Franchise Law Journal 2001 - Abstracts

Franchise Law Journal 2001
Do franchisors need to rechart the course to Internet success?(Drug Emporium: The Reality of the Virtual.)LawKnack, Gaylen L., Bloodhart, Ann K.
Fair criticism, cyberlibel, and unlawful coordinated action over the Internet.LawMcIntosh, Scott
Franchise tying claims: revolution or just a "Kodak moment"?LawHillman, Allan P.
Franchisor liability for gender discrimination and sexual misconduct.LawBrimer, Jeffrey A., Bacon, Bryan C.
Good faith and fair dealing: on both sides of the border and virtually everywhere.(US and Canada)LawCostello, Kenneth, Levin, Benjamin A., Lockerby, Michael J.
Inside the Drug Emporium decision.(Drug Emporium: The Reality of the Virtual.)LawGarner, W. Michael
Item 19 earnings claims: a disclosure most franchisors should try to make.LawCahn, David L., Woods, Will K.
Liquidated damages provisions and the case for routine enforcement.LawLaFiura, Dennis R., Sager, David S.
Litigating the "monstrous heresy": punitive damage in franchise disputes.LawWolf, Jeffrey H.
Patent misuse in franchise agreements: a ripple on the waters of franchise law.LawMadson, Craig J.
Recovering lost future royalties in a franchise termination case.LawSchumacher, Joseph, Tomey, Kimberly
Securitization: an overlooked financing vehicle for franchisors.LawKaufmann, David J., Schorr, Brian L., Yarett, Jordan, Gimson, Curtis S.
The constitutionality of retroactive franchise laws.LawColeman, Ronald T., Jr., Darden, David B.
The FAA on a collision course with the unconscionability doctrine.(Federal Arbitration Act)LawMiller, Charles G., Hart, Darryl A.
The use of Daubert and its progeny to attack lost-profit claims.LawKennedy, Kevin M.
Thinking outside the "franchise law" box: Is our area of law special? Should it be?LawHaff, Jeffery S., Lochner, Nancy L.
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