Franchise Law Journal 1992 - Abstracts

Franchise Law Journal 1992
Aspects of systemwide discontent: learning to live together, avoiding divorce. (franchising)LawCovatta, Anthony G.
Chair's column. (new chair of ABA Forum on Franchising)LawLowell, H. Bret
Comments on Federal Franchise Disclosure and Relationship Bills. (Roundtable on Proposed Federal Franchise Legislation)LawLowell, H. Bret
Comments on proposed federal regulation of franchising. (Roundtable on Proposed Federal Franchise Legislation)LawPurvin, Robert L., Jr.
Franchise commentary. (Roundtable on Proposed Federal Franchise Legislation)LawAsbill, Richard M.
Franchising in the Canadian courts.LawZaid, Frank
In land mark decision, Supreme Court holds trade dress to be protected without proof of secondary meaning.LawLambert, Kim A., Loewinger, Andrew P.
Kodak decision revitalizes tying claims.LawMcDavid, Janet L.
LaFalce proposals challenge franchising. (John LaFalce) (Roundtable on Proposed Federal Franchise Legislation)LawSelden, Andrew C.
Live by the sword.... (Roundtable on Proposed Federal Franchise Legislation) (Editorial)LawGarner, W. Michael
Looking forward. (future of franchising law) (Editorial)LawGarner, W. Michael
New Iowa franchise law: franchisors (and franchisees) beware.LawGoodhard, Kim A.
One franchisee lawyer's comments on Congressman LaFalce's proposed federal franchise legislation. (John LaFalce) (Roundtable on Proposed Federal Franchise Legislation)LawDady, J. Michael
Representing the prospective franchisee.LawHurwitz, Ann
Some remarks on the Federal Fair Franchise Practices Act. (Roundtable on Proposed Federal Franchise Legislation)LawBlair, Roger D.
Summary of the LaFalce legislation. (federal franchise legislation proposed by Congressman John LaFalce, D-NY)Law 
Task force recommends self-regulation of franchising in Australia.LawLambert, Kim A., Loewinger, Andrew P.
The dreaded Scott decision - the status of enforcing post-termination non-competition covenants in California. (Scott v. Snelling & Snelling)LawRuvolo, Ignazio J., von Kaschnitz, Ingrid
The Supreme Court gives Two Pesos' worth - trade dress and the franchise trademark portfolio.LawPerry, E. Lynn
Ways to avoid being a franchise.LawPitegoff, Thomas M.
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