Government and Opposition 2003 - Abstracts

Government and Opposition 2003
Americans in the dark? -Recent Hollywood representations of the nation's history.GovernmentKing, Desmond
Being Canadian.GovernmentKymlicka, Will
Being Palestinian.GovernmentNabulsi, Karma
Curbing global warming the easy way: an alternative to the Kyoto Protocol.GovernmentVerweij, Marco
Democratization studies: citizenship and governance.GovernmentGrugel, Jean
'Fight the power': The politics of music and the music of politics.GovernmentStreet, John
From 'Normal Incidents' to political crises: Understanding the selective politicization of policy failures.GovernmentBrandstrom, Annika, Kuipers, Sanneke
Governing elites, external events and pro-democratic opposition in Hong Kong (1986-2002).GovernmentMing Sing
Japan's 'Un-Westminster' system: impediments to reform in a crisis economy.GovernmentMulgan, Aurelia George
Labour politics and democratic transition in South Korea and Taiwan.GovernmentBuchanan, Paul G., Nicholls, Kate
Legislative institutionalization: a bent analytical arrow?.GovernmentJudge, David
Local government reform in Britain 1997-2001: national forces and international trends.GovernmentCole, Michael
Rethinking postcommunist transition.GovernmentWhite, Stephen
September 11, anti-terror laws and civil liberties: Britain, France and Germany compared.GovernmentHaubrich, Dirk
South Africa's political futures.GovernmentButler, Anthony
'Taken at the flood'? The German general election 2002.GovernmentRoberts, Geoffrey K.
The International Criminal Court: reforming the politics of international justice.GovernmentEconomides, Spyros
The Slovak parliamentary election of September 2002: Its systemic importance.GovernmentPridham, Geoffrey
Unequal plurality: Towards an asymmetric power model of British politics.GovernmentRichards, David, Marsh, David, Smith, Martin
Won't get fooled again: the paranoid style in the national security state.GovernmentEllington, Thomas C.
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