Franchise Law Journal 1999 - Abstracts

Franchise Law Journal 1999
A critical analysis of the Small Business Franchise Act of 1998.LawWulff, Erik B.
Arbitration (and more).(survey of arbitration law)LawLevin, Benjamin A., Lockerby, Michael J., Costello, Kenneth R.
Extraterritorial application of FTC rule.(international franchise transactions)LawWieczorek, Dennis E., Feirman, Steven B.
Extraterritorial application of state law.LawBorges, Edward M.
Franchise laws in the age of electronic communication.(What Hath Technology Wrought?)LawFisher, Lane, Mullin, Cheryl L.
Franchise renewals: considerations for franchisors and franchisees.LawBecker, Theodore M., Boxerman, Michael J.
Franchisor involvement in real estate.LawModell, Charles S., Fittante, Joseph J., Jr.
Franchisors and the emergence of large, multiunit franchisees.LawDyhrkopp, Erik F., Kim, Andrew H.
Franchisor survival guide to online privacy.(What Hath Technology Wrought?)LawKoch, David W., Fuchs, Meredith
Good faith and fair dealing.(franchise law)LawKillion, William L., Sims, James R., III, Kaufmann, David J.
Meineke revisited: the specter of individual liability.(Broussard v. Meineke Discount Muffler Shops, Inc.; franchisor liability)LawAsbill, Richard M., Scott, W. Andrew
More misuse of integration agreements.(response to article in this issue to article by Peter C. Lagaria in this issue, p. 135)LawLagaria, Peter C.
New regulations for Australian franchising.LawZumbo, Frank
Proving entitlement to preliminary injunctions against franchisees.LawColdwell, Deborah S., Brumbaugh, Kay Lynn
Reducing legal risk and avoiding employment discrimination claims.(franchises)LawSwallows, Beverly Bryan
The FTC Act and the franchise disclosure rule in Nieman v. Dryclean U.S.A. Franchise Company.LawSchackmann, Terry W., Barker, Clayton L.
The FTC rule and the PMPA: an uncertain alliance.(Petroleum Marketing Practices Act)LawGilbert, Jan S.
The sounds of silence in the franchise agreement.(implied covenants of good faith and fair dealing)LawZarco, Robert, Ashe, Lawrence V.
Understanding the value of integration clauses.(response to Peter C. Lagarias, Franchise Law Journal, vol. 18, p. 3, 1998)LawDavis, Dwight J., Reichman, Courtland
Using the Lanham Act to ward off preliminary injunctions.LawCasagrande, Thomas L.
When should a confidentiality agreement contain a time limit?(franchise law)LawStevens, Linda K.
Who owns goodwill at the franchised location?LawLevin, Benjamin A., Morrison, Richard S.
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