.
Returning to our origins. (health administration education should contain practical situations) (Editorial)Health care industryKurz, Richard S.
Strategic alliances between physicians and hospitals in multihospital systems.Health care industryGregory, Douglas
Strategic alliances: two perspectives for understanding their effects on health services.Health care industryZuckerman, Howard S., Kalunzy, Arnold D.
The German health care system: a model for hospital reform in the United States?Health care industryWeil, Thomas P.
The hospital-physician computer communications network: an alternative application. (Colorado Medical Information Network)Health care industryMacStravic, R. Scott, Covert, Kathleen, Ginsburg, Debbie
The implications of advance directives on the health care institution.Health care industryPachmayer, Julie
The legality of state limitations on medical malpractice tort damage awards.Health care industryDepperschmidt, Thomas O.
The racial integration of medical and nursing associations in the United States.Health care industrySmith, David Barton
Total quality management in a health care organization: how are employees affected?Health care industryOleske, Denise M., Counte, Michael A., Glandon, Gerald L., Hill, James P.
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