Health Psychology 2003 - Abstracts

Health Psychology 2003
A connectionist implementation of the theory of planned behavior: association of beliefs with exercise intention.Psychology and mental healthBennett, Paul, Walker, Ian, Lowe, Rob, Milne, Sarah, Bozionelos, George
Acute neurophychological changes in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients.Psychology and mental healthGriva, Konstadina, Newman, Stanton P., Hankins, Matthew, Davenport, Andrew, Hansraj, Sunita, Thompson, Derek
A population study of low-rate smokers: quitting history and instability over time.Psychology and mental healthZhu, Shu-Hong, Sun, Jichao, Hawkins, Sally, Pierce, John, Cummins, Sharon
Are changes in blood pressure and total cholesterol related to changes in mood? an 18-month study of men and women.Psychology and mental healthPollard, Tessa M., Schwartz, Joseph E.
Attentional bias predicts outcome in smoking cessation.Psychology and mental healthWaters, Andrew J., Gwaltney, Chad J., Shiffman, Saul, Balabanis, Mark H., Paty, Jean A., Sayette, Michael A.
Biased cognitive processing of cancer-related information among women with family histories of breast cancer: evidence from a cancer stroop task.Psychology and mental healthCloitre, Marylene, Bovbjerg, Dana H., Erblich, Joel, Montgomery, Guy H., Valdimarsdottir, Heiddis B.
Biological and psychological factors associated with memory function in fibromyalgia syndrome.Psychology and mental healthSephton, Sandra E., Studts, Jamie L., Hoover, Katherine, Weissbecker, Inka, Lynch, Greg, Ho, Ivy, Salmon, Paul, McGuffin, Sheri
Body image and strategies to lose weight and increase muscle among boys and girls.Psychology and mental healthRicciardelli, Lina A., McCabe, Marita P.
Changes in heavy drinking over the third decade of life as a function of collegiate fraternity and sorority involvement: a prospective, multilevel analysis.Psychology and mental healthSher, Kenneth J., Bartholow, Bruce D., Krull, Jennifer L.
Chronic stress burden, discrimination, and subclinical carotid artery disease in African American and Caucasian women.Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Sutton-Tyrrell, Kim, Bromberger, Joyce T., Troxel, Wendy M.
Cognitive adaptation, psychological adjustment, and disease progression among angioplasty patients: 4 years later.Psychology and mental healthHelgeson, Vicki S.
Cognitive and psychological outcomes of exercise in a 1-year follow-up study of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Psychology and mental healthMacIntyre, Neil R., Emery, Charles F., Shermer, Rebecca L., Hauck, Emily R., Hsiao, Evana T.
Cognitive change 5 years after coronary artery bypass surgery.Psychology and mental healthMulligan, Kathleen, Humphries, Steve, Newman, Stanton P., Stygall, Jan, Fitzgerald, Geraldine, Steed, Liz, Pugsley, Wilfred, Arrowsmith, Joseph E., Harrison, Michael J.
Conflict structure moderates associations beween cardiovascular reactivity and negative martial interaction.Psychology and mental healthNewton, Tamara L., Sanford, Janine M.
Contributions of disease severity and perceptions of primary and secondary control to the prediction of psychosocial adjustment to Parkinson's disease.Psychology and mental healthMcQuillen, Anita D., Licht, Mark H., Licht, Barbara G.
Correlates of functional disability in patients with postural tachycardia syndrome: preliminary cross-sectional findings.Psychology and mental healthRummans, Teresa A., Benrud-Larson, Lisa M., Sandroni, Paola, Haythornthwaite, Jennifer A., Low, Philip A.
Correlates of unhealthy weight-control behaviors among adolescents: implications for prevention programs.Psychology and mental healthNeumark-Sztainer, Dianne, Story, Mary, Wall, Melanie M., Perry, Cheryl L.
Demonstrations of implicit anti-fat bias: the impact of providing casual information and bevoking empathy.Psychology and mental healthBrownell, Kelly D., Teachman, Bethany A., Jeyaram, Subathra, Gapinski, Kathrine D., Rawlins, Melissa
Depressed versus nondepressed young adult tobacco users: differences in coping style, weight concerns, and exercise level.Psychology and mental healthHurt, Richard D., Croghan, Ivana T., Patten, Christi A., Schroeder, Darrell R., Vickers, Kristin S., Lane, Kristi, Clark, Matthew M.
Development of the cognitive appraisal and understanding of social events (CAUSE) videos.Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Chen, Edith
Effect of valued activity disability, social comparison, and satisfaction with ability on depressive symptoms in Rheumatoid arthritis.Psychology and mental healthKatz, Patricia P., Neugebauer, Alyson, Pasch, Lauri A.
Effects of a multicomponent intervention on motivation and sun protection behaviours among midwestern beachgoers.Psychology and mental healthPagoto, Sherry, McChargue, Dennis, Fuqua, R. Wayne
Effects of dopamine transporter and receptor polymorphisms on smoking cessation in a bupropion clinical trial.Psychology and mental healthEpstein, Leonard H., Lerman, Caryn, Shields, Peter G., Wileyto, E. Paul, Audrain, Janet, Hawk, Larry H. Jr., Nianura, Ray, Krishnan, Shiva, Kucharski, Susan, Pinto, Angela
Effects of hypertension on attention, memory, and executive function in older adults.Psychology and mental healthFord, Gary A., Saxby, Brian K., Harrington, Frances, McKeith, Ian G., Wenses, Keith
Health-related internet use, coping, social support, and health indicators in people living with HIV/AIDS: preliminary results from community survey.Psychology and mental healthBenotsch, Eric G., Kalichman, Seth C., Weinhardt, Lance, Austin, James, Luke, Webster, Cherry, Chauncey
Historical changes in cigarette smoking and smoking-related beliefs: after 2 decades in a midwestern community.Psychology and mental healthChassin, Laurie, Presson, Clark C., Sherman, Steven J., Kim, Kyung
HIV prevention among drug users: outcome of a network-oriented peer outreach intervention.Psychology and mental healthLatkin, Carl A., Sherman, Susan, Knowlton, Amy
Hostility predicts metabolic syndrome risk factors in children and adolescents.Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Raikkonen, Katri, Salomon, Kristen
Hypnotic enhancement of cognitive-behavioral interventions for pain: an analogue treatment study.Psychology and mental healthMilling, Leonard S., Levine, Michelle R., Meunier, Suzanne A.
Improving quality of life in men with prostate cancer: a randomized controlled trial of group education interventions.Psychology and mental healthHelgeson, Vicki S., Schulz, Richard, Lepore, Stephen J., Eton, David T.
Increasing attendance at colorectal cancer screening: testing the efficacy of a mailed, psychoeducational intervention in a community sample of older adults.Psychology and mental healthWardle, Jane, Atkin, Wendy, Williamson, Sara, McCaffery, Kirsten, Edwards, Robert, Sutton, Stephen, Taylor, Tamara
Individual differences in self-assessed health: an information-processing investigation of health and illness cognition.(self-assessed health)Psychology and mental healthWilliams, Paula G., Wasserman, Michelle S., Lotto, Andrew J.
Marital status and quality in middle-aged women: associations with levels and trajectories of cardiovascular risk factors.Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Kuller, Lewis H., Troxel, Wendy M., Gallo, Linda C.
Memory in pediatric patients undergoing conscious sedation for aversive medical procedures.Psychology and mental healthPringle, Beverly, Dahlquist, Lynnda M., Eskenazi, Allen
Misperceived risk among female adolescents: social and psychological factors associated with sexual risk accuracy.Psychology and mental healthEthier, Kathleen A., Ickovics, Jeannette R., Kershaw, Trace S., Lewis, Jessica B., Miccolai, Linda M.
Observer ratings of health and sickness: can other people tell us anything about our health that we don't already know?.Psychology and mental healthLeventhal, Howard, Leventhal, Elaine A., Brissette, Ian
Occupation and subclinical carotid artery disease in women: are clerical workers at greater risk?.Psychology and mental healthSutton-Tyrrell, Kim, Kuller, Lewis H., Troxel, Wendy M., Gallo, Linda C., Mathews, Karen A., Jansen-McWilliams, Linda
Older adults with chronic disease: benefits of goup-mediated counseling in the promotion of physically active lifestyles.Psychology and mental healthRejeski, W. Jack, Brawley, Lawrence R., Focht, Brian C., Brubaker, Peter H., Ambrosius, Walter T., Foy, Capri G., Fox, Lesley D.
Patterns and correlates of binge drinking trajectories from early adolescence to young adulthood.Psychology and mental healthEllickson, Phyllis L., Orlando, Maria, Tucker, Joan S.
Pluralistic ignorance and college student perceptions of gender-specific alcohol norms.Psychology and mental healthGreen, Peter, Suls, Jerry
Predictors of Hospitalizations in children with Asthma: the role of psychosocial and socioenvironmental factors.Psychology and mental healthStrunk, Robert C., Chen, Edith, Bloomberg, Gordon R., Fisher, Edwin B., Jr.
Psychological adjustment among African American breast cancer patients: one-year follow-up results of a randomized psychoeducational group intervention.Psychology and mental healthRaylor, Kathryn L., Siegel, Jamie E., Moran-Klimi, Karen, Lamdan, Ruth M., Shelby, Rebecca, Hrywna, Mary
Psychological impact of colorectal cancer screening.Psychology and mental healthWardle, Jane, Cuzick, Jack, Atkin, Wendy, Williamson, Sara, Sutton, stephen, Biran, Adam, McCaffery, Kirsten
Psychosocial and socioeconomic factors associated with glycated hemoglobin in nondiabetic middle aged men and women.Psychology and mental healthSteptoe, Andrew, Feldman, Pamela J.
Psychosocial variables, external barriers, and stage of mammography adoption.Psychology and mental healthHenriques, Jeffrey B., Lauver, Diane Ruth, Settersten, Lori, Bumann, Mary Carson
Racial and body image differences in coping for women diagnosed with breast cancer.Psychology and mental healthPikler, Vanessa, Winterowd, Carrie
Relation between cardiovascular and metabolic disease and cognition in very old age: cross-sectional and longitudinal findings from the Berlin aging study.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Jacqui, Verhaeghen, Paul, Borchelt, Markus
Relationships between perceived stress and health behaviors in a sample of working adults.Psychology and mental healthJeffery, Robert W., Ng, Debbie M.
Residual outcome expectations and release in ex-smokers.Psychology and mental healthDijkstra, Arie, Borland, Ron
Short-term effects of telephone therapy for breast cancer patients.Psychology and mental healthMcCaul, Kevin D., Sandgren, Ann K.
Sleeping problems and health behaviors as mediators between organizational justice and health.Psychology and mental healthKivimaki, Mika, Elovainio, Marko, Vahtera, Jussi, Keltikangas-Jarvinen, Liisa, Virtanen, Marianna
Social relationships and ambulatory blood pressure: structural and qualitative predictors of cardiovascular function during everyday social interactions.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Timothy W., Uchino, Bert N., Holt-Lunstad, Julianne, Olson-Cerny, Chrisana, Nealey-Moore, Jill B.
Some problems with social cognition models: a pragmatic and conceptual analysis.Psychology and mental healthOgden, Jane
Spiritual health locus of control and breast cancer beliefs among urban African American women.Psychology and mental healthHolt, Cheryl L., Clark, Eddie M., Kreuter, Matthew W., Rubio, Doris M.
Stability of older adults' preferences for life-sustaining medical treatment.Psychology and mental healthJacobson, Jill A., Fagerlin, Angela, Ditto, Peter H., Danks, Joseph H., Houts, Renate M., Smucker, William D., Gready, R. Mitchell, Coppola, Kristen M.
Stigma, social risk, and health policy: public attitudes toward HIV surveillance policies and the social construction of illness.Psychology and mental healthCapitanio, John P., Herek, Gregory M., Widaman, Keith F.
Stress and dietary practices in adolescents.Psychology and mental healthWardle, Jane, Cartwright, Martin, Steggles, Naomi, Simon, Alice E., Crocker, Helen, Jarvis, Martin J.
The effects of widowhood on physical and mental health, health behaviors, and health outcomes: the women's health initiative.Psychology and mental healthWilcox, Sara, Mouton, Charles P., Evenson, Kelly R., Wassertheil-Smoller, Sylvia, Aragaki, Aaron, Loevinger, Barbara Lee
The social environment of the fraternity or sorority house is an important determinant of heavy drinking associated with collegiate Greek involvement. A multilevel analysis is used to determine the implications for models of heavy drinking and health risks.Psychology and mental healthAdler, Nancy E., Park, Crystal L.
The yellow brick road and the emerald city: benefit finding, positive reappraisal coping, and posttraumatic growth in women with early-stage breast cancer.Psychology and mental healthSears, Sharon R., Stanton, Annette L., Danhoff-Burg, Sharon
To see or not to see: effects of exercising in mirrored environments on sedentary women's feeling state and self-efficacy.Psychology and mental healthGauvin, Lise, Ginis, Kathleen A. Martin, Jung, Mary E.
Using Message framing to motivate HIV testing among low-income ethnic minority women.Psychology and mental healthSalovey, Peter, Apanovitch, Anne Marie, Mccarthy, danielle
Women's body satisfaction at midlife and lifetime body size: a prospective study.Psychology and mental healthMcLaren, Lindsay, Hardy, Rebecca, Kuh, Diana
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