Franchise Law Journal 1995 - Abstracts

Franchise Law Journal 1995
Addressing the threat of punitive damages claims in franchise and dealer litigation.LawMcLaughlin, Mark, Rubinstein, Javier H.
An update on choice of law in franchise agreements: a trend toward unenforceability and limited application.LawBauch, Reva S.
Application of U.S. franchise laws to international franchise sales.LawBaer, John R., Costello, Kenneth R., Duvall, Gary R., Mazero, Joyce G., Wulff, Erik B.
Charting courses in the debate over mandatory earnings claims. (franchises)LawSpandorf, Rochelle B.
Choice of law in franchise relationships: staying within bounds.LawPitegoff, Thomas M.
Copyright and the franchise.LawConison, Jay
Defeating requests for preliminary injunctive relief in franchise termination cases.LawBerkowitz, William N.
Does a franchisor have a duty to prevent criminal activity?LawLambert, Kim A., Dienelt, John, Becnel, Larry
Earnings information a basis for claims.LawLambert, Kim A., Dienelt, John, Becnel, Larry
Financial statement requirements for state franchise registrations.LawLambert, Kim A.
Franchising and the Civil Code of Quebec.LawFloriani, Bruno, Gauthier, Anne-Marie
International franchising: suggestions for compliance.LawLoewinger, Andrew P.
Just what is The Franchise Fraud? The franchisee trust as a tool.(reply to Rupert Barkoff, p. 62, and Ellen Lokker, p. 59, in Franchise Law Journal, vol. 14, Winter 1995)(Letter to the Editor)LawPurvin, Robert L., Jr.
New Jersey Franchise Practices Act survives constitutional challenge.LawLambert, Kim A., Dienelt, John, Becnel, Larry
The case against. (Mandatory Earnings Claim Disclosure)LawKaufmann, David J.
The case for. (Mandatory Earnings Claim Disclosure)LawSelden, Andrew C.
The Iowa Franchise Law: 1995 amendments and some proposals for 1996.LawWieczorek, Dennis E.
The use of litigation trusts to fund franchise lawsuits.LawLokker, Ellen R.
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