Health Psychology 2004 - Abstracts

Health Psychology 2004
Adverse effects of predictive testing for Huntington disease underestimated: long-term effects 7-10 years after the test.Psychology and mental healthTimman, Reinier, Maat-Kievit, Anneke, Roos, Raymund, Tibben, Aad
A family member's job loss as a risk factor for smoking among adolescents.Psychology and mental healthSussman, Steve, Unger, Jennifer B., Hamilton, Jeffrey E.
Agnostic interpersonal striving: social-cognitive mechanism of cardiovascular risk in youth?.Psychology and mental healthEwart, Craig S., Jorgensen, Randall S.
Alcohol use and high-risk sexual behavior among men who have sex with men: the effects of consumption level and partner type.Psychology and mental healthVanable, Peter A., MacQueen, Kathleen M., Buchbinder, Susan P., Judson, Franklyn N., Douglas, John M., Jr., Mckirnan, David J., Bartholow, Bradford N.
A longitudinal analysis of the course of depressive symptomatology geriatric patients with cancer of the breast, colon, lung, or prostate.Psychology and mental healthStommel, Manfred, Kurtz, Margot E., Kurtz, J.C., Given, Charles W., Given, Barbara A.
A randomized controlled trial of single versus multiple health behavior change: promoting physical activity and nutrition among adolescents.Psychology and mental healthSallis, James F., Prochaska, Judith J.
A randomized trial comparing the effects of self-help materials and proactive telephone counseling on teen smoking cessation.Psychology and mental healthMcBride, Colleen M., Pollak, Kathryn I., Lipkus, Issac M., Schwartz-Bloom, Rochelle D., Tilson, Elizabeth, Bloom, Paul N.
Beyond medical risk: investigating the psychological factors underlying women's perceptions of susceptibility to breast cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.Psychology and mental healthAiken, Leona S., West, Stephen G., Gerend, Mary A., Erchull, Mindy J.
Conceptualization of disease timeline predicts post treatment distress in breast cancer patients.Psychology and mental healthRabin, Carolyn, Leventhal, Howard, Goodin, Susan
Coping and anxiety in women recalled for additional diagnostic procedures following an abnormal screening mammogram.Psychology and mental healthHeckman, Bernadette Davantes, Fisher, Edwin B., Monsees, Barbara, Merbaum, Michael, Ristvedt, Stephen, Bishop, Connie
Cultural differences in young children's vulnerability to injuries: a risk and protection perspective.Psychology and mental healthVaughan, Elaine, Winn, Diane, Anderson, Craig, Phyllis, Agran
Daily mood and stress predict pain, health care use, and work activity in African American adults with Sickle-Cell disease.Psychology and mental healthCarson, James W., Porter, Laura S., Orringer, Eugene, Gil, karen M., Scipio, Cindy, Bedaiko, Shawn M.
Dispositional motivations and message framing: a test of the congruency hypothesis in college students.Psychology and mental healthMann, Traci, Sherman, David, Updegraff, John
Does establishing fidelity of treatment help in understanding treatment efficacy? Comment on Bellg et al. (2004).Psychology and mental healthLeventhal, Howard, Friedman, Michael A.
Effects of stress on sleep: the moderating role of coping style.Psychology and mental healthSadeh, Avi, Keinan, Giora, Daon, Keren
Emotional distress in nonmetropolitan persons living with HIV disease enrolled in a telephone-delivered, coping improvement group interaction.Psychology and mental healthKalichman, Seth C., Anderson, Eileen S., Heckman, Timothy G., Sikkema, Kathleen J., Kochman, Arlene, Anderson, Timothy
Emotional expression in cyberspace: searching for moderators of the Pennebaker disclosure via E-mail.Psychology and mental healthSheese, Brad E., Brown, Erin L., Graziano, William G.
Enhancing treatment fidelity in health behavior change studies: best practices and recommendations from the NIH behavior change consortium.Psychology and mental healthOry, Marcia, Bellg, Albert J., Borrelli, Belinda, Rsenick, Barbara, Hect, Jacki, Minicucci, Daryl Sharp, Ogedegbe, Gbenga, Orwig, Denise, Ernst, Denise, Czajkowski, Susan
Evidence that implementation intentions reduce dietary fat intake: a randomized trial.Psychology and mental healthArmitage, Christohper J.
Evolution of the biopsychosocial model: prospects and challenges for health psychology.Psychology and mental healthSuls, Jerry, Rothman, Alex
Experiences of demand and control in daily life as correlates of subclinical carotid atherosclerosis in a healthy older sample.Psychology and mental healthShiffman, Saul, Sutton-Tyrrell, Kim, Muldoon, Matthew F., Kamarck, Thomas W., Gwaltney, Chad, Janicki, Denise L.
Finding benefit in breast cancer during the year after diagnosis predicts better adjustment 5 to 8 years after diagnosis.Psychology and mental healthCarver, Charles S., Antoni. Michael H.
Gender and the natural history of self-related health: A 59-year longitudinal study.Psychology and mental healthMcCullough, Michael E., Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe
Gender disparities in common sense models of illness among myocardial infarction victims.Psychology and mental healthMartin, Rene, Lemos, Katherine, Rothrock, Nan, Bellman, S. Beth, Russell, Daniel, Tripp-Reimer, Toni, Lounsbury, Patricia, Gordon, Ellen
Health psychology: what will the future bring?.Psychology and mental healthBlumenthal, James A., Keefe, Francis J.
Health-related behavior and beliefs of pregnant smokers.Psychology and mental healthHaslam, Cheryl, Lawrence, Wendy
Health services and health care economics: the health psychology marketplace.Psychology and mental healthTovian, Steven M.
Hostility and distraction have differential influences on cardiovascular recovery from anger recall in women.Psychology and mental healthSorkin, John D., Neumann, Serina A., Waldstein, Shari R., Sollers, John J.; III, Thayer, Julian F.
How changes in population demographics will impact health psychology: incorporating a broader notion of cultural competence into the field.Psychology and mental healthYali, Ann Marie, Revenson, Tracey A.
Improving multiple behaviors for colorectal cancer prevention among African American church members.Psychology and mental healthCampbell, Marci Kramish, James, Aimee, Hudson, Marlyn, Carr, Carol, Jackson, Ethel, Oates, Veronica, Demissie, Seleshi, Farrel, David, Tessaro, Irene
Individual differences in sensitivity to health communications: consideration of future consequences.Psychology and mental healthOrbell, Sheina, Perugini, Marco, Rakow, Tim
Interpretation of genetic risk feedback among African American smokers with low socioeconomic status.Psychology and mental healthMcBride, Colleen M., Bepler, Gerold, Lyna, Pauline, Lipkus, Isaac M., Pollak, Kathryn, I.
Is finding something good in the bad always good? Benefit finding among women with breast cancer.Psychology and mental healthTomich, Patricia L., Helgeson, Vicki S.
Is it beneficial to involve a family member? A meta-analysis of psychosocial interventions for chronic illness.Psychology and mental healthMartire, Lynn M., Helgeson, Vicki S., Schulz, Richard, Lustig, Amy P., Miller, Gregory
Latent growth curve analyses of peer and parent influences on smoking progression among early adolescents.Psychology and mental healthSimons-Morton, Bruce, Chen, Rusan, Abroms, Lorien, Haynie, Denise L.
Marijuana use from adolescence to young adulthood: multiple developmental trajectories and their associated outcomes.Psychology and mental healthCollins, Rebecca L., Ellickson, Phyllis l., Martino, Steven C.
Mental activation of supportive ties, hostility, and cardiovascular reactivity to laboratory stress in young men and women.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Timothy W., Ruiz, John M., Uchino, Bert N.
Mismatches in social support and psychosocial adjustment to breast cancer.Psychology and mental healthPerrin, Nancy A., Reynolds, Julie S.
Momentary mood and coping processes in TMD pain.(temporomandibular dysfunction)Psychology and mental healthLitt, Mark D., Shafer, David, Napolitano, Christopher
Motivation is not enough: prediction of risk behavior following diagnosis of coronary heart disease from the theory of planned behavior.Psychology and mental healthJohnston, Marie, Johnston, Derek K., Pollard, Beth, Kinmonth, Ann-Louise, Mant, David
Multiple risk expert systems interventions: impact of simultaneous stage-matched expert system interventions for smoking, high-fat diet, and sun exposure in a population of parents.Psychology and mental healthVelicer, Wayne F., Prochaska, James O., Rossi, Joseph S., Plummer, Brett A., Redding, Colleen, A., Greene, Geoffrey W., Rossi, Susan R., Xiaowu Sun, Fawa, Joseph, L., Laforge, Robert
Occupational factors and 5-year weight change among men in a Danish National Cohort.Psychology and mental healthHannerz, Harald, Albertsen, Karen, Nielsen, Martin Lindhardt, Tuchsen, Finn, Burr, Hermann
Optimism, perceived risk of breast cancer, and cancer worry among a community-based sample of women.Psychology and mental healthYasui, Yutaka, McGregor, Bonnie A., McTiernan, Anne, Bowen, Deborah J., Ankerst, Donna P., Andersen, M. Robyn
Pain catastrophizing is associated with health indices in musculoskeleton pain: a cross-sectional study in the Dutch community.Psychology and mental healthSevereijns, Rudy, Vlaeyen, Johan V.S., Hout, Marcel A. van den, Picavet, H. Susan J.
Predicting youth access to tobacco: the role of youth versus store-clerk behavior and issues of ecological validity.Psychology and mental healthLandrine, Hope, Klonoff, Elizabeth A.
Preferences for arthritis care among urban African Americans: oI don't want to be cut".Psychology and mental healthAllegrante, John P., Figaro, M. Kathleen, Russo, Pamela Williams
Presurgery distress and specific response expectancies predict postsurgery outcomes in surgery patients confronting breast cancer.Psychology and mental healthBovbjerg, Dana H., Montgomery, Guy H.
Prevalence and predictors of transitions in smoking behavior among college students.Psychology and mental healthFiore, Michael C., Smith, Stevens S., Kenford, Susan L., Wetter, David W., Welsch, Samuel K., Fouladi, Rachel T., Baker,Timothy B.
Prevention and health promotion: decades of progress, new challenges, and an emerging agenda.Psychology and mental healthOrleans, C. Tracy, Smith, Timothy W., Jenkins, C. David
Psychological and physical adjustment to breast cancer over 4 years: identifying distinct trajectories of change.Psychology and mental healthHelgeson, Vicki S., Snyder, Pamela, Seltman, Howard
Psychological and social predictors of changes in fruit and vegetable consumption over 12 months following behavioral and nutrition education counseling.Psychology and mental healthSteptoe, Andrew, Hilton, Sean, Cappuccio, Francesco P., Perkins-Porras, Linda, Rink, Elisabeth
Psychological response to test results in an ovarian cancer-screening program: A prospective, longitudinal study.Psychology and mental healthAndrykowski, Michael A., Boerner, Laura M., Salsman, John M., Pavlik, Edward
Psychosocial factors in outcomes of heart surgery: the impact of religious involvement and depressive symptoms.Psychology and mental healthIdler, Ellen L., Contrada, Richard J., Goyal, Tanya M., Cather, Corinne, Rafalson, luba, Krause, Tyrone J.
Psychosocial mediators of antiretroviral nonadherence in HIV-positive adults with substance use and mental health problems.Psychology and mental healthOrlando, Maria, Sherbourne, Cathy D., Tucker, Joan S., Burnam, M. Audrey, Kung, Fuan-Yue
Questions raised by a reasoned action approach: comment on Ogden (2003).Psychology and mental healthFishbein, Martin, Ajzen, Icek
Relationship of social support and social burden to repeated breast cancer screening in the Women's Health Initiative.Psychology and mental healthFrishman, William, Powell, Lynda, Lane, Dorothy S., Glanz, Karen, Messina, Catherine R., Malpede, Karen, West, Delia Smith
Relationships among health factors and everyday problem solving in African Americans.Psychology and mental healthWhitfield, Keith E., Allaire, Jason C., Wiggins, Sebrina A.
Religious beliefs shorten hospital stays? psychology works in mysterious ways: comment on Contrada et al. (2004).Psychology and mental healthFreedland, Kenneth E.
Religious participation, interleukin-6, and mortality in older adults.Psychology and mental healthWallace, Robert, Harris, Tamara B., Lutgendorf, Susan K., Russel, Daniel, Ullrich, Philip
Repression and high anxiety are associated with aberrant diurnal cortisol rhythms in women with metastatic breast cancer.Psychology and mental healthSpiegel, David, Giese-Davis, Jamine, Stephton, Sandra E., Abercrombie, Heather C., Duran, Ron E.F.
Smoking onset in adolescence: a person-centered analysis with time-varying predictors.Psychology and mental healthWills, Thomas Ashby, Resko, Jody A., Ainette, Michael G., Mendoza, Don
Social support and patient adherence to medical treatment: a meta-analysis.Psychology and mental healthDiMatteo, M. Robin
Social support, positive states of mind, and HIV treatment adherence in men and women living with HIV/AIDS.Psychology and mental healthAntoni, Michael H., Schneiderman, Neil, Ironson, Gail, Duran, Ron E., Fletcher, Mary Ann, Klimas, Nancy G., Gonzalez, Jeffrey S., Penedo, Frank J., Fernandez, Maria Isabel, McPherson-Baker, Shvawn
Socioeconomic variation in attitudes to eating and weight in female adolescents.Psychology and mental healthWardle, Jane, Brunner, Eric, Robb, Kathryn A., Johnson, Fiona, Griffith, Jayne, Power, Chris, Tovee, Martin
Technological and medical advances: implications for health psychology.Psychology and mental healthKrantz, David S., Christensen, Alan J., Kaplan, Robert, Saab, Patrice G., McCalla, Judith R., Johnson, Suzanne Bennett, Stepanski, Edward, Coons, Helen L., Ackerman, Mark D., Melamed, Barbara
Telephone counseling increases cessation rates among young adult smokers.Psychology and mental healthRabius, Vance, Geiger, Angela, McAlister, Alfred L., Huang, Philip, Todd, Ronald
Testing a self-determination Theory Process Model for promoting glycemic control through diabetes self-management.Psychology and mental healthDeci, Edward L., Williams, Geoffrey C., McGregor, Holly A., Zeldman, Allan, Freedman, Zachary R.
The effect of reinforcement or stimulus control to reduce sedentary behavior in the treatment of pediatric obesity.Psychology and mental healthEpstein, Leonard H., Paluch, Rocco A., Kilanowski, Colleen K., Raynor, Hollie A.
The future of health psychology interventions.Psychology and mental healthNicassio, Perry M., Meyerowitz, Beth E., Kerns, Robert D.
The impact of rape on women's sexual health risk behaviors.Psychology and mental healthCampbell, Rebecca, Sefl, Tracy, Ahrens, Courtney E.
The motivating impact of informing women smokers of a link between smoking and cervical cancer: the role of coherence.Psychology and mental healthMarteau, Theresa M., Hall, Sue, Weinman, John
The placebo puzzle: putting together the pieces.Psychology and mental healthStewart-Williams, Steve
The role of social and dispositional variables associated with emotional processing in adjustment to breast cancer: an internet-based study.Psychology and mental healthAndrykowski, Michael A., Schimdt, John E.
The unconscious cost of good fortune: implicit and explicit self-esteem, positive life events, and health.Psychology and mental healthPelham, Brett W., Shimizu, Mitsuru
Understanding and predicting parental decisions about early childhood immunizations.Psychology and mental healthWroe, Abigail L., Salkovskis, Paul M., Turner, Nikki
What is the right thing at the right time? Interactions between stages and processes of change among smokers who make a quit attempt.Psychology and mental healthBorland, Ron, Segan, Catherine J., Greenwood, Kenneth M.
Why not find out whether religious beliefs predict surgical outcomes? If they do, why not find out why? Reply to Freedland (2004).Psychology and mental healthIdler, Ellen L., Contrada, Richard J., Goyal, Tanya M., Krause, Tyrone J., Corinne, Cather, Rafalson, Luba
Written emotional disclosure buffers the effects of social constraints on distress among cancer patients.Psychology and mental healthJohnson, Peter, Zakowski, Sandra G., Ramati, Alona, Morton, Carla, Flanigan, Robert
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