Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2001 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2001
Classifying lust: the seventeenth-century vogue for male love.(China)Regional focus/area studiesVolpp, Sophie
Grappling with Chinese writing as a material language: Ogyu Sorai's 'Yakubunsentei.'Regional focus/area studiesPastreich, Emanuel
Li Hsin-ch'uan and the historical image of late Sung 'tao-hsueh'.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesHartman, Charles
Ming-period evidence of Shaolin martial procedure.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesShahar, Meir
Reproduction in the 'Shijing' (Classic of Poetry).(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesOwen, Stephen
Striving for completeness: Quan Deyu and the evolution of the Tang intellectual mainstream.Regional focus/area studiesDeBlasi, Anthony
The rise of local history: history, geography, and culture in Southern Song and Yuan Wuzhou.Regional focus/area studiesBol, Peter K.
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