Far Eastern Economic Review 2008 - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 2008
All eyes on the army but generals mark time.(From the Archives)(impacts of Benazir Bhutto's election on the Pakistan military)Business, internationalHusain Haqqani
Cambodia's flawed search for justice.(Cambodia)(flaws in war-crimes tribunal)Business, internationalLeslie Hook
China's complicit capitalists.Business, internationalKellee S. Tsai
China unlearns U.S. trade lessons.(Trade)Business, internationalVan Jackson
From tragedy comes a chance for Pakistan.(Pakistan)(effects of Benazir Bhutto's assassination)Business, internationalShaukat Qadir
India's new M&A mantra.(India)(merger and acquisition activities)Business, internationalAlina Bakunina
Manila's bungle in the South China Sea.(jurisdictional claims over South China Sea territory)Business, internationalBarry Wain
Mr. Yu's succession dilemma.(Column)Business, internationalBrian To
Private equity transforms China.(China)Business, internationalKen DeWoskin, Chris S. Cooper
Putin comes to shove in Asia.(Russia)(Vladimir Putin's policies to expand in Asia)Business, internationalCharles E. Ziegler
Sri Lanka's forgotten heroines.(Sri Lanka)Business, internationalMinh H. Pham
Sweating it out about Asean growth.(Integration)(economic growth in Asean countries)Business, internationalDavid Jay Green
The Far Eastern Economic Review's 2008 barometer of Asian development.(Barometer)Business, internationalHugo Restall, Alvino-Mario Fantini
Volcano reveals a murky Indonesia.(Indonesia)(Lapindo Brantas)Business, internationalSimon Montlake
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