Health Psychology 2001 - Abstracts

Health Psychology 2001
Accuracy of health-related quality of life assessment: what is the benefit of incorporating patients' preferences for domain functioning?(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthGorbatenko-Roth, Kristina G., Levin, Irwin P., Altmaier, Elizabeth M., Doebbeling, Bradley N.
An exploratory study of social support, distress, and life disruption among low-income Hispanic women under treatment for early stage breast cancer.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthAntoni, Michael H., Alferi, Susan M., Carver, Charles S., Weiss, Sharlene, Duran, Ron E.
Are negative affective states associated with HIV sexual risk behaviors?: a meta-analytic review.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthMarks, Gary, Crepaz, Nicole
Are the salutogenic effects of social supports modified by income? A test of an 'added value hypothesis'.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthVitaliano, Peter P., Scanlan, James M., Zhang, Jianping, Savage, Margaret V., Brummett, Beverley, Barefoot, John, Siegler, Ilene
Associations between stress, trait negative affect, acute immune reactivity, and antibody response to hepatitis B injection in healthy young adults.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthCohen, Sheldon, Marsland, Anna L., Rabin, Bruce S., Manuck, Stephen B.
Can the theory of planned behavior explain patterns of health behavior change?(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthSheeran, Paschal, Conner, Mark, Norman, Paul
Changes in health-promoting behavior following diagnosis with HIV: prevalence and correlates in a national probability sample.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthWenger, Neil S., Gifford, Allen L., McCaffrey, Daniel F., Collins, Rebecca L., Shapiro, Martin F., Kanouse, David E., Schuster, Mark A., Senterfitt, J. Walton
Chronic stress influences cardiovascular and neuroendocrine responses during acute stress and recovery, especially in men.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Gump, Brooks B., Owens, Jane F.
Cigarette smoking and chewing gum: response to a laboratory-induced stressor.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthBritt, Dana M., Cohen, Lee M/, Collins, Frank L., Jr., Cohen, Michelle L.
Cognitive-behavioral stress management intervention decreases the prevalence of depression and enhances benefit finding among women under treatment for early-stage breast cancer.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthAntoni, Michael H., Lehman, Jessica M., Kilbourn, Kristin M., Boyers, Amy E., Culver, Jennifer L., Alferi, Susan M., Yount, Susan E., McGregor, Bonnie A., Arena, Patricia L., Harris, Suzanne D., Price, Alicia A., Carver, Charles S.
Conceptualizing the mutidimensional nature of self-efficacy: assessment of situational context and level of behavioral challenge to maintain safer sex.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthStein, Judith A., Murphy, Debra A., Maibach, Edward, Schlenger, William
Coping, control, and adjustment in Type 2 diabetes.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthMacrodimitris, Sophia D., Endler, Norman S.
Defensive evaluation of anti-smoking messages among college-age smokers: the role of possible selves.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthFreeman, Mark A., Hennessey, Emily V., Marzullo, Denise M.
Depressive symptoms, social support, and personal health behaviors in young men and women.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthSteptoe, Andrew, Allgower, Annette, Wardle, Jane
Discrimination and unfair treatment: relationship to cardiovascular reactivity among African American and European American women.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Guyll, Max, Bromberger, Joyce T.
Disease status in African American single mothers with HIV: the role of depressive symptoms.(human immunodeficiency viruses)(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthJones, Deborah J., Beach, Steven R., Forehand, Rex
Disruptions of social relationships accentuate the association between emotional distress and menstrual pain in young women.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthCoe, Christopher L., Alonso, Carmen
Effects of coping style and BRCA1 and BRCA2 test results on anxiety among women participating in genetic counseling and testing for breast and ovarian cancer risk.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthTercyak, Kenneth P., Lerman, Caryn, Peshkin, Beth N., Hughes, Chanita, Main, David, Isaacs, Claudine, Schwartz, Marc D.
Exercise duration and mood state: how much is enough to feel better?(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthHansen, Cheryl J., Stevens, Larry C., Coast, J. Richard
Expectancy-value constructs and expectancy violation as predictors of exercise adherence in previously sedentary women.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthSears, Sharon R., Stanton, Annette L.
Explaining retrospective reports of symptoms in patients undergoing chemotherapy: anxiety, initial symptom experience, and posttreatment symptoms.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthRabin, Carolyn, Ward, Sandra, Leventhal, Howard, Schmitz, Mark
From adolescence to adulthood: age-related changes in beliefs about cigarette smoking in a midwestern community sample.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthChassin, Laurie, Presson, Clark C., Sherman, Steven J., Rose, Jennifer S.
Functional impairment, marital quality, and patient psychological distress as predictors of psychological distress among cancer patients' spouses.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthFang, Carolyn Y., Manne, Sharon L., Pape, Stephen J.
Health locus of control in late life: a study of genetic and environmental influences in twins aged 80 years and older.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthPedersen, Nancy L., Johansson, Boo, Plomin, Robert, Ahern, Frank, Grant, Julia D., Berg, Stig, McClearn, Gerald E.
Identifying trajectories of adolescent smoking: an application of latent growth mixture modeling.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthFlay, Brian R., Colder, Craig R., Balanda, Kevin, Mayhew, Kathryn P., Pentz, Mary Ann, Mehta, Paras, Campbell, Richard T., Stanton, Warren R.
Long-term effects of educational and peer discussion group interventions on adjustment to breast cancer.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthHelgeson, Vicki S., Cohen, Sheldon, Schulz, Richard, Yasko, Joyce
Negative affect and sexual risk behavior: comment on Crepaz and Marks (2001).(Nicole Crepaz and Gary Marks in this issue)(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthKalichman, Seth C., Weinhardt, Lance
Persistent symptoms among survivors of Hodgkin's Disease: an explanatory model based on classical conditioning.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthCooper, M. Robert, Cameron, Christine L., Herndon, James E., II, Henderson, Edward, Leone, Louis, Peterson, Bruce A., Cella, David, Kornblith, Alice B., Zuckerman, Enid, Weiss, Raymond B., Silver, Richard T., Canellos, George P., Holland, Jimmie
Physician-assisted dying: review of issues and roles for health psychologists.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthSears, Sharon R., Stanton, Annette L.
Posttraumatic growth following breast cancer: a controlled comparison study.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthCordova, Matthew J., Cunningham, Lauren L. C., Carlson, Charles R., Andrykowski, Michael A.
Projection in surrogate decisions about life-sustaining medical treatments.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthFagerlin, Angela, Ditto, Peter H., Danks, Joseph H., Houts, Renate M., Smucker, William D.
Psychological factors and depressive symptoms in ischemic heart disease.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthShnek, Zachary M., Irvine, Jane, Stewart, Donna, Abbey, Susan
Psychological interventions and the immune system: a meta-analytic review and critique.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthCohen, Sheldon, Miller, Gregory E.
Psychometric evaluation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II with primary care medical patients.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthArnau, Randolph C., Meagher, Mary W., Norris, Margaret P., Bramson, Rachel
Reasons for quitting smoking among low-income African American smokers.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthMcBride, Colleen M., Bepler, Gerold, Samsa, Gregory P., Pollak, Kathryn I., Lyna, Pauline, Lipkus, Isaac M.
Repressive adaptation in children with cancer: a replication and extension.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthPhipps, Sean, Steele, Ric G., Hall, Kim, Leigh, Laurie
Self-organization of alcohol-related attitudes and beliefs in a campus housing complex: an initial investigation.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthBourgeois, Martin J., Bowen, Anne
Sex differences in predictors of adolescent smoking cessation.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthEllickson, Phyllis L., Tucker, Joan S., Klein, David J.
Smoking and moods in adolescents with depressive and aggressive dispositions: evidence from surveys and electronic diaries.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthHenker, Barbara, Whalen, Carol K., Jammer, Larry D., Delfino, Ralph J.
Social-cognitive theory mediators of behavior change in the National Institute of Mental Health Multisite HIV Prevention Trial.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental health 
Social relationships, social support, and patterns of cognitive aging in healthy, high-functioning older adults: MacArthur Studies of Successful Aging.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthSeeman, Teresa E., Albert, Marilyn, Lusignolo, Tina M., Berkman, Lisa
Statistical power of articles published in three health psychology-related journals.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthMaddock, Jason E., Rossi, Joseph S.
Telephone versus mail interventions for maintenance of physical activity in older adults.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthKing, Abby C., Brassington, Glenn S., Castro, Cynthia M.
The effects of message framing and ethnic targeting on mammography use among low-income women.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthRothman, Alexander J., Schneider, Tamera R., Salovey, Peter, Apanovitch, Anne Marie, Pizarro, Judith, McCarthy, Danielle, Zullo, Janet
The effects of racial stressors and hostility on cardiovascular reactivity in African American and Caucasian men.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthFang, Carolyn Y., Myers, Hector F.
The influence of school environment and self-regulation on transitions between staged of cigarette smoking: a multilevel analysis.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthClayton, Richard R., Novak, Scott P.
The nature of the association between diet and serum lipids in the community: a twin study.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthWing, Rena R., Manuck, Stephen B., McCaffery, Jeanne M., Pouge-Geile, Michael F., Debski, Thomas T., Muldoon, Matthew F.
The role of behavioral experience in judging risks.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthHalpern-Felsher, Bonnie L., Millstein, Susan G., Adler, Nancy E., Ellen, Jonathan M., Tschann, Jeanne M., Biehl, Michael
Women's beliefs about the prevalence of premenstrual syndrome and biases in recall of premenstrual changes.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthMarvan, Maria Lusia, Cortes-Iniestra, Sandra
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