Franchise Law Journal 2003 - Abstracts

Franchise Law Journal 2003
Burger King Corporation v. Hinton, Inc.: are lost future profits disappearing?LawEinhorn, Robert M.
Closing the door on efforts to create a franchisor duty of competence.LawWilliams, Michael C., Berry, Douglas C., Byers, David M.
"Community of interest": clarity or confusion?LawFittante, Joseph J., Jr.
Market withdrawal: judges and juries aren't buying what terminated dealers are selling.LawLockerby, Michael J.
Some thoughts on settling franchise disputes.(Editorial)LawDunham, Edward Wood
What franchisors need to know about privacy rights, a safe harbor, and standard contractual clauses beofe exchanging personal information with Europeans.LawCannon, Charles B.
When conflicting principles collide: the uncharted boundary between fair competition and tortious conduct.LawShelley, Kevin M., Oppenheim, David W.
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