Health Psychology 2007 - Abstracts

Health Psychology 2007
Active and passive distraction using a head-mounted display helmet: effects on cold pressor pain in children.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthDahlquist, Lynnda M., McKenna, Kristine D., Jones, Katia K., Dillinger, Lindsay, Weiss, Karen E., Ackerman, Claire Sonntag
Adherence, body mass index, and depression in adults with type 2 diabetes: the mediational role of diabetes symptoms and self-efficacy.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthSacco, William P., Wells, Kristen J., Vaughan, Christine A., Friedman, Andrea, Perez, Sylvia, Matthew, Rebecca
Age-associated predictors of medication adherence in HIV-positive adults: health beliefs, self-efficacy, and neurocognitive status.Psychology and mental healthLevine, Andrew J., Hinkin, Charles H., Castellon, Steven A., Durvasula, Ramani S., Barclay, Terry R., Mason, Karen I., Reinhard, Matthew J., Marion, Sarah D.
American and German students' knowledge, perceptions, and behaviors with respect to over-the-counter pain relievers.(BRIEF REPORTS)(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthBrass, Eric P., Hanoch, Yaniv, Gummerum, Michaela, Katsikopoulos, Konstantinos
A randomized controlled trial of a peer support intervention targeting antiretroviral medication adherence and depressive symptomatology in HIV-positive men and women.Psychology and mental healthSimoni, Jane M., Pantalone, David W., Plummer, Mary D, Huang, Bu
Are most precontemplators contemplating smoking cessation? Assessing the validity of the stages of change.Psychology and mental healthHerzog, Thaddeus, Blagg, Christopher O.
A transdisciplinary model integrating genetic, physiological, and psychological correlates of voluntary exercise.Psychology and mental healthSeals, Douglas R., Bryan, Angela, Allen, David L., Hutchison, Kent E.
Beyond cognition: predicting health risk behaviors from instrumental and affective beliefs.Psychology and mental healthConner, Mark, Parker, Dianne, Lawton, Rebecca
Bi-directional relations between anti-smoking parenting practices and adolescent smoking in a Dutch sample.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthEngels, Rutger C.M.E., Vermulst, Ad A., Huver, Rose M., de Vries, Hein
Blood lead (Pb) levels: a potential environmental mechanism explaining the relation between socioeconomic status and cardiovascular reactivity in children.Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Gump, Brooks B., Stewart, Paul, Reihman, Jacki, Lonky, Ed, Darvill, Tom
Body mass index and environmental supports for physical activity among active and inactive residents of a U.S. southeastern county.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthWilson, Dawn K., Bowles, Heather, Ainsworth, Barabara E.
Cardiac autonomic reactivity and recovery in predicting carotid atherosclerosis: the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.Psychology and mental healthElovainio, Marko, Keltikangas-Jarvinen, Liisa, Heponiemi, Tarja, Pulkki, Laura, Puttonen, Sampsa, Raitakari, Olli
Changes in HIV treatment beliefs and sexual risk behaviors among gay and bisexual men, 1997-2005.(BRIEF REPORTS)(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthKalichman, Seth C., Cherry, Charsey, Cain, Demetria, Pope, Howard, Eaton, Lisa, Fuhrel, Andrea, Kaufman, Michelle
Changes in smoking behaviors from late childhood to adolescence: insights from the Canadian national longitudinal survey of children and youth.Psychology and mental healthMaggi, Stefania, Hertzman Clyde, Vaillancourt, Tracy
Characteristics of Air Force personnel who choose pharmacological aids for smoking cessation following an involuntary tobacco ban and tobacco control program.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthKlesges, Robert C., Klesges, Lisa M., DeBon, Margaret, Vander Weg, Mark W., Hays, J. Taylor, Poston, Walker S. Carlos, Ebbert, Jon, Haddock, C. Keith
Clinician's comment on the management of pain in arthritis.Psychology and mental healthPisetsky, David S.
Clinician's comment on treatment of childhood overweight meta-analysis.(Case study)(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthSaelens, Brian E., Liu, Lenna
Cognitive strategies affecting recall of sexual behavior among high-risk men and women.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthBogart, Laura M., Brown, Norman, Ober, Allison J., Walt, Lisa C., Pavlovic, Jelena D.
Common and specific process factors in cardiac rehabilitation: independent and interactive effects of the working alliance and sel-efficacy.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthBurns, John W., Evon, Donna
Computer-assisted intervention improves patient-centered diabetes care by increasing autonomy support.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthWilliams, Geoffrey C.
Conscientiousness predicts disease progression (CD4 number and viral load) in people living with HIV.Psychology and mental healthIronson, Gail, Weiss, Alexander, O'Cleirigh, Conall, Costa , Paul T., Jr.
Demographic variables, smoking variables, and outcome across five studies.Psychology and mental healthVelicer, Wayne F., Prochaska, James O., Redding, Colleen A., Sun, Xiaowu
Depression and distress predict time to cardiovascular disease in dementia caregivers.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthPatterson, Thomas L., Grant, Igor, Mausbach, Brent T., Rabinoqitz, Yaron G.
Desire for euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide in palliative cancer care.Psychology and mental healthWilson, Keith G., Chochinov, Harvey Max, McPherson, Christine J., Skirko, Merika Graham, Clinch, Jennifer J.
Differentiating the impact of episodic and chronic stressors on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis regulation in young women.Psychology and mental healthMiller, Gregory E., Marin, Teresa J., Martin, Tara M., Blackwell, Ekin, Stetler, Cinnamon
Discrimination, dispositions and cardiovascular responses to stress.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthSiegler, Ilene, Richman, Laura Smart, Bennett, Gary G., Pek, Jolynn, Williams, Redford B., Jr.
Does harboring hostility hurt? Associations between hostility and pulmonary function in the coronary artery risk development in (young) adults (cardia) study.Psychology and mental healthJacobs, David R., Jackson, Benita, Kubzansky, Laura D., Wright, Rosalind J.
Does priming a specific illness schema result in an attentional information-processing bias for specific illnesses?Psychology and mental healthOrbell, Sheina, Hagger, Martin, Henderson, Caroline J.
Do induced moods really influence health perceptions?Psychology and mental healthBarger, Steven D., Burke, Sarah M., Limbert, Megan J.
Effects of question format and collection mode on the accuracy of retrospective surveys of health risk behavior: a comparison with daily sexual activity diaries.Psychology and mental healthMcAuliffe, Timothy L., DiFranceisco, Wayne, Reed, Barbara R.
Effects of written emotional expression: the role of positive expectancies.Psychology and mental healthLangens, Thomas A., Schuler, Julia
Ethnic pride and self-control related to protective and risk factors: test of the theoretical model for the strong African American families program.Psychology and mental healthBrody, Gene H., Gibbons, Frederick X., Gerrard, Meg, Murry, Velma McBride, Ainette, Michael G., Wills, Thomas A., Walker, Carmella
Expectancy priming of smoking cessation messages enhances the placebo effect of tailored interventions.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthBrandon, Thomas H., Webb, Monica S., Hendricks, Peter S.
Experiences of demand and control during daily life are predictors of carotid atherosclerosis progression among healthy men.Psychology and mental healthSutton-Tyrrell, Kim, Muldoon, Matthew F., Kamarck, Thomas W., Shiffman, Saul S.
Family-based obesity treatment, then and now: twenty-five years of pediatric obesity treatment.Psychology and mental healthPaluch, Rocco A., Roemmich, James N., Epstein, Leonard H, Beecher, Meghan
Health incongruence in later life: implications for subsequent well-being and health care.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthChipperfield, Judith G., Ruthig, Joelle C.
Health information processed under limited attention: is it better to be 'hot' or 'cool?'Psychology and mental healthMann, Traci, Ward, Andrew, Parent, Sara J.
Health psychology and scientific consensus: the case of depression and cardiovascular disease.(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthKupfer, David J., Kaplan, Robert M., Davidson, Karina W.
How does coping help people resist lapses during smoking cessation?Psychology and mental healthSchwartz, Joseph E., Leibowitz, Ruth Q., O'Connell, Kathleen A., Hosein, Vanessa L.
How do I feel about the behavior? The interplay of affective associations with behaviors and cognitive beliefs as influences on physical activity behavior.Psychology and mental healthKiviniemi, Marc T., Voss-Humke, Amy M., Seifert, April L.
Improving condom use intentions and behavior by changing perceived partner norms: an evaluation of condom promotion videos for college students.Psychology and mental healthSanderson, Catherine A., Yopyk, Darren J. A.
Joint effects of dopaminergic genes on likelihood of smoking following treatment with bupropion SR.Psychology and mental healthSwan, Gary E., Jack, Lisa M., Ton, Carl C., Valdes, Ana M., Ring, Huijun Z.
Latent variable assessment of outcomes in a nurse-managed intervention to increase latent tuberculosis treatment completion in homeless adults.Psychology and mental healthStein, Judith A., Nyamathi, Adeline, Schumann, Anja, Tyler, Darlene
Lifestyle interventions in the treatment of childhood overweight: a meta-analytic review of randomized controlled trials.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthEpstein, Leonard H., Wilfley, Denise E., Tibbs, Tiffany L., Van Buren, Dorothy J., Reach, Kelle P., Walker, Mark S.
Long term effects of appearance-based interventions on sun protection behaviors.Psychology and mental healthGibbons, Frederick X., Gerrard, Meg, Mahler, Heike I.M., Kulik, James A.
Long-term follow-up of physical activity behavior in older adults.Psychology and mental healthMcAuley, Edward, Elavsky, Steriani, Morris, Katherine S., Hu, Liang
Mechanisms by which childhood personality traits influence adult health status: educational attainment and healthy behaviors.Psychology and mental healthHampson, Sarah E., Vogt, Thomas M., Goldberg, Lewis R., Dubanoski, Joan P.
Meta-analysis and systematic reviews of psychological treatments for chronic pain: relevance to an evidence-based practice.Psychology and mental healthThorn, Beverly E., Cross, Tony H., Walker, Barbara B.
Meta-analysis of psychological interventions for chronic low back pain.Psychology and mental healthKerns, Robert D., Hoffman, Benson M., Papas, Rebecca K., Chatkoff, David K.
Meta-analysis of the relationship between risk perception and health behavior: the example of vaccination.Psychology and mental healthMcCaul, Kevin D., Gibbons, Frederick X., Chapman, Gretchen B., Brewer, Noel T.
Migrant mental health: a model for indicators of mental health and health care consumption.Psychology and mental healthKamperman, A. M., Komproe, I. H., de Jong, J. T. V. M.
Movie exposure to smoking cues and adolescent smoking onset: a test for mediation through peer affiliations.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthGibbons, Frederick X., Cin, Sonya Dal, Wills, Thomas A., Stoolmiller, Mike, Sargent, James D., Woth, Keilah A.
Nature, decay, and spiraling of the effects of fear-inducing arguments and HIV counseling and testing: A meta-analysis of the short- and long-term outcomes of HIV-prevention interventions.Psychology and mental healthAlbarracin, Dolores, Earl, Allison
Ongoing physical activity advice by humans versus computers: the Community Health Advice by Telephone (CHAT) trial.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthKing, Abby C., Castro, Cynthia, Friedman, Robert, Napolitano, Melissa, Marcus, Bess, Ahn, David, Baker, Lawrence
Osteoporosis prevention among young women: psychosocial models of calcium consumption and weight-bearing exercises.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthAiken, Leona S., Gerend, Mary A., Schmiege, Sarah J., Sander, Jennifer L.
Pathways to health: cluster-randomized trial to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among smokers in public housing.Psychology and mental healthMayo, Matthew S., Ahluwalia, Jasjit S., Resnicow, Ken, Kaur, Harsohena, Nollen, Nicole, James, Aimee S.
Patterns of sedentary behavior among adolescents.(impact on health)Psychology and mental healthSallis, James F., Calfas, Karen J., Norman, Gregory J., Zabinski, Marion F., Patrick, Kevin
Perceived antigay discrimination and physical health outcomes.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthHuebner, David M., Davis, Mary C.
Perceived environmental predictors of physical activity over 6 months in adults: activity counseling trial.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthSallis, James F., Sirard, John R., King, Abby C., Albright, Cheryl L.
Persistent alternations in biological profiles in women with abuse histories: influence of premenstrual dysphoric disorder.Psychology and mental healthLight, Kathleen C., Girdler, Susan S., Leserman, Jane, Bunevicius, Robertas, Klatzkin, Rebecca, Pedersen, Cort A.
Personality and mortality risk across the life span: the importance of conscientiousness as a biopsychosocial attribute.Psychology and mental healthSchwartz, Joseph E., Martin, Leslie R., Friedman, Howard
Personal meaning of human papillomavirus and pap test results in adolescent and young adult women.Psychology and mental healthBernstein, David I., Kahn, Jessica A., Slap, Gail B., Tissot, Abbigai M., Lollar, Linda M., Hillard, Paula A., Rosenthal, Susan L.
Physical health problems, depressive mood, and cortisol secretion in old age: buffer effects of health engagement control strategies.Psychology and mental healthSchulz, Richard, Miller, Gregory E., Wroch, Carsten, Lupien, Sonia, Dunne, Erin
Planning to lose weight: Randomized controlled trial of an implementation intention prompt to enhance weight reduction among overweight and obese women.Psychology and mental healthLuszczynska, Aleksandra, Sobczyk, Anna, Abraham, Charles
Plasma interleukin-6 and soluble IL-6 receptors are associated with psychological well-being in aging women.Psychology and mental healthSinger, Burton H., Ryff, Carol D., Friedman, Elliot M., Hayney, Mary, Love, Gayle D.
Predictors of calcium intake patterns: a longitudinal analysis.Psychology and mental healthBlalock, Susan J.
Protective buffering and emotional desynchrony among spousal caregivers of cancer patients.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthLanger, Shelby L., Rudd, Michael E.
Psychological interventions for arthritis pain management in adults: a meta analysis.Psychology and mental healthKeefe, Francis J., Dixon, Kim E., Scipio, Cindy D., Perri, LisaCaitlin M.
Psychoneuroendocrine effects of resource-activating stress management training.Psychology and mental healthStorch, Maja, Gaab, Jens, Kuttel, Yvonne, Stussi, Ann-Christin, Fend, Helmut
Reduction in disability in a randomized controlled trial of telephone administered cognitive-behavioral therapy.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthMohr, David C., Hart, Stacey, Vella, Lea
Relationship commitment and its implications for unprotected sex among impoverished women living in shelters and low-income housing in Los Angeles County.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthElliott, Marc N., Tucker, Joan S., Wenzel, Suzanne L., Hambarsoomian, Katrin
Resources for health: a primary-care-based diet and physical activity intervention targeting urban Latinos with multiple chronic conditions.Psychology and mental healthGutierrez, Silvia, Bull, Sheana S., Eakin, Elizabeth G., Riley, Kimberley M., Reeves, Marina M., McLaughlin, Patty
Risk perceptions: assessment and relationship to influenza vaccination.Psychology and mental healthWeinstein, Neil D., McCaul, Kevin D., Gibbons, Frederick X., Gerrard, Meg, Kwitel, Abbie, Magnan, Renee E.
Rumination, fear, and cortisol: an in vivo study of interpersonal transgressions.Psychology and mental healthMcCullough, Michael E., Orsulak, Paul, Brandon, Anna, Akers, Linda
Secondary smoking prevention in a university setting: a randomized comparison of an experimental, theory-based intervention and a standard didactic intervention for increasing cessation motivation.Psychology and mental healthBrandon, Thomas H., Simmons, Vani Nath
Self-affirmation reduces smokers' defensiveness to graphic on-pack cigarette warning labels.Psychology and mental healthHarris, Peter R., Mayle, Kathryn, Mabbott, Lucy, Napper, Lucy
Sexual behavior in young adulthood: a population-based twin study.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthKaprio, Jaakko, Viken, Richard J., Rose, Richard J., Mustanski, Brian, Winter, Torsten
Sleep and the affective response to stress and pain.Psychology and mental healthCatley, Delwyn, Hamilton, Nancy A., Karlson, Cynthia
Social-cognitive processes as moderators of a couple-focused group intervention for women with early stage breast cancer.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthManne, Sharon, Winkel, Gary, Ostroff, Jamie S.
Social support and prognosis in patients at increased psychosocial risk recovering from myocardial infarction.Psychology and mental healthSchneiderman, Neil, Carney, Robert M., Blumenthal, James A., Babyak, Michael A., Jaffe, Allan S., Berkman, Lisa F., Burg, Matthew M., Catellier, Diane J., Lett, Heather S., Mitchell, Pamela
Subjective social status, onbective socioeconomic status, and cardiovascular risk in women.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthGallo, Linda C., Ghaed, Shiva G.
Systematic review and meta-analysis of psychological and activity-based interventions for cancer-related fatigue.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthSmall, Brent J., Jacobsen, Paul B., Donovan, Kristine A., Vadaparampil, Susan T.
Telephone versus print delivery of an individualized motivationally tailored physical activity intervention: Project STRIDE.Psychology and mental healthMarcus, Bess H., King, Abby C., Lewis, Beth A., Napolitano, Melissa A., Papandonatos, George D., Whiteley, Jessica A., Albrecht, Anna, Parisi, Alfred, Bock, Beth, Sciamanna, Christopher, Jakicic, John
The dieting dilemma in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes: does dietary restraint predict weight gain 4 years after diagnosis?Psychology and mental healthWeel, Chris van, Strien, Tatjana van, Laar, Floris A. van de, Leeuwe, Jan F. J. van, Lucassen, Peter L. B. J., Hoogen, Henk J. M. van den, Rutten, Guy E. H. M.
The effects of preoperative preparation on postoperative outcomes: the moderating role of control appraisals.Psychology and mental healthShelley, Mike, Pakenham, Kenneth
The influence of preferred coping style and cognitive strategy on laboratory-induced pain.Psychology and mental healthDahlquist, Lynnda M., Forys, Kelly L.
The influence of state and trait affect on HIV risk behaviors: a daily diary study of MSM.(men who have sex with men)(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthMustanski, Brian
The role of familism in stress and coping processes among African American and White dementia caregivers: effects on mental and physical health.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthKnight, Bob G., Kim, Jung-Hyun, Flynn Longmire, Crystal V.
Using message framing to promote acceptance of the human papillomavirus vaccine.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthShepherd, Janet E., Gerend, Mary A.
Using motivational interviewing as a supplement to obesity treatment: a stepped-care approach.Psychology and mental healthVersland, Amelia, Carels, Robert A., Darby, Lynn, Cacciapaglia, Holly M., Konard, Krista
Using the common-sense model to predict risk perception and disease-related worry in individuals at increased risk for venous thrombosis.(BRIEF REPORTS)(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthRosendaal, Frits R., Kaptein, Ad A., van Korlaar, Inez M., Cameron, Linda D., Vossen, Carla Y., van der Meer, Felix J.M.
Utility of a cognitive-behavioral model to predict fatigue following breast cancer treatment.Psychology and mental healthAndrykowski, Michael A., Small, Brent J., Jacobsen, Paul B., Donovan, Kristine A., Munster, Pamela
What makes consumers think dietary supplements are safe and effective? The role of disclaimers and FDA approval.(Food and Drug Administration)Psychology and mental healthDodge, Tonya, Kaufman, Annette
Why do people with an anxiety disorder utilize more nonmental health care than those without?(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthKubzansky, Laura, Maselko, Joanna, Bauer, Mark, Levy, Andrea Gurmankin, Richman, Laura
Why would social networks be linked to affect and health practices?Psychology and mental healthCohen, Sheldon, Lemay, Edward P
Willingness to use microbicides varies by race/ethnicity, experience with prevention products, and partner type.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthFava, Joseph L., Morrow, Kathleen M., Rosen, Rochelle K., Vargas, Sara, Barroso, Candelaria, Christensen, Anna L.
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