Health Psychology 2006 - Abstracts

Health Psychology 2006
Adherence to antiretroviral medications in HIV: differences in data collected via self-report and electronic monitoring.Psychology and mental healthLongshore, Douglas, Levine, Andrew J., Hinkin, Charles H., Marion, Sarah, Keuning, Allison, Robinet, Marta, Newton, Thomas, Myers, Hector, Castellon, Steven A., Lam, Mona N., Durvasula, Ramani S.
Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy: An empirical test of the information-motivation-behavioral skills model.Psychology and mental healthFisher, Jeffrey D., Amico, K. Rivet, Starace, Fabrizio, Massa, Alessandra
Adolescent girls' and boys' weight-related health behaviors and cognitions: associations with reputation- and preference-based peer status.Psychology and mental healthPrinstein, Mitchell J., Wang, Shirley S., Houshyar, Shadi
Affective and behavioral responses to health-related social control.(Report)Psychology and mental healthOrlando, Maria, Elliott, Marc N., Tucker, Joan S., Klein, David J.
A longitudinal evaluation of a social support model of medication adherence among HIV-Positive men and women on antiretroviral therapy.Psychology and mental healthSimoni, Jane M., Frick, Pamela A., Bu Huang
A measurement model of women's behavioral risk taking.Psychology and mental healthTesta, Maria, Livingston, Jennifer A., VanZile-Tamsen, Carol, Harlow, Lisa L.
A meta-analysis of teen cigarette smoking cessation.Psychology and mental healthSussman, Steve, Dent, Clyde W., Sun, Ping
A model of stage of change to recommend colonoscopy among urban primary care physicians.Psychology and mental healthHonda, Keiko, Gorin, Sheinfield Sherri
An association between the DATI polymorphism and smoking behavior in young adults from the national longitudinal study of adolescents health.Psychology and mental healthHewitt, John K., Smolen, Andrew, Timberlake, David S., Haberstick, Brett C., Lessem, Jeffrey M., Ehringer, Marissa, Hopfer, Chrisstian
An information-motivation-behavioral skills model of adherence to antiretroviral therapy.Psychology and mental healthFisher, William A., Fisher, Jeffrey D., Amico, K. Rivet, Harman, Jennifer J.
A path analysis of factors associated with distress among first-degree female relatives of women with breast cancer diagnosis.Psychology and mental healthZapka, Jane G., Lemon, Stephenie C., Fletcher, Kenneth E., Lynnclemow, Peterson, Britt Ann, Estabrook, Barbara
Applying a cognitive-behavioral model of health anxiety in a cancer genetics service.Psychology and mental healthSalkovskis, Paul M., Jones, Linda, Rimes, Katherine A., Lucassen, Anneke M.
A quantitative analysis of the relationship between the Cook-Medley hostility scale and traditional coronary artery disease risk factors.Psychology and mental healthSuls, Jerry, Bunde, James
A randomized clinical trial of a population - and transtheoretical model-based stress-management intervention.Psychology and mental healthProchaska, James O., Prochaska, Janice M., Johnson, Janet L., Evers, Kerry E., Mauriello, Leanne M., Padula, Julie A.
A randomized controlled trial of coping group intervention for adults with HIV who are AIDS bereaved: longitudinal effects on grief.(human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome )Psychology and mental healthSikkema, Kathleen J., Kochman, Arlene, Hansen, Nathan B., Ghebremichael, Musie, Tarakeswar, Nalini, Meade, Christina S., Zhang, Heping
A social problem-solving model of adherence to HIV medications.(social problem-solving framework)Psychology and mental healthMorin, Stephen F., Chesney, Margaret A., Johnson, Mallory O., Elliott, Timothy R., Neilands, Torsten B.
Associations among perceptions of social support, negative affect, and quality of sleep in caregivers and non caregivers.Psychology and mental healthBrummett, Beverly H., Vitaliano, Peter P., Babyak, Michael A., Williams, Redford B., Siegler, Hene C., Ballard, Edna L., Gwyther, Lisa P.
Being controlled by normative influences: self-determination as a moderator of a normative feedback alcohol intervention.Psychology and mental healthLarimer, Mary E., Neighbors, Clayton, Lewis, Melisa A., Bergstrom, Rochelle L.
Can genetic risk information enhance motivation for smoking cessation? An analogue study.(Report)Psychology and mental healthMarteau, Theresa M., Weinman, John, Wright, Alison J., French, David P.
Cardiovascular reactivity to and recovery from psychological challenge as predictors of 3-year change in Blood Pressure.Psychology and mental healthKamarck, Thomas W., Janicki, Denise L., Steward, Jesse C.
Causal ordering of physical self-concept and exercise behavior: reciprocal effects model and the influence of physical education teachers.Psychology and mental healthMarsh, Herbert W., Papaioannou, Athanasios, Theodorakis, Yannis
Comparative Meta-Analysis of Behavioral Interventions for insomnia and their efficacy in middle-aged adults and in older adults 55+ years of age.Psychology and mental healthIrwin, Michael R., Nicassio, Perry M., Cole, Jason, C.
Comparing intervention outcomes in smokers treated for single versus multiple behavioral risks.Psychology and mental healthHall, Sharon M., Prochaska, Judith J., Velicer, Wayne F., Prochaska, James O., Delucchi, Kevin
Comparing two theories of health behavior: a prospective study of noncompletion of treatment following cervical cancer screening.Psychology and mental healthOrbell, Sheina, Hagger, Martin, Brown, Val, Tidy, John
Cortisol deviations in people with burnout before and after psychotherapy: A pilot study.(hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis)Psychology and mental healthMommersteeg, Paula M. C., Heijnen, Cobi J., Keijsers, Ger P.J., Verbraak, J.P.M.
Depression history and coping with chronic pain: a daily process analysis.Psychology and mental healthTennen, Howard, Affleck, Glenn, Zautra, Alex
Dispositional optimism as predictor of men's decision-related distress after localized prostrate cancer.Psychology and mental healthStegigna, Suzanne K., Occhipinti, Stefano
Emotions and preventive health behavior: Worry, regret and influenza vaccination.Psychology and mental healthChapman, Gretchen, B., Coups, Eliot J.
Evaluation of a multicomponent appearance-based sun-protective intervention for young women: Uncovering the mechanisms of program efficacy.Psychology and mental healthJackson, Kristina M., Aiken, Leona S.
Evidence for clinical smoking cessation for adolescents.Psychology and mental healthMcVea, Kristine L.S.P.
Expressive disclosure and benefit finding among breast cancer patients: Mechanisms for positive health effects.Psychology and mental healthStanton, Annette L., Danoff-Burg, Sharon, Low, Carissa A.
Facial disfigurement in patients with head and neck cancer: the role of social self-efficacy.Psychology and mental healthHagedoorn, Mariet, Molleman, Eric
Forty years on: Teachers' assessments of children's personality traits predict self-reported health behaviors and outcomes at Midlife.Psychology and mental healthHampson, Sarah E., Vogt, Thomas M., Goldberg, Lewis R., Dubanoski, Joan P.
Health information on the internet and people living with HIV/AIDS: Information evaluation and coping style.Psychology and mental healthKalichman, Seth C., Weinhardt, Lance S., Benotsch, Eric, Cherry, Charsey, Cain, Demetria, Pope, Howard, Kalichman, Moria
How does optimism suppress immunity? evaluation of the affective pathways.Psychology and mental healthSegerstrom, Suzanne C.
How well do people recall risk factor test results? Accuracy and bias among cholesterol screening participants.Psychology and mental healthLoftus, Elizabeth F., Croyle, Robert T., Barger, Steven D., Sun, Yi-Chun, Hart, Marybeth, Gettig, JoAnn
Identifying subgroups that succeed or fail with three levels of physical activity intervention: the activity counseling trial.Psychology and mental healthSallis, James F., Dunn, Andrea L., King, Abby C., Rejeski, W. Jack, Marcus, Bess, Ahn, David, Coday, Mace
Impact of social influence intervention on condom use and sexually transmitted infections among establishment-based female sex workers in Philippines: a multilevel analysis.Psychology and mental healthStein, Judith A., Morisky, Donald E., Chiao, Chi, Ksobiech, Kate, Malow, Robert
Increased attention for computer-tailored health communications: an event-related potential study.Psychology and mental healthRuiter, Robert A.C., Brug, Johannes, T.E.Kessels, Loes, Jansma, Bernadetter M.
Interactive but not direct effects of perceived racism and trait anger predict resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure in black adolescents.Psychology and mental healthClark, Rodney
Introducing the New Health Psychology Series 'Evidence-Based Treatment Reviews': Progress not perfection.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Timothy W., Davidson, Karina W., Trudeau, Kimberlee J.
'Learning to live with what you can't rise above': Control beliefs, symptom control and adjustment to Tinnitus.Psychology and mental healthSirois, Fuschia M., Davis, Christopher G., Morgan, Melinda S.
Links between physical fitness and cardiovascular reactivity and recovery to psychological stressors: a meta-analysis.(Report)Psychology and mental healthNiaura, Raymond, Papandonatos, George D., Forcier, Kathleen, Stroud, Laura R., Hitsman, Brian, Reiches, Meredith, Krishnamoorthy, Jenelle
Mastery, sense of coherence and mortality: Evidence of independent associations from the EPIC-Norfolk prospective cohort study.Psychology and mental healthSurtees, Paul G., Wainwright, Nicholas, W. J., Luben, Robert, Kay-Tee, Khaw, Day, Nicholas, E.
Mediation of a middle school skin cancer prevention program.Psychology and mental healthCutter, Gary R., Buller, David B., Yaroch, Amy L., Reynolds, Kim D., Maloy, Julie A.
Medical students' and residents' gender bias in the diagnosis, treatment, and interpretation of coronary heart disease symptoms.Psychology and mental healthFriend, Ronald, Chiaramonte, Gabrielle R.
Misremembering colostomies? Former patients give lower utility ratings than do current patients.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthLoewenstein, George, Ubel, Peter A., Smith, Dylan M., Sherriff, Ryan L., Damschroder, Laura
Moderators of the benefits of psychoeducational interventions for men with prostate cancer.Psychology and mental healthHelgeson, Vicki S., Lepore, Stephen J., Eton, David T.
Neighborhood, family, and subjective socioeconomic status: how do they relate to adolescent health?(Report)Psychology and mental healthChen, Edith, Paterson, Laurel Q.
Neurocognitive influences on health behavior in a community sample.(Report)Psychology and mental healthHall, Peter A., Crossley, Margaret, Elias, Lorin J.
Patients' information needs and decision-making process: What can be learned from genetic counselees?Psychology and mental healthGoldman, Boleslav, Shiloh, Shoshana, Gerad, Liora
Perceived racism and cardiovascular reactivity and recovery to personally relevant stress.Psychology and mental healthWilliams, Redford B., Edwards, Christopher L., Merritt, Marcellus M., Jr., Gary G. Bennett., III, John J. Sollers
Perceived Racism and Vascular reactivity in Black college Women: Moderating effects of seeking social support.Psychology and mental healthClark, Rodney
Perceiver and relationship effects on perceptions of HIV status: a naturalistic study in a high drug use sample.(Report)Psychology and mental healthBell, David C., Montoya, Isaac D.
Personality traits, perceived risk, and risk-reduction behaviors: a further study of smoking and radon.Psychology and mental healthAndrews, Judy A., Lichtenstein, Edward, Hampson, Sarah E., Lee, Michael E., Barckley, Maureen
Physical activity and cognitive function in a cross-section of younger and older community-dwelling individuals.Psychology and mental healthMotl, Robert W., Hillman, Charles H., Boomsma, Dorret I., Stubbe, Janine H., Pontifex, Matthew B., Posthuma, Danielle, De Geus, Eco J. C.
Physical self-concept and self-esteem mediate cross-sectional relations of physical activity and sport participation with depression symptoms among adolescent girls.Psychology and mental healthDishman, Rod K., Pate, Russell R., Dowda, Marsha, Felton, Gwen, Ward, Dianne S., Saunders, Ruth, Pfeiffer, Karin A., Hales, Derek P.
Predicting posttraumatic growth in breast cancer survivors.Psychology and mental healthBellizzi, Keith M., Blank, Thomas O.
Predictors of HIV-related stigma among young people living with HIV.Psychology and mental healthRotheram-Borus, Mary Jane, Weiss, Robert, Swendeman, Dallas, Comulada, Scott, Ramos, Maria Elena
Primary-and secondary-control strategies in later life: Predicting hospital outcomes in men and women.Psychology and mental healthChipperfield, Judith G., Perry, Raymond P.
Protective and risk factors in health-enhancing behavior among adolescents in China and the United States: does social context matter?Psychology and mental healthTurbin, Mark S., Jessor, Richard, Costa, Frances M., Dong, Qi, Zhang, Hongchuan, Wann, Changhai
Psychosocial mediation of fruit and vegetable consumption in the body and soul effectiveness trial.Psychology and mental healthMasse, Louise C., Resnicow, Ken, Wang, Terry, Campbell, Marci Kramish, Fuemmeler, Bernard F., Yaroch, Amy L., Carr, Caroll, Williams, Alexis
Rail commuting duration and passenger stress.Psychology and mental healthEvans, Gary W., Wener, Richard E.
Randomized clinical trial of local anesthetic versus a combination of local anesthetic with self-hypnosis in the management of pediatric procedure-related pain.Psychology and mental healthWhite, Paul, Liossi, Christina
Rated helpfulness and partner-reported smoking cessation support across the pregnancy-postpartum continuum.(Report)Psychology and mental healthMcBride, Colleen M., Peterson, Bercedis L., Pollak, Kathryn I., Baucom, Donald H., Stanton, Susan
Relation of successful dietary restriction to change in bulimic symptoms: a prospective study of adolescent girls.Psychology and mental healthStice, Eric, Presnell, Katherine, Martinez, Erin E., Groesz, Lisa M.
Relaxation versus cognitive therapies for dental fear - a psychophysiological approach.Psychology and mental healthLundgren, Jesper, Carlsson, Sven G., Berggren, Ulf
Remembering the message: the use of a reminder cue to increase condom use following a safer sex intervention.Psychology and mental healthZanna, Mark P., MacDonald, Tara K., Fong, Geoffrey T., Cin, Sonya Dal, Elton-Marshall, Tara E.
Risk taking from the participant's perspective: The case of driving and accident risk.Psychology and mental healthMcKenna, Frank P., Horswill, Mark S.
Screening older adults for depression in primary care settings.Psychology and mental healthScogin, Forrest, Shah, Avani
Sex differences in the relation of depressive symptoms, hostility, and anger expression to indices of glucose metabolism in nondiabetic adults.Psychology and mental healthSuarez, Edward C.
Social-cognitive determinants of physical activity: the influence of social support, self-efficacy, outcome expectations, and self-regulation among participants in a church-based health promotion study.Psychology and mental healthAnderson, Eileen S., Winett, Richard A., Wojcik, Janet R., Williams, Dravid M.
Specifying the determinants of the initiation and maintenance of behavior change: an examination of self-efficacy, satisfaction, and smoking cessation.Psychology and mental healthLando, Harry A., Jeffery, Robert W., Rothman, Alexander J., Finch, Emily A., Linde, Jennifer A., Baldwin, Austin S., Hertel, Andrew W.
Strategies used in coping with a cancer diagnosis predict meaning in life for survivors.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthAndersen, Barbara L., Golden-Kreutz, Deanna M., Jim, Heather S., Richardson, Susan A.
Symptom perception in childhood asthma: the role of anxiety and asthma severity.Psychology and mental healthStrunk, Robert C., Chen, Edith, Hermann, Cathy, Rodgers, Denise, Oliver-Welker, Tina
Temporal framing and the decision to take part in type 2 diabetes screening: effects of individual differences in consideration of future consequences on persuasion.Psychology and mental healthOrbell, Sheina, Hagger, Martin
Testing a self-determination theory intervention for motivation tobacco cessation: Supporting autonomy and competence in a clinical trial.Psychology and mental healthDeci, Edward L., Ryan, Richard M., Williams, Geofrey C., McGregor, Hholly A., Sharp, Daryl, Levesque, Chantal
The effects of applied tension on symptoms in French-speaking blood donors: a randomized trial.Psychology and mental healthDitto, Blaine, France, Christopher R.
The effects of HIV-related thought suppression on risk behavior: cognitive escape in men who have sex with men.Psychology and mental healthHuebner, David M., Hoyt, Michael A., Nemeroff, Carol J.
The five elements and Chinese-American mortality.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Gray
The impact of self-efficiency on behavior change and weight change among overweight participants in a weight loss trial.Psychology and mental healthJeffery, Robert W., Rothman, Alexander J., Linde, Jennifer A., Baldwin, Austin S.
The influence of Social Environment and social image on adolescent smoking.Psychology and mental healthEvans, Douglas W., Powers, Anne, Hersey, James, Renaud, Jeanette
The role of depression symptoms in dialysis withdrawal.Psychology and mental healthChristensen, Alan J., Lawton, William J., McDade-Montez, Elizabeth A., Cvengros, Jamie A.
The role of illness uncertainty on coping with fibromyalgia symptoms.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthZautra, Alex J., Johnson, Lisa M., Davis, Mary C.
The toll of ethnic discrimination on sleep architecture and fatigue.Psychology and mental healthDimsdale, Joel E., Thomas, Kamala S., Bardwell, Wayne A., Ancoli, Sonia
The treatment of depression in older adults in the primary care setting: an evidence-based review.(Clinical report)Psychology and mental healthZeiss, Antonette, Skultety, Karyn M.
Transtheoretical model and condom use in HIV-positive youth.Psychology and mental healthParsons, Jeffrey T., Naar-King, Sylvie, Wright, Kathryn, Frey, Maureen, Templin, Thomas, Ondersman, Steven
Understanding action control: predicting physical activity intention-behavior profiles across 6 months in a Canadian sample.(Transtheoretical model)Psychology and mental healthRhodes, Ryan E., Plotnikoff, Ronald C.
Virtual and physical venues as contexts for HIV risk among rural men who have sex with men.Psychology and mental healthWilliams, Mark L., Bowen, Anne M., Horvath, Keith J.
"When no means no": can reactance augment the theory of planned behavior?(behavior of cervical cancer screened women)Psychology and mental healthOrbell, Sheina, Hagger, Martin
Who is a candidate for Cognitive-Behavioral therapy for Insomnia?Psychology and mental healthSmith, Michael T., Perlis, Michael L.
Why worry? Worry, risk perceptions, and willingness to act to reduce medical errors.Psychology and mental healthSlovic, Paul, Peters, Ellen, Hibbard, Judith H., Tusler, Martin
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