Health Psychology 1999 - Abstracts

Health Psychology 1999
A cholesterol-lowering diet does not produce adverse psychological effects in children: three-year results from the dietary intervention study in children.Psychology and mental healthLavigne, John V., Stevens, Victor J., Brown, Kathleen M., Gidding, Samuel, Ewart, Craig, Evans, Marguerite, von Almen, T. Kristian, Weil, Connie
A comparative test of the theory of reasoned action and the theory of planned behavior in the prediction of condom use intentions in a national sample of English young people.Psychology and mental healthSutton, Stephen, McVey, Dominic, Glanz, Alan
A dental fear typology of oral surgery patients: matching patients to anxiety interventions.Psychology and mental healthLitt, Mark D., Shafer, David, Kalinowski, Lori
Adjustment to multiple sclerosis: application of a stress and coping model.Psychology and mental healthPakenham, Kenneth I.
Age and food preferences influence dietary intakes of breast care patients.Psychology and mental healthDrewnowski, Adam, Ruffin, Mark, Henderson, Susan Ahlstrom, Hann, Clayton S., Barrett-Fornell, Anne
A genetic association for cigarette smoking behavior.(Genetics and Smoking)Psychology and mental healthMurphy, Dennis L., Nelson, Mark L., Marcus, Stephen E., Brody, Cindy L., Hamer, Dean, Fisher, Craig, Sabol, Sue Z., Gunzerath, Lorraine, Hu, Stella, Sirota, Leo A., Greenberg, Benjamin D., Lucas, Frank R., IV, Benjamin, Jonathan
A meta-analysis of psychoeducational programs for coronary heart disease patients.Psychology and mental healthDusseldorp, Elise, Elderen, Therese van, Maes, Stan, Meulman, Jacqueline, Kraaij, Vivian
Applicability of cognitive adaptation theory to predicting adjustment to heart disease after coronary angioplasty.Psychology and mental healthHelgeson, Vicki S.
Assessment of irrational health beliefs: relation to health practices and medical regimen adherence.Psychology and mental healthChristensen, Alan J., Wiebe, John S., Moran, Patricia J.
Association of negative and positive social ties with fibrinogen levels in young women.Psychology and mental healthSwan, Pamela D., Davis, Mary C.
A thermal vascular test for distinguishing between patients with Raynaud's Phenomenon and healthy controls.Psychology and mental healthThompson, Bruce, Freedman, Robert R., Jennings, J. Richard, Kaufmann, Peter G., Wise, Robert, Canner, Joseph, Maricq, Hildegard R.
Avoidance as a predictor of the biological course of HIV infection over a 7-year period in gay men.Psychology and mental healthAntoni, Michael H., Sandfort, Theo G.M., Griensven, Godfried J.P. van, Mulder, Cornelis L., de Vroome, Ernest M.M.
Body fat distribution and hemodynamic stress responses in premenopausal obese women: a preliminary study.Psychology and mental healthSwan, Pamela D., Davis, Mary C., Hamilton, Nancy A., Twamley, Elizabeth W.
Caffeine attenuates vasovagal reactions in female first-time blood donors.Psychology and mental healthFrance, Christopher R., Sauer, Lori A.
Cardiovascular reactivity and central adiposity in older African Americans.Psychology and mental healthToth, Michael J., Poehlman, Eric T., Waldstein, Shari R., Burns, Halina O.
Comparative study of distraction versus topical anesthesia for pediatric pain management during immunizations.Psychology and mental healthCohen, Lindsey L., Cohen, Rachelle Jansevics, Blount, Ronald L., Schaen, Elizabeth R., Zaff, Jon F.
Concerns about breast cancer and relations to psychosocial well-being in a multiethnic sample of early-stage patients.Psychology and mental healthAntoni, Michael H., Ironson, Gail, Lehman, Jessica M., Carver, Charles S., Derhagopian, Robert P., Spencer, Stacie M., Wynings, Christina, Arena, Patricia, Love, Neil
Congnitive influences on health symptoms from acute chemical exposure.Psychology and mental healthDalton, Pamela
Correlates of physical activity in a national sample of girls and boys in grades 4 through 12.Psychology and mental healthSallis, James F., Prochaska, Judith J., Taylor, Wendell C., Hill, James O., Geraci, John C.
Distress, personality, and mammography utilization among women with a family history of breast cancer.Psychology and mental healthSchwartz, Marc D., Siegel, Jamie E., Lamdan, Ruth M., Taylor, Kathryn L., Moran, Karen
Domestically violent and nonviolent male inmates' responses to their partners' requests for condom use: testing a social-information processing model.Psychology and mental healthO'Leary, Ann, Labouvie, Erich, Neighbors, Charles J.
Do processes of change predict smoking stage movements? A prospective analysis of the transtheoretical model.Psychology and mental healthEmmons, Karen M., Linnan, Laura A., Abrams, David B., Shadel, William G., Herzog, Thaddeus A.
Eating orientation, postcessation weight gain, and continued abstinence among female smokers receiving an unsolicited smoking cessation intervention.Psychology and mental healthHudmon, Karen Suchanek, Gritz, Ellen R., Nisenbaum, Rosane, Clayton, Serena
Effects of hostility on ambulatory blood pressure and mood during daily living in healthy adults.Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Owens, Jane F., Raikkonen, Katri, Flory, Janine D.
Evidence suggesting the role of specific genetic factors in cigarette smoking.(Genetics and Smoking)Psychology and mental healthLerman, Caryn, Main, David, Shields, Peter G., Caporaso, Neil E., Audrain, Janet, Bowman, Elise D., Boyd, Neal R., Lockshin, Benjamin
Genetic and behavioral risk factors for self-reported joint pain among a population-based sample of Swedish twins.Psychology and mental healthPedersen, Nancy L., Charles, Susan Turk, Dahlberg, Leif
How can obese weight controllers minimize weight gain during the high risk holiday season? By self-monitoring very consistently.Psychology and mental healthBoutelle, Kerri N., Baker, Raymond C., Kirschenbaum, Daniel S., Mitchell, M. Ellen
Improving adjustment to chronic illness through strategic self-preservation: an experimental study on a renal dialysis unit.Psychology and mental healthFriend, Ronald, Leake, Robin, Wadhwa, Nand
Interactive versus noninteractive interventions and dose-response relationships for stage-matched smoking cessation programs in a managed care setting.Psychology and mental healthVelicer, Wayne F., Fava, Joseph L., Prochaska, James O., Rossi, Joseph S., Laforge, Robert G.
Knowledge and perceived risk of major diseases in middle-aged and older women.Psychology and mental healthWilcox, Sara, Stefanick, Marcia L.
Lipid reactivity to stress: biological and behavioral influences.(Part Two)Psychology and mental healthNiaura, Raymond, Marcus, Bess, Bausserman, Linda, Stoney, Catherine M., Flynn, Mary
Lipid reactivity to stress: comparison of chronic and acute stress responses in middle-aged airline pilots.(Part One)Psychology and mental healthMatacin, Mala, Niaura, Raymond, Bausserman, Linda, Stoney, Catherine M.
Manipulating self-efficacy in the exercise environment in women: influences on affective responses.Psychology and mental healthMcAuley, Edward, Talbot, Heidi-Mai, Martinez, Suzanne
Message framing and sunscreen use: gain-framed messages motivate beach-goers.Psychology and mental healthRothman, Alexander J., Salovey, Peter, Pronin, Emily, Detweiler, Jerusha B., Bedell, Brian T.
Modeling relationships among socioeconomic status, hostility, cardiovascular reactivity, and left ventricular mass in African American and White children.Psychology and mental healthMatthews, Karen A., Gump, Brooks B., Raikkonen, Katri
Motivations for condom use: do pregnancy prevention goals undermine disease prevention among heterosexual young adults?Psychology and mental healthCooper, M. Lynne, Agocha, V. Bede, Powers, Anne M.
Negative HIV-specific expectancies and AIDS-related bereavement as predictors of symptom onset in asymptomatic HIV-positive gay men.Psychology and mental healthVisscher, Barbara R., Taylor, Shelley E., Reed, Geoffrey M., Kemeny, Margaret E.
Neurodevelopmental outcomes of Ugandan infants with HIV infection: an application of growth curve analysis.Psychology and mental healthSvilar, Grace, Wiznitzer, Max, Drotar, Dennis, Schatschneider, Chris, Hom, David, Olness, Karen, Marum, Lawrence, Guay, Laura, Fagan, Joseph, Ndugwa, Christopher, Mayengo, Rebecca Kiziri
Neuroticism, symptom presentation, and medical decision making.Psychology and mental healthEllington, Lee, Wiebe, Deborah J.
Occupational health psychology: historical roots and future directions.Psychology and mental healthQuick, James Campbell
Of needles and skinned knees: children's coping with medical procedures and minor injuries for self and other.Psychology and mental healthPeterson, Lizette, Saldana, Lisa, Crowson, Jeffrey, Holdridge, Sean
Oral contraceptive use and hemodynamic, lipid, and fibrinogen responses to smoking and stress in women.Psychology and mental healthDavis, Mary C.
Peer and adolescent substance use among 6th-9th graders: latent growth analyses of influence versus selection mechanisms.Psychology and mental healthWills, Thomas Ashby, Cleary, Sean D.
Perception of cognitive function in older adults following coronary artery bypass surgery.Psychology and mental healthMark, Daniel B., Newman, Mark, Blumenthal, James A., Babyak, Michael, Khatri, Parinda, Clancy, Carolina, Davis, Rebecca, Croughwell, Narda, Reves, J.G.
Potassium supplementation induces beneficial cardiovascular changes during rest and stress in salt sensitive individuals.Psychology and mental healthLight, Kathleen C., Brownley, Kimberly A., West, Sheila G., Hinderliter, Alan L., Stanwyck, Catherine L., Bragdon, Edith E.
Psychological adaptation and birth outcomes: the role of personal resources, stress, and sociocultural context in pregnancy.Psychology and mental healthWadhwa, Pathik D., Dunkel-Schetter, Christine, Sandman, Curt A., Rini, Christine Killingsworth
Psychological adjustment in breast cancer: processes of emotional distress.Psychology and mental healthCompas, Bruce E., Epping-Jordan, JoAnne E., Osowiecki, Dana M., Oppedisano, Gerri, Gerhardt, Cynthia, Primo, Kari, Krag, David N.
Psychosocial factors and the development of breast cancer: a meta-analysis.Psychology and mental healthZevon, Michael A., Rounds, James, McKenna, Molly C., Corn, Barbara
Psychosocial mediators of racial differences in nighttime blood pressure dipping among normotensive adults.Psychology and mental healthKamarck, Thomas W., Ituarte, Philip H.G., Thompson, Hayley S., Bacanu, Silviu
Psychosocial predictors of delay of first sexual intercourse by adolescents.Psychology and mental healthChan, Wenyaw, Parcel, Guy S., Kirby, Douglas, Carvajal, Scott C., Banspach, Stephen W., Basen-Engquist, Karen, Coyle, Karin K.
Psychosocial predictors of natural killer cell mobilization during marital conflict.Psychology and mental healthMiller, Gregory E., Myers, Hector F., Fahey, John L., Dopp, Joel M., Stevens, Suzanne Y.
Psychosocial stress and social support are associated with prostate-specific antigen levels in men: results from a community screening program.Psychology and mental healthStone, Arthur A., Mezzacappa, Elizabeth S., Donatone, Brooke A., Gonder, Maury
Rate of sedentary activities determines the reinforcing value of physical activity.Psychology and mental healthEpstein, Leonard H., Saelens, Brian E.
Reinforcing value of physical activity as a determinant of child activity level.Psychology and mental healthEpstein, Leonard H., Paluch, Rocco A., Kilanowski, Colleen K., Consalvi, Angela R.
Relations of diabetes intrusiveness and personal control to symptoms of depression among adults with diabetes.Psychology and mental healthNouwen, Arie, Talbot, France, Gingras, Julie, Belanger, Andre, Audet, Jean
Role of relationship context in influencing college students' responsiveness to HIV prevention video.Psychology and mental healthSanderson, Catherine A.
Self-blame attributions in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer: a prospective study of psychological adjustment.Psychology and mental healthCompas, Bruce E., Glinder, Judith G.
Self-efficacy and disclosure of HIV-positive serostatus to sex partners.Psychology and mental healthKalichman, Seth C., Nachimson, Dena
Social comparison and adjustment to breast cancer: an exerimental examination of upward affiliation and downward evaluation.Psychology and mental healthCameron, Christine L., Stanton, Annette L., Danoff-Burg, Sharon, Kirk, Sarah B., Snider, Pamela R.
Social control in personal relationships: impact on health behaviors and psychological distress.Psychology and mental healthRook, Karen S., Lewis, Megan A.
Specific worry about breast cancer predicts mammography use in women at risk for breast and ovarian cancer.Psychology and mental healthMiller, Suzanne M., Daly, Mary B., Diefenbach, Michael A.
Stage of change as a predictor of success in weight control in adult women.Psychology and mental healthJeffery, Robert W., Rothman, Alexander J., French, Simone A.
Teaching coping skills enhances quality of life more than peer support: results of a randomized trial with multiple sclerosis patients.Psychology and mental healthSchwartz, Carolyn E.
Temporomandibular disorders: evidence for significant overlap with psychopathology.Psychology and mental healthGatchel, Robert J., Kight, Mary, Wesley, LaVonne
The patient exit interview as an assessment of physician-delivered smoking intervention: a validation study.Psychology and mental healthOckene, Judith K., Hebert, James R., Pbert, Lori, Adams, Abigail, Quirk,Mark, Luippold, Rose S.
The psychosocial impact of multiple sclerosis: exploring the patient's perspective.Psychology and mental healthMohr, David C., Dick, Leah P., Russo, David, Pinn, Jodi, Boudewyn, Arne C., Likosky, William, Goodkin, Donald E.
The short-term effects of a hostility-reduction intervention on male coronary heart disease patients.Psychology and mental healthDavidson, Karina, Gidron, Yori, Bata, Iqbal
The theory of planned behavior and smoking cessation.Psychology and mental healthConner, Mark, Norman, Paul, Bell, Russell
The World Health Organization WHOQOL-100: tests of the universality of quality of life in 15 different cultural groups worldwide.Psychology and mental healthPower, M., Harper, A., Bulinger, M.
Traumatic stress, life events, and emotional support in women with metastatic breast cancer: cancer-related traumatic stress symptoms associated wtih past and current stressors.Psychology and mental healthKoopman, Cheryl, Spiegel, David, Butler, Lisa, Classen, Catherine
Underreporting sensitive behaviors: the case of young women's willingness to report abortion.Psychology and mental healthAdler, Nancy E., Tschann, Jeanne M., Smith, Lauren B.
Understanding how people process health information: a comparison of tailored and nontailored weight-loss materials.Psychology and mental healthClark, Eddie M., Kreuter, Matthew W., Bull, Fiona C., Oswald, Debra L.
Understanding the unprotected sexual behaviors of gay, lesbian, and bisexual youths: an empirical test of the cognitive-environmental model.Psychology and mental healthRosario, Margaret, Hunter, Joyce, Mahler, Karen, Gwadz, Marya
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