Government and Opposition 1993 - Abstracts

Government and Opposition 1993
Foreign policy-making: reflections of a practitioner. (includes discussion) (The Interweaving of Foreign and Domestic Policy-Making)GovernmentCrowe, Brian L.
Globalization and the liberal democratic state. (includes discussion) (The Interweaving of Foreign and Domestic Policy-Making)GovernmentHeld, David, McGrew, Anthony
Her Majesty the Queen. (reflections on the 41st anniversary of Elizabeth II's accession)GovernmentIonescu, Ghita
International economic cooperation revisited. (in relation to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)GovernmentHenderson, David
Italy: a clean-up after the cold war.GovernmentSidoti, Franceso
Karl Deutsch: a memoir. (European-born American political scientist and academic)GovernmentBeer, Samuel H.
Letter from America via Paris. (comparison of culture and politics in France and the U.S.)GovernmentBarber, Benjamin R.
Letter from France after the referendum of 20 September. (1992 referendum on the Maastricht Treaty for European union)GovernmentDreyfus, F.G.
Political science, political theory and policy-making in an interdependent world. (includes discussion) (The Interweaving of Foreign and Domestic Policy-Making)GovernmentDunn, John
Stable or fragile democracy? Political cleavages and party system in Hungary. (The Crisis of Marxism-Leninism, part 13)GovernmentKorosenyi, Andras
Subsidiarity as a guiding principle for European Community activities. (includes discussion) ( The Interweaving of Foreign and Domestic Policy-Making)GovernmentNeunreither, Karlheinz
Technical change: political options and imperatives. (includes discussion) (The Interweaving of Foreign and Domestic Policy-Making)GovernmentWilliams, Roger
The 1992 US elections.GovernmentNorris, Pippa
The Bharatiya Janata Party of India.GovernmentAustin, Dennis, Lyon, Peter
The deeper meanings of Mr Major's second victory. (British Prime Minister John Major's victory in the sixth months rotating presidency of the E.C.)GovernmentIonescu, Ghita
The effects of globalization and turbulence on policy-making processes. (includes discussion) (The Interweaving of Foreign and Domestic Policy-Making)GovernmentCampanella, Miriam L.
The impact of the information revolution on parliamentary sovereignties. (includes discussion) (The Interweaving of Foreign and Domestic Policy-Making)GovernmentIonescu, Ghita
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