Hospital & Health Services Administration 1984 - Abstracts

Hospital & Health Services Administration 1984
Administrative Ethics and the Health Services Manager.Health care industryDarr, K.
A Practical Perspective - Case Mix Management: Issues and Stategies.Health care industryNackel, J.G., Powell, P.D., Goran, M.J.
A Second Opinion: The Prospects of Medicare's Hospital Insurance Trust Fund.Health care industryJohnson, R.L.
Doing Good and Doing Well: Ethics, Professionalism and Success.Health care industrySummers, J.W.
Ethics: A Management Tool? A Profile of the Values of Hospital Administrators.Health care industryGregory, C.L.
Federal Policies for Hospital Financing: Crosscurrents and Crosspurposes.Health care industryHogan, A.J.
Financial Flexiblity: A Measure of Financial Position for Hospital Managers.Health care industryCleverley, W.O.
Healthcare Credentialing Issues Demand Increased Attention.Health care industryHofmann, P.B.
Hospital Mergers and the Antitrust Laws: Major Roadblock or Minor Constraint?Health care industryFried, J.M., Sneed, J.H.
Hospitals and Business: A Viable Partnership for Innovation in Healthcare Delivery.Health care industryBetjemann, J.H., Birdzell, J.R.
Japanese Management: Implications for Healthcare Administration.Health care industrySmith, H.L., Burchell, R.C.
Management Implications of a Shifting Marketplace.Health care industryMason, S.A.
Reiteration of Problem Definition in Health Services Administration.Health care industryBerry, D.E., Seavey, J.W.
The Basis of the Coming Medicare Crisis.Health care industryJohnson, E.A.
The Changing Profile: Affiliates of the American College of Hospital Administrators - 1973 and 1982.Health care industryWeil, P.A., Lanier, J.O.
The Financial Roller Coaster: Planning for the Big Dip.Health care industryVeninga, R.L.
The Impact of Regulation on the Administrative Structure of Hospitals: Toward an Analytic Framework.Health care industryAlexander, J., Scott, W.R.
The Need for Professional Administrators in Rural Hospitals.Health care industryBoissoneau, R.
The Organizational Climate Audit...or How Healthy Is Your Hospital?Health care industryAppelbaum, S.H.
The Role of Hospital Administrators in Multihospital Systems.Health care industryKleiner, S.G.
The U.S. Supreme Court Looks at Hospital-Physician Relationships: The Hyde Decision.Health care industryReed, T.J., Allen, H.S.Jr.
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