Fly Fisherman 2001 - Abstracts

Fly Fisherman 2001
Albie flies.(Fly Tier's Bench)(Albacore tuna)(Column)Sports and fitnessLindquist, Bob
Atlantic salmon: status.(Stream Watch)(Column)(Industry Overview)Sports and fitnessMarriner, Paul
Back to black: basic black fly patterns.Sports and fitnessStreeks, E. Neale
Bass without gas: floating for stripers in the Sacramento Delta.(California)(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessCutter, Ralph
Big Spring.(creek fouled by hatchery - Pennsylvania)(Editorial)Sports and fitness 
Boat tactics.Sports and fitnessStreeks, Neale
Borski's flies for Florida bonefish.(fly tier and artist Tim Borski)Sports and fitnessJennings, Walt
Catch-and-kill: a conservation ethic that can help preserve our fisheries.(Forum)(Column)Sports and fitnessTalbot, Ret
Catch-and-release consequences.(Forum)Sports and fitnessZacoi, Thomas Neil
Caught and released.(Seasonable Angler)(Column)Sports and fitnessEarnhardt, Tom
Colorado River sampler.Sports and fitnessPurnell, Ross
Discovering daphnia.Sports and fitnessTullis, Larry
Easy parachutes.(Fly Tier's Bench)(Column)Sports and fitnessSomerset, A.J.
Epoxy master class.(Improving Your Skills)(Column)(Cover Story)Sports and fitness 
Epoxy trout flies.(Fly Tier's Bench)(Column)Sports and fitnessSanchez, Scott
Farmington River hatcheries.(Connecticut)(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessPassante, Jeff
Fighting for Big Spring Creek.(Pennsylvania)Sports and fitnessBlack, Jack
Fishes for the west.(Stream Watch)(Column)Sports and fitnessBoyle, Robert H.
Fishing small dry flies: how to catch fish on small flies - without the headaches.Sports and fitnessBadovinac, Trapper
Florida fly-fishing quickies.(Winter Escapes)Sports and fitnessJennings, Walt
Foam on the range - special section: improving your skills.Sports and fitnessSanchez, Scott
Freshwater flies.(Improving Your Skills)(Column)Sports and fitnessSanchez, Scott
Gearing up.(breathable waders)Sports and fitnessHanyok, Philip
Gearing up.(new products)(Column)(Product Announcement)Sports and fitnessHanyok, Philip
Genetic hackle.(improving quality; includes related article on shopping for hackle)Sports and fitnessPurnell, Ross
Great Lakes steelhead.Sports and fitnessKustich, Rick
Harvey's new leader formula.(Improving Your Skills)(Column)Sports and fitnessHarvey, George
Hunting trophies in Alaska.(salmon, trout)Sports and fitnessGerlach, Rex
Isonychia: trout key on this insect hatching through the summer into fall.Sports and fitnessCaucci, Al
Jim Teeny: breaking new trails - nymphs and leeches.Sports and fitnessPark, Ed
Knots 101: use the right knots and tie them properly to stay connected to fish.(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessKreh, Lefty
Lake Texoma: stripers on the fly.(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessBlanton, Dan
Last dance.(Seasonable Angler)(chased by elk in Yellowstone)(Column)Sports and fitnessSchullery, Paul
Layering for comfort.(keeping moisture away from body)Sports and fitnessBristol, Diane
Let's improve the Delaware.(Forum)Sports and fitnessCaucci, Al
Limited entry: Montana considers restrictions on nonresident fishers.(Riffles & Runs)(Editorial)Sports and fitnessRandolph, John
Midge tactics for tailwater trout.Sports and fitnessPurnell, Ross
New rods 2001.(Buyers Guide)(Cover Story)(Industry Overview)(Product Announcement)Sports and fitnessHanyok, Philip
New Zealand mud snails.(Stream Watch)Sports and fitnessLemberg, Verne, Wiltshire, Bob
Nymphing without indicators.(Forum)(Column)Sports and fitnessMcLennan, Jim
One-fly guy: if you could only fish with one fly all day, which would it be?(Improving Your Skills)(Column)Sports and fitnessSanchez, Scott
Pondering PMDs.(Pale Morning Duns insects)Sports and fitnessHarrop, Rene
P.S. out fishing: a call for common courtesy on and off the stream.(Forum)(Column)Sports and fitnessKustich, Jerry
Rangy's stone nymph.(Fly Tier's Bench)Sports and fitnessLichvar, Len
Refining your double-haul.(Improving Your Skills)Sports and fitnessKreh, Lefty
Roaring Fork: a top-to-bottom tour of one of Colorado's finest freestoners.(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessPurnell, Ross
Russ Peak (1912-2001): 'Stradivarius of glass' pioneer in fly-rod design.(Obituary)Sports and fitnessSinger, Seymour R.
Seasonable angler.(Christian's Bones)Sports and fitnessHull, Jeff
Seasons on the Sound.(Long Island Sound)(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessMitchell, Ed
Spinning soft-hackles.(Fly-Tier's Bench)(Column)Sports and fitnessBerry, Pat
Spring Blue Quills: they set the table for early-spring dry-fly fishing.Sports and fitnessCaucci, Al
Stream smallmouth bass.(fly-rod gamefish)Sports and fitnessWhitlock, Dave
Summer hatches.(Riffles & Runs)(Column)Sports and fitnessRandolph, John
Tales of world-record giant tarpon.(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessHolland, Jim, Jr.
That rainbow: Wendy Gunn lands 34.5-inch wild rainbow.Sports and fitness 
The battle for Roanoke.(Stream Watch)(North Carolina)(Column)Sports and fitnessEarnhardt, Tom
The big four of little Rhody.(bonito, albacore, bluefish, and striped bass fishing in Rhode Island)Sports and fitnessKeer, Tom
The choice.(Seasonable Angler)(Column)Sports and fitnessThomas, Greg
The Clarion River revived.(Pennsylvania)Sports and fitnessStreet, John C.
The daughter also rises.(Seasonable Angler)(Column)Sports and fitnessKaminsky, Peter
The Delaware.(trout threatened)Sports and fitnessRandolph, John
The fishing of Caribou Creek.(Seasonable Angler)(Column)Sports and fitnessSchullery, Paul
The good old days.(new Montana fishing restrictions)(Forum)(Column)Sports and fitnessDecker, David
The South Fork of the Snake River.(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessLawson, Mike
The Yukon.(fishing in the Land of the Midnight Sun)Sports and fitnessRandolph, JOhn
Thread handling tops.Sports and fitnessClouser, Bob
Tiny-nymph tactics.Sports and fitnessRothrock, Dave
Walt Powell (1915-2001). Bamboo rod legend leaves legacy.(Obituary)Sports and fitnessStranahan, Chuck
Where the Eagle soars.(Eagle River, Colorado)Sports and fitnessPurnell, Ross
Winter escapes: the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Florida.Sports and fitnessRandolph, John
World record bluefin caught off North Carolina.Sports and fitness 
World record tarpon: 202.5 pounds.(Riffles & Runs)(Column)(Cover Story)Sports and fitnessRandolph, John
Yellowstone cutthroat denied endangered species listing.(trout)Sports and fitness 
Yong's special: the most sought-after secret in the west.(Fly Tier's Bench)(Column)Sports and fitnessTakahashi, Rick
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