Health Psychology 2005 - Abstracts

Health Psychology 2005
Acculturation-related variables, sexual initiation, and subsequent sexual behavior among Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Cuban youth.Psychology and mental healthJaccard, James, Guilamo-Ramos, Vincent, Pena, Juan, Goldberg, Vincent
Adherence across behavioral domains in treatment promoting smoking cessation plus weight control.Psychology and mental healthPagoto, Sherry, Spring, Bonnie, Persky, Irena, Vander, Wal Jillion S., Hedeker, Donald
A dyadic investigation of exercise support between cardiac patients and their spouses.Psychology and mental healthFranklin, Barry A., Artinian, Nancy T., Hong, Tantina B., Gonzalez, Richard, Franks, Melissa M., Keteyian, Steven J.
A longitudinal study of the relationship between depressive symptoms and cigarette use among African American adolescents.Psychology and mental healthRepetto, Paula B., Caldwell, Cleopatra H., Zimmerman, Marc A.
Associations between acute lipid stress responses and fasting lipid levels 3 years later.Psychology and mental healthSteptoe, Andrew, Brydon, Lena
A stress and coping model of medication adherence and viral load in HIV-positive men and women on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).Psychology and mental healthAntoni, Michael H., Ironson, Gail, Duran, Ron E., Weaver, Kathryn E., Llabre, Maria M., Schneiderman, Nell, Renedo, Frank J.
A systematic review of studies evaluating diffusion and dissemination of selected cancer control interventions.Psychology and mental healthEllis, Peter, O'Brien, Mary Ann, Robinson, Paula, Armour, Tanya, Brouwers, Melissa, Ciliska, Donna, Sussman, Jonathan, Raina, Parminder
Attachment, sleep quality and depressed affect.Psychology and mental healthCarmichael, Cheryl L., Reis, Harry T.
Benefit finding in multiple sclerosis and associations with positive and negative outcomes.Psychology and mental healthPakenham, Kenneth I.
Can the theory of planned behavior predict the maintenance of physical activity?Psychology and mental healthArmitage, Christopher J.
Central adiposity is associated with cardiovascular reactivity to stress in adolescents.Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Salomon, Kristen, Goldbacher, Edie M.
Child behavior and parent management strategies at mealtimes in families with a school-age child with cystic fibrosis.Psychology and mental healthHovell, Melbourne F., Stark, Lori J., Opipari, Lisa C., Jelalian, Elissa, Powers, Scott W., Janicke, David M., Mulvihill, Mary M.
Childhood sexual and physical abuse and the 1-year prevalence of medical problems in the national comorbidity survey.Psychology and mental healthArnow, Bruce, Blazer, Dan, Plant, E. Ashby, Sachs-Ericsson, Natalie
Comparative optimism about health and nonhealth events in 8- and 9-year-old children.Psychology and mental healthAlbery, Ian P., Messer, David
Comparison of barriers self-efficacy and perceived behavioral control for explaining physical activity across 1 year among adolescent girls.Psychology and mental healthDishman, Rod K., Motl, Robert W., Pate, Russell R., Dowda, Marsha, Felton, Gwen, Ward, Dianne S., Saunders, Ruth P.
Condom use among high-risk adolescents: Testing the influence of alcohol use on the relationship of cognitive correlates of behavior.Psychology and mental healthBryan, Angela, Rocheleau, Courtney A.
Daily mood, partner support, sexual interest, and sexual activity among adolescent women.Psychology and mental healthFortenberry, J. Dennis, Temkit, M'Hamed, Wanzhu Tu, Graham, Cynthia A.
Depression in adults with type 2 diabetes: The role of adherence, body mass index, and self-efficacy.Psychology and mental healthSacco, William P., Wells, Kristen J., Vaughan, Christine A., Friedman, Andrea, Perez, Sylvia, Matthew, Rebecca
Diffusion of an effective skin cancer prevention program: Design, theoretical foundations, and first-year implementation.Psychology and mental healthGlanz, Karen, Steffen, Alana, Elliott, Tom, O'Riordan, David
Dispositional optimism, trait anxiety, and coping: Unique or shared effects on biological response to fertility treatment?Psychology and mental healthLancastle, Deborah, Boivin, Jacky
Disseminating a smokeless tobacco cessation intervention model to dental hygienists: A randomized comparison of personalized instruction and self-study methods.Psychology and mental healthSeverson, Herbert H., Akers, Laura, Andrews, Judy A., Lichtenstein, Edward, Gordon, Judith S.
Disseminating a sun safety program to zoological parks: The effects of tailoring.Psychology and mental healthSlymen, Donald, Engelberg, Moshe, Belch, George, Lewis, Elizabeth, Mayer, Joni A., Walker, Kristina, Kwon, Harry, Elder John
Dissemination research and research dissemination: How can we close the gap?Psychology and mental healthRimer, Barbara, Emmons, Karen, Kerner, Jon
Does the theory of planned behavior mediate the effects of an oncologist's recommendation to exercise in newly diagnosed breast cancer survivors? Results from a randomized controlled trail.Psychology and mental healthCourneya, Kerry S., Jones, Lee W., Fairey, Adrian S., Mackey, John R.
Effectiveness of a primary care exercise referral intervention for changing physical self-perceptions over 9 months.Psychology and mental healthTaylor, Adrian H., Fox, Ken R.
Effects of a weight maintenance diet on bulimic symptoms in adolescent girls: An experimental test of the dietary restraint theory.Psychology and mental healthStice, Eric, Presnell, Katherine, Groesz, Lisa, Shaw, Heather
Evaluation of a decision-making aid for parents regarding childhood immunizations.Psychology and mental healthWroe, Abigail L., Turner, Nikki, Owens, Glynn R.
Experimental components analysis of brief theory-based HIV/AIDS risk-reduction counseling for sexually transmitted infection patients.Psychology and mental healthKalichman, Seth C., Weinhardt, Lance, Swain, Geoffrey R., Benotsch, Eric, Presser, Kelly, Zweben, Allan, Bjodstrup, Bonnie
Food, mood, and attitude: Reducing risk for eating disorders in college women.Psychology and mental healthFranko, Debra L., Davidson, M. Meghan, Mintz, Laurie B., Villapiano, Mona, Green, Traci Craig, Mainelli, Dana, Folensbee, Lesley, Hamilton, Emily, Little, Debbie, Kearns, Maureen, Budman, Simon H.
HIV-related stigma among market workers in China.Psychology and mental healthDetels, Roger, Rotheram-Borus, Mary Jane, Lee, Martha B., Li Li, Wu, Zunyou, Guan, Jihui
HIV-specific social support predicts less sexual risk behavior in gay male couples.Psychology and mental healthDarbes, Lynae A., Lewis, Megan A.
Impact of perceived consensus on stereotypes about obese people: A new approach for reducing bias.Psychology and mental healthSchwartz, Marlene B., Brownell, Kelly D., Puhl, Rebecca M.
Incorporation of a successful community-based mammography intervention: Dissemination beyond a community trial.Psychology and mental healthSlater, Jonathan S., Finnegan, John R., Jr., Madigan Shelly D.
Influence of social support on adaptation to surgery.Psychology and mental healthKrohne, Heinz Walter, Slangen, Kerstin E.
Injury risk among children of low-income U.S.-born and immigrant mothers.Psychology and mental healthRamey, Craig T., Brezausek, Carl M., Schwebel, David C., Rarney, Sharon L.
Interest in smoking cessation among emergency departments patients.Psychology and mental healthClark, Sunday, Boudreaux, Edwin D., Kim, Sunghye, Hohrmann, Jessica
Interpersonal and print nutrition communication for a Spanish-dominant Latino Population: Secretos de la Buena Vida.Psychology and mental healthElder, John P., Ayala, Guadalupe X., Campbell, Nadia R., Slymen, Donald, Lopez-Madurga Eva T., Engelberg, Moshe, Baquero, Barbara
Loneliness, social network size, and immune response to influenza vaccination in college freshman.Psychology and mental healthRabin, Bruce S., Miller, Gregory E., Pressman, Sarah D., Cohen, Sheldon D., Barkin, Anita
Long-term effects of lifestyle behavior change in coronary artery disease: Effects on recurrent coronary events after percutaneous coronary intervention.Psychology and mental healthNygren, Ake, Lissers, Jan, Sundin, Orjan, Ohman, Arne, Hofman-Bang, Claes, Ryden, Lars
Matching health messages to monitor-blunter coping styles to motivate screening mammography.Psychology and mental healthSalovey, Peter, Pizarro, Judith, Williams-Piehota, Pamela, Scheider, Tamera R., Mowad, Linda
Maternal influences on daughters' restrained eating behavior.Psychology and mental healthBirch, Leann L., Francis, Lori A.
Medication adherence and diabetes control in urban African Americans with Type 2 diabetes.Psychology and mental healthBrancati, Frederick L., Bone, Lee R., Levine, David M., Hill, Martha N., Hill-Briggs, Felicia, Gary, Tiffany L.
Metacognition, risk behavior, and risk outcomes: The role of perceived intelligence and perceived knowledge.Psychology and mental healthJaccard, James, Guilamo-Ramos, Vincent, Dodge, Tonya
Neighborhood social disorder as a determinant of drug injection behaviors: A structural equation modeling approach.Psychology and mental healthLatkin, Carl A., Wang, Jian, Williams, Chyvette T., Curry, Aaron D.
Optimism and pessimism as predictors of change in health after death or onset of severe illness in family.Psychology and mental healthKivimaki, Mika, Elovainio, Marko, Vahtera, Jussi, Singh-Manoux, Archana, Helenius, Hans, Pentti, Jaana
Optimistic personality and psychosocial well-being during treatment predict psychosocial well-being among long-term survivors of breast cancer.Psychology and mental healthAntoni, Michael H., Carver, Charles S., Weiss, Sharlene, Smith, Roselyn G., Petronis, Vids M., Derhagopian, Robert P.
Optimistic social comparisons of older adults low in primary control: A prospective analysis of hospitalization and mortality.Psychology and mental healthBailis, Daniel S., Chipperfield, Judith G., Perry, Raymond P.
Ovarian cancer patients' psychological distress: The role of physical impairment, perceived unsupportive family and friend behaviors, perceived control, and self-esteem.Psychology and mental healthManne, Sharon L., Hernandez, Enrique, Carlson, John, Norton, Tina R., Rubin, Stephen
Partner's adjustment to breast cancer: A critical analysis of intervention studies.Psychology and mental healthLewis, Frances Marcus, Cochrane, Barbara B.
Partner unsupportive responses, avoidant coping, and distress among women with early stage breast cancer: Patient and partner perspectives.Psychology and mental healthManne, Sharon L., Ostroff, Jamie, Winkel, Gary, Grana, Generosa
Positive emotion and health: Going beyond the negative.Psychology and mental healthKawachi, Ichiro, Richman, Laura Smart, Kubzansky, Laura, Maselko, Joanna, Choo, Peter, Bauer, Mark
Predictors of posttraumatic growth following bone marrow transplantation for cancer.Psychology and mental healthWidows, Michelle R., Jacobsen, Paul B., Booth-Jones, Margaret, Fields, Karen K.
Predictors of posttraumatic stress disorders following cancer.Psychology and mental healthBryant, Richard A., Kangas, Maria, Henry, Jane L.
Psychological stress tasks in the prediction of blood pressure level and need for antihypertensive medication: 9-12 years of follow-up.Psychology and mental healthKahonen, Mika, Tuomisto, Martti T., Majahalme, Silja, Fredrikson, Mats, Turjanmaa, Vaino
Psychosocial and health consequences of adolescent depression in black and white young adult women.Psychology and mental healthStriegel-Moore, Ruth H., Crawford, Patricia B., Dohm, Faith-Anne, Schreiber, George, Franko, Debra L., Daniels, Stephen R., Bean, Judy, Tamer, Robert, Kraemer, Helena C
Respiratory sinus arrhythmia during stress predicts resting respiratory sinus arrhythmia 3 years later in a pediatric sample.Psychology and mental healthSalomon, Kristen
Results of the healthy body healthy spirit trial.Psychology and mental healthResnicow, Ken, McCarty, Frances, Blissett, Dhana, Wang, Terry, Jackson, Alice, Rahotep, Simone, Periasamy, Santhi
Self-efficacy and compliance with benzodiazepine taper in older adults with chronic insomnia.Psychology and mental healthLadouceur, Robert, Belanger, Lynda, Morin, Charles M., Bastein, Celyne
Smoking cessation: Social comparison level predicts success for adult smokers.Psychology and mental healthGibbons, Frederick X., Gerrard, Meg, Lane, David, J., Stock, Michelle L.
Sources and types of social support in youth physical activity.Psychology and mental healthDuncan, Susan C., Duncan, Terry E., Strycker, Lisa A.
Tailored interventions for motivating smoking cessation: Using placebo tailoring to examine the influence of expectancies and personalization.Psychology and mental healthBrandon, Thomas H., Simmons, Vani Nath, Webb, Monica S.
Temperament in childhood predicts body mass in adulthood: The cardiovascular risk in Young Finns Study.Psychology and mental healthKivimaki, Mika, Elovainio, Marko, Raitakari, Olli T., Pulkki-Raback, Laura
Terrorism and cardiovascular responses to acute stress in children.Psychology and mental healthGump, Brooks B., Stewart, Paul, Reihman, Jacki, Lonky, Ed, Darvill, Tom
Testing a model of pain appraisal and coping in children with chronic abdominal pain.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Craig A., Garber, Judy, Walker, Lynn S., Claar, Robyn Lewis
The effects of outcome expectations and satisfaction on weight loss and maintenance: Correlational and experimental analyses - A randomized trail.Psychology and mental healthJeffery, Robert W., Rothman, Alexander J., Finch, Emily A., Linde, Jennifer A., King, Christie M., Levy, Rona L.
The impact of breast cancer on the lives of middle-aged women: Results from the Australian longitudinal study of women's health.Psychology and mental healthWade, Tracey D., Lee, Christina
The theory of "truth": How counterindustry media campaigns affect smoking behavior among teens.Psychology and mental healthHersey, James C., Messeri, Peter, Niederdeppe, Jeff, Evans, W. Douglas, Haviland, M. Lyndon, Nonnemaker, James, Blahut, Steven, Holden, Debra
Traumatic stress, perceived global stress, and life events: Prospectively predicting quality of life in breast cancer patients.Psychology and mental healthAndersen, Barbara L., Golden-Kreutz, Deanna M., Thornton, Lisa M., Gregorio, Sharla Wells-Di, Frierson, Georita M., Jim, Heather S., Carpenter, Kristen M., Shelby, Rebecca A.
Unfair treatment, discrimination, and ambulatory blood pressure in black and white adolescents.Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Salomon, Kristen, Kenyon, Karen, Fan Zhou
Using UV photography to reduce use of tanning booths: A test of cognitive mediation.Psychology and mental healthGibbons, Frederick X., Gerrard, Meg, Mahler, Heike I.M., Kulik, James A., Lane, David J.
Validation of scales measuring attitudes and norms related to mammography screening in women veterans.Psychology and mental healthFernandez, Maria, Diamond, Pamela M., Vernon, Sally W., Rakowski, William, Tiro, Jasmin A., Perz, Catherine A., DiClemente, Carlo C
Volunteer support, martial status, and the survival times of terminally ill patients.Psychology and mental healthHerbst-Damm, Kathryn L., Kulik, James A.
Web-based strategies to disseminate a sun safety curriculum to public elementary schools and state-licensed child-care facilities.Psychology and mental healthBuller, David B., Buller, Mary Klein, Kane, Ilima
Why are you bringing up condoms now? The effect of message content on framing effects of condom use messages.Psychology and mental healthKiene, Susan M., Barta, William D., Zelenski, John M., Cothran, Dee Lisa
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