Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1996 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 1996
Bridges to nowhere: Yasuda Yojuro's language of violence and desire.Regional focus/area studiesTansman, Alan
Getting there from here: locating the subject in early Chinese poetics.Regional focus/area studiesVarsano, Paula M.
Having it both ways: manors and manners in Bai Juyi's poetry.Regional focus/area studiesYang, Xiaoshan
Izumi Kyoka and language. (Japanese fiction)Regional focus/area studiesInouye, Charles Shiro
Putting the "fox" back in the 'Wild Fox Koan': the intersection of philosophical and popular religious elements in the Ch'an/Zen koan tradition. (includes translation of 'Pai-chang and the Wild Fox' with prose and verse commentaries)Regional focus/area studiesHeine, Steven
Song dynasty local gazetteers and their place in the history of difangzhi writing. (includes appendix from 1076-1272)Regional focus/area studiesHargett, James M.
The "emergence of the Samurai" and the military history of early Japan.Regional focus/area studiesCollcutt, Martin
The Huanduzhai of Hangzhou and Suzhou: a study in seventeenth-century publishing.Regional focus/area studiesWidmer, Ellen
The intersection of politics and thought in Ryukyuan Confucianism: Sai On's uses of quan.Regional focus/area studiesSmits, Gregory
The Suwa Pillar Festival revisited. (Japanese Shinto shrine)Regional focus/area studiesGerbert, Elaine
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