Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1997 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1997
A petition for a popularly chosen council of government in Tosa in 1787. (government in Japan during the Edo period)Regional focus/area studiesRoberts, Luke S.
Eros, introversion, and the beginnings of 'Shijing' commentary. (China)Regional focus/area studiesRiegel, Jeffrey
Heroic honor: Chikamatsu and the samurai ideal. (Japanese dramatist Chikamatsu Monzaemon)Regional focus/area studiesGerstle, C. Andrew
In search of critical space: the path to monogatari criticism in the 'Mumyozoshi.' (Japan)Regional focus/area studiesRohlich, Thomas H.
Nature and artifice: debates in late Warring States China concerning the creation of culture.Regional focus/area studiesPuett, Michael
Playing with food: performance, food, and the aesthetics of artificiality in the Sung and Yuan. (China)Regional focus/area studiesWest, Stephen H.
Repetition, rhyme, and exchange in the 'Book of Odes.' (classical Chinese poetry)Regional focus/area studiesSaussy, Haun
Ritsuryo Confucianism. (influence of Chinese Confucian political thought on ancient Japanese legal codes)Regional focus/area studiesHolcombe, Charles
The controversy over music and "sadness" and changing conceptions of the 'qin' in middle period China. (zither)Regional focus/area studiesEgan, Ronald
The life-style of four wenren in late Qing Shanghai. (lives of four Chinese intellectuals during the 19th and early 20th centuries)Regional focus/area studiesYeh, Catherine Vance
The Meiji woman writer "amidst a forest of beards." (Japanese literature during the Meiji period)Regional focus/area studiesCopeland, Rebecca L.
The Wanli context of the "Courtesan's Jewel Box" story. (China)Regional focus/area studiesBarr, Allan H.
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