Health Psychology 2008 - Abstracts

Health Psychology 2008
Accumulation of behavioral validation evidence for physical activity stage of change.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthRiebe, Deborah, Elliot, Diane, Norman, Gregory, Wang, Terry, Resnick, Barbara, Nigg, Claudio, Hellsten, Laurie-Ann, Braun, Lynne, Coday, Mathilda (Mace), Garber, Carol, Matthews, Charles, Toobert, Deborah, Burbank, Patricia, Breger, Rosemary, Greaney, Mary (Molly), Lees, Faith, Moe, Esther, Rossi, Joseph
A randomized trial of a representational intervention to decrease cancer pain (RIDcancerPain).(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthWard, Sandra, Gunnarsdottir, Sigridur, Shapiro, Gary R.
Awareness of breathing: the structure of language descriptors of respiratory sensations.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthPetersen, Sibylle, Orth, Bernhard, Ritz, Thomas
Children's objective and subjective sleep disruptions: links with afternoon cortisol levels.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthGranger, Douglas A., El-Sheikh, Mona, Buckhalt, Joseph A., Keller, Peggy S.
Dietary variety impairs habituation in children.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthEpstein, Leonard H., Roemmich, James N., Temple, Jennifer L., Giacomelli, April M.
Effects of daily hassles and eating style on eating behavior.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthConner, Mark, O'Connor, Daryl B., Jones, Fiona, McMillan, Brian, Ferguson, Eamonn
Illness-specific catastrophic thinking and overperception in asthma.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthDe Peuter, Steven, Lemaigre, Valentine, Van Diest, Ilse, Van den Bergh, Omer
Improving cardiovascular recovery from stress with brief poststress exercise.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthChafin, Sky, Christenfelld, Nicholas, Gerin, William
Interpersonal responses among sibling dyads tested for BRCA1/BRCA2 gene mutations.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthSmith, Timothy W., Ruiz, John M., Botkin, Jeffrey R., Kircher, John C., Smith, Ken R., Croyle, Robert T., Hamann, Heidi A.
Is caloric restriction associated with development of eating-disorder symptoms? Results from the CALERIE trial.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthWilliamson, Donald A., Martin, Corby K., Ravussin, Eric, Anton, Stephen D., York-Crowwe, Emily, Hongmei Han, Redman, Leanne
Marital satisfaction, recovery from work, and diurnal coristol amon men and women.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthRepetti, Rena L., Saxpe, Darby E., Nishina, Adrienne
Meta-analysis of cognitive-behavioral interventions on HIV-positive person's metal health and immune functioning.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthCrepaz, Nicole, Malow, Robert M., Wolitski, Richard J., Purcell, David W., Passin, Warren F., Herbst, Jeffrey H., Rama, Sima M.
Negative social evaluation, but not mere social presence, elicits cortisol responses to a laboratory task.(Brief Reports)(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthDickerson, Sally S., Myceck, Peggy J., Zaldivar, Frank
Pattern of perceived stress and anxiety in pregnancy predicts preterm birth.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthGlynn, Laura M., Sandman, Curt A., Hobel, Calvin J., Schetter, Christine Dunkel
Perceptions of absolute versus relative differences between personal and comparison health risk.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthSutton, Stephen, Mason, Dan, Prevost, A. Toby
Positive affect uniquely predicts lower risk of mortality in people with diabetes.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthEpel, Elissa S., Moskowitz, Judith Tedlie, Acree, Michael
Predictors of perceived susceptibility of breast cancer and changes over time: a mixed modeling approach.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthVernon, Sally W., McQueen, Amy, Bastian, Lori A., Swank, Paul R.
Psychological functioning, support for self-management, and glycemic control among rural African American adults with diabetes mellitus type 2.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthBrown, Anita C., Brody, Gene H., Murry, Velma McBride, Kogan, Steven M., Yi-fu Chen
Social-cognitive predictors of physical exercise adherence: three longitudinal studies in rehabilitation.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthSchwarzer, Ralf, Lippke, Sonia, Scholz, Urte, Luszczynska, Aleksandra, Ziegelman, Jochen P.
Social networks and partner stress as predictors of adherence to medication, rehabilitation attendance and quality of life following acute coronary syndrome.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthSteptoe, Andrew, Perkins-Porras, Linda, Mollou, Gerard J., Strike, Philip C.
Stable negative social exchanges and health.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthKrause, Neal, Newsom, Jason T., Rook, Karen S., Mahan, Tyrae L.
The "freshman fifteen" (the "freshman five" actually): predictors and possible explanations.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthJoiner, Thomas E., Jr., Heatherton, Todd F., Vohs, Kathleen D., Holm-Denoma, Jill M.
The relationship between cardiac reactivity in the laboratory and real life.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthJohnston, Derek W., Tuomisto, Martti, Patching, Geoffrey
Translating the Diabetes Prevention Program into a hospital-based weight loss program.(Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Intervention)(University of Massachusetts Medical Center Weight Center)(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthYunsheng Ma, Pagoto, Sherry L., Kantor, Lyle, Bodenlos, Jamie S., Gitkind, Mitchell
What works best: objective statistics or a personal testimonial? An assessment of the persuasive effects of different types of message evidence on risk perception.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthde Wit, John B.F., Das, Enny, Vet, Raymond
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