Group & Organization Studies 1989 - Abstracts

Group & Organization Studies 1989
Adhering to organizational culture: what does it mean? Why does it matter?Psychology and mental healthMorley, Donald Dean, Shockley-Zalabak, Pamela
A note on Leiter's study. (see Group and Organization Studies, 13, 111-128.)Psychology and mental healthGolembiewski, Robert T.
Are androgynous managers really more effective?Psychology and mental healthBaril, Galen L., Elbert, Nancy, Mahar-Potter, Sharon, Reavy, George C.
Assessing the effectiveness of strategy consultants.Psychology and mental healthGinsberg, Ari
Comparison of managerial communication patterns in small, entrepreneurial organizations and large, mature organizations.Psychology and mental healthSmeltzer, Larry R., Fann, Gail L.
Conceptual implications of two models of burnout: a response to Golembiewski.Psychology and mental healthLeiter, Michael P.
Contextual and internal variables affecting task group outcomes in organizations.Psychology and mental healthBushe, Gervase R., Johnson, A. Lea
Determinants of the institutionalization of planned organizational change.Psychology and mental healthBuller, Paul F., McEvoy, Glenn M.
Faculty career strategies preferred by university administrators and faculty.Psychology and mental healthLewis, Kathryn E., Bierly, Margaret M.
Intercultural assessment of performance feedback.Psychology and mental healthEarley, P. Christopher, Stubblebine, Patrick
Mentoring and other communication support in the academic setting.Psychology and mental healthHill, Susan E. Kogler, Bahniuk, Margaret Hilton, Dobos, Jean, Rouner, Donna
Myths and politics in organizational contexts.Psychology and mental healthFedor, Donald B., Ferris, Gerald R., Pondy, Louis R., Chachere, J. Gregory
Organizational life cycles in banking.Psychology and mental healthMetzger, Robert O.
Organization development scene in Asia: the case of Singapore.Psychology and mental healthPutti, Joseph M.
Participative decision making: comparing union-management and management-designed incentive pay programs.Psychology and mental healthSchwarz, Roger M.
Pat on the back versus kick in the pants: an application of cognitive inference to the study of leader reward and punishment behaviors.Psychology and mental healthKorukonda, Appa Rao, Hunt, James G.
Performance appraisal systems: matching practice with theory.Psychology and mental healthPosner, Barry Z., Hall, James L., Harder, Joseph W.
Promise and prospects: the case of the alpha, beta, gamma change typology.Psychology and mental healthArmenakis, Achilles A., Bedeian, Arthur G.
Responses to the alpha, beta, gamma change typology: cultural resistance to change.Psychology and mental healthTennis, Christopher N.
Signaling participation through relational communication: a test of the leader interpersonal influence model.Psychology and mental healthSorenson, Ritch L., Savage, Grant T.
Situational leadership theory: a test of leadership prescriptions.Psychology and mental healthMcGee, Gail W., Goodson, Jane R., Cashman, James F.
Technical supervision and turnover among engineers and technicians: influencing factors in the work environment.Psychology and mental healthSherman, J. Daniel
The alpha, beta, gamma change typology: perspectives on acceptance as well as resistance.Psychology and mental healthGolembiewski, Robert T.
The 'good manager': did androgyny fare better in the 1980s?Psychology and mental healthPowell, Gary N., Butterfield, D. Anthony
The impact of purpose, participant preconceptions, and rating level on the acceptance of peer evaluations.Psychology and mental healthFedor, Donald B., Bettenhausen, Kenneth L.
The relationship between job security and employee health.Psychology and mental healthKuhnert, Karl W., Sims, Ronald R., Lahey, Mary Anne
Toward a phase model of burnout: some conceptual and methodological concerns.Psychology and mental healthBurke, Ronald J.
Using imagery to facilitate organizational development and change.Psychology and mental healthHowe, Maurice A.
Visions of current and future issues in organization development.Psychology and mental healthBrown-Hinckley, Beverly P.
Who wants participative management? The managerial perspective.Psychology and mental healthRoss, Timothy L., Ross, Ruth Ann, Collins, Denis
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