Facts on File 1996 - Abstracts

Facts on File 1996
1990 census count upheld. (by the U.S. Supreme Court)(includes reaction to the decision)Business, general 
1995 corporate profits rose 49.2%.(includes table listing profits by industry)Business, general 
1996 presidential campaign: Forbes is chief target in Iowa debate. (Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes)Business, general 
Abortion: Clinton vetoes late-term method ban.Business, general 
Academy Awards. (68th annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards ceremony held Mar 25, 1996, honors best motion pictures)Business, general 
Affirmative action end in Georgia asked.Business, general 
AIDS: advances cited at meeting. (Third Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Washington D.C.)(includes related information)Business, general 
AIDS: FDA approves two new drugs. (ritonavir and indinavir)Business, general 
America Online sets Internet alliances.Business, general 
Arafat opens PNA Council; terrorism issue dampens moods. (Yasir Arafat; the Palestine National Authority's legislative session)Business, general 
Arafat registers sweeping electoral victory as Palestinian voters affirm peace process. (Yasir Arafat)Business, general 
A review of the top news stories of 1995.Business, general 
Arms-to-Iraq report released. (report on the UK's reversal of policy towards selling arms to Iraq)Business, general 
Arzu wins presidential runoff. (Guatemalan presidential candidate Alvaro Arzu Irigoyen)(includes biographical information about Arzu)Business, general 
Assisted suicide: federal court strikes down N.Y. ban. (New York state)Business, general 
Assisted suicide: Kevorkian acquitted in common-law case.(Dr. Jack Kevorkian)Business, general 
Assisted suicide: Kevorkian acquitted in two deaths. (Jack Kevorkian)Business, general 
'Atlantis,' Russian space station link.(includes related data on the 'Atlantis' space shuttle)Business, general 
Attack ads dominate S.C. debate. (negative advertising discussed by four leading Republican candidates in South Carolina primary debate)Business, general 
Attacks in Bosnian cities punctuate uneasy peace.(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Australia: Howard sets ministerial staff. (prime-minister elect John Howard; includes list of appointments)Business, general 
Australia: Tasmania massacre leaves 35 dead. (suspected gunman Martin Bryant arrested in Port Arthur, Tasmania)(Brief Article)Business, general 
Aviation: jet plunges into Everglades, killing 110.Business, general 
Aviation: seven-year-old pilot dies in plane crash.(Jessica Dubroff)(includes related article on child pilots)Business, general 
Aznar lacks majority in parliament. (Spanish Popular Party leader Jose Maria Aznar)Business, general 
Ballistic missile test-fired. (India)Business, general 
Baseball season opens.(includes contract and revenue-sharing news)Business, general 
Beazley confirmed as Labor leader. (Kim Beazley becomes Australia's new Labor Party leader)Business, general 
Biased crack prosecutions claim denied.(Supreme Court case on crack cocaine prosecution)Business, general 
Boeing ex-unit tied to Bahamas bribe. (de Havilland Inc.)Business, general 
Bosnia-Herzegovina: four charged with crimes against Serbs.Business, general 
Bosnia-Herzegovina: war-crime panel charges Serb general. (Djordje Djukic)Business, general 
Bosnian combatants reaffirm commitment to peace treaty at Rome conference. (conference in Rome, Italy)(includes related information)Business, general 
Bosnian enemies pull back from cease-fire line; Clinton visits U.S. troops.Business, general 
Bosnian Serb military withdraws from Sarajevo area. (Bosnia-Herzegovina)(includes news of other developments)Business, general 
Buchanan narrowly defeats Dole in New Hampshire primary; Alexander is close third. (presidential candidates Patrick Buchanan, Bob Dole and Lamar Alexander)Business, general 
Buchanan victor in Louisiana caucuses. (presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan)(includes other campaign news)Business, general 
Business people. (hirings, firings, resignations etc.)Business, general 
Cabinet shuffled; Quebec ties boosted. (Canada)(includes list of new Canadian cabinet members)Business, general 
Canada: 1996-97 budget continues spending cuts.Business, general 
Canada: Chretien leads South Asia trade mission. (Prime Minister Jean Chretien)Business, general 
Canada: deputy PM quits over campaign vow. (Deputy Prime Minister Sheila Copps; includes additional Canadian political news)Business, general 
Canada: homosexual rights bill passed.Business, general 
Canada: liberal ministers win in by-elections.Business, general 
Canada: Parliament reopens with new agenda.Business, general 
Census: bureau to use sampling in 2000 count.Business, general 
Center-left coalition wins Italy's general election; Prodi expected to form government. (Romano Prodi; includes list of election results)Business, general 
Chernobyl fire spreads atomic ash.(includes information on study conducted on Chernobyl victims and the genetic mutations passed on to their offspring)Business, general 
China fires test missiles near Taiwan; seen as preelection intimidation tactic.Business, general 
China takeover panel installed. (in Hong Kong)(includes related article about UK Foreign Sec. Malcolm Rifkind's visit to China)Business, general 
Chinese Premier Li addresses Taiwan control. (Li Peng)Business, general 
Chirac addresses British parliament. (France's Pres Jacques Chirac)Business, general 
Chretien grabs protester at rally. (Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien)Business, general 
Cleric, followers sentenced in U.N. bomb plot. (Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and others)Business, general 
Clinton acts to raise cattle prices.(Pres Bill Clinton)Business, general 
Clinton Administration: Kantor named Commerce Secretary.(Mickey Kantor)(includes related articles on Charlene Barshefsky and Franklin D. Raines)Business, general 
Clinton approves strategic petroleum reserve oil sale; move aims to curb increase in gas prices. (President Bill Clinton)Business, general 
Clinton backs China MFN status. (most-favored-nation status)Business, general 
Clinton backs Wisconsin reform plan. (welfare reform)Business, general 
Clinton delivers State of the Union address; President declares 'era of big government' over. (Pres Bill Clinton)Business, general 
Clinton nominates Greenspan to third term as Fed chairman; Rivlin tapped for number-two post. (Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Board chairman; Alice M. Rivlin)Business, general 
Clinton presents 1997 federal budget; plan would balance budget by 2002. (includes related charts with budget figures and analysis)Business, general 
Clinton seeks end to Aegean dispute. (territorial dispute between Greece and Turkey)Business, general 
Clinton sets rules for teenage mothers.(welfare regulation)Business, general 
Clinton signs antiterrorism bill. (includes related article with highlights of the bill)Business, general 
Clinton signs farm-subsidy overhaul.(includes highlights of the bill)Business, general 
Clinton signs sex offender notification bill.Business, general 
Clinton signs stopgap extension. (temporary spending bill)Business, general 
Clinton speeds cancer drug approval.(includes related article on Republican FDA reform proposals)Business, general 
Clinton urges 'corporate citizenship.'Business, general 
Clinton visits Japan, South Korea.(includes related articles on his visits)Business, general 
Coal miners strike in Russia, Ukraine.Business, general 
Colombia: top aide implicates Samper. (Pres Ernesto Samper accused of knowingly taking campaign money from members of the Cali drug cartel by former defense minister Fernando Botero)Business, general 
'Columbia' loses tethered satellite. (space shuttle)Business, general 
Congress approves fiscal 1996 omnibus spending bill; Clinton promises to sign measure. (Pres Clinton) (includes highlights from the bill)Business, general 
Congress passes liability-suit limits.(includes highlights of the bill)Business, general 
Congress passes line-item veto.(includes highlights of the bill)Business, general 
Constitutional amendment fails in House.Business, general 
Consumer prices rose 2.5% in 1995. (includes a description of how the consumer price index is calculated)Business, general 
Cuban jets shoot down two U.S. civilian planes; downing prompts sanctions.Business, general 
Currency caution voiced at conference. (European Union conference discusses single currency issues)Business, general 
Daimler cuts Fokker financial support. (Daimler-Benz AG, Fokker N.V.)Business, general 
Daiwa Bank pleads guilty to fraud.Business, general 
Dallas beats Pittsburgh in Super Bowl to capture NFL title. (National Football League championship)(includes scoring summary)Business, general 
December '95 jobless rate remained 5.6%.Business, general 
Democrat wins Oregon Senate seat. (Ron Wyden)(includes related article on vote-by-mail system)Business, general 
Discharge of gay Navy officer upheld. (Lt. Paul G. Thomasson)(includes other news about gays in the military)Business, general 
Dole attacks Clinton judicial appointees.(Bob Dole feels Pres Bill Clinton's appointees are too liberal; includes related articles on Dole's views of the American Bar Association and the withdraw of a Clinton judicial appointee)Business, general 
Dole edges out Buchanan to win Iowa caucuses; Gramm bows out after weak finish. (presidential candidates Bob Dole, Patrick Buchanan and Phil Gramm)Business, general 
Dole emerges as clear front-runner in Republican presidential nomination race after string of primary victories. (Bob Dole)Business, general 
Dole sweeps midwest Republican primaries. (presidential candidate Bob Dole)Business, general 
Dole to resign from Senate to boost ailing presidential bid: campaign move stuns colleagues.(Bob Dole)Business, general 
Dole wins all seven states in 'Super Tuesday' Republican primaries; Forbes withdraws from race. (Bob Dole, Steve Forbes) (includes related charts with results)Business, general 
Dominican Republic: runoff set in presidential election.Business, general 
Drug-makers' suit settlement rejected. (ruling from 1994 price-fixing case)Business, general 
Du Pont heir held in wrestler's slaying. (John E. du Pont was arrested for the murder of wrestler David Schultz)Business, general 
Eastern European news in brief.Business, general 
Economy: trade deficit declined in February.Business, general 
Economy: trade deficit shrank in October 1995.Business, general 
Education: affirmative action policy overturned.Business, general 
Education: news in brief. (Raul Yzaguirre resigns as chairman of President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans; includes additional education news)Business, general 
Egypt: attack on Greek tourists kills 18. (Islamic fundamentalists claim responsibility)Business, general 
Employee benefit suits permitted. (over rescinded benefits) (includes news of other Supreme Court decisions)Business, general 
EU conference document unveiled. (UK position paper on relations with the European Union)(includes related article on the Referendum Party)Business, general 
EU leaders open year-long conference. (European Union's intergovernmental conference)Business, general 
EU pledges 'Mad Cow' disease financial support for Britain. (European Union; bovine spongiform encephalopathy)Business, general 
EU sets worldwide British beef ban; Britain suggests partial herd slaughter. (European Union)Business, general 
Excerpts from the Supreme Court's decision to void Colorado law barring gay-rights protections. (Justices Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia)Business, general 
Ex-football star gives deposition. (civil lawsuit against O.J. Simpson)Business, general 
Ex-president Chun indicted in '80 massacre. (former South Korean Pres. Chun Doo Hwan)Business, general 
Facts on the 1996 Republican presidential candidates.Business, general 
Faldo wins golf's Masters tournament.(Nick Faldo)(includes news of other golf events)Business, general 
Farm subsidy overhaul passes Senate.Business, general 
FBI in standoff with Montana antitax group: two 'Freemen' leaders arrested.(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Federal budget: Clinton signs debt-limit increase.Business, general 
Federal budget: Omnibus spending bill passed.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Federal budget: Republicans present budget for fiscal '97.Business, general 
Federal Reserve lowers two key interest rates: slow growth cited.Business, general 
Fed reports moderate growth. (economic indicators)Business, general 
First war crimes trial opens. (accused war criminals from Bosnia-Herzegovina on trial)Business, general 
Florida district ruled unconstitutional.Business, general 
Florida smoking rule upheld.(includes other Supreme Court news)Business, general 
Forbes top spender in fourth quarter. (presidential candidate Malcolm S. Forbes Jr.)(includes related article on an investigation of contributions made by Forbes Inc.)Business, general 
Forbes wins Arizona primary; Dole, Buchanan take second and third; Dole wins Dakotas; Forbes takes Delaware. (Republican presidential candidates Steve Forbes, Bob Dole and Pat Buchanan)Business, general 
Fox promises candidates free air time. (Fox Broadcasting)Business, general 
France: Chirac announces sweeping military cuts. (Pres Jacques Chirac)Business, general 
GDP growth revised downward. (4th qtr 1995)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Germany: Kohl announces massive welfare cuts. (German Chancellor Helmut Kohl; includes additional news about the kidnapping of millionaire Jan Philipp Reemtsma)Business, general 
Germany: Kohl wins support in local elections. (Chancellor Helmut Kohl)Business, general 
GM strike settlement reached. (General Motors Corp.)Business, general 
Government cracks down on Shiite unrest. (Bahrain)(includes information on related developments)Business, general 
Government issues dietary guidelines.Business, general 
Government vows spending cuts. (Australia)Business, general 
Governors back Medicaid, welfare plans. (at national conference of governors in Washington D.C.)Business, general 
Great Britain: EU confirms beef ban despite protests. (European Union bans beef sales from Britain because of mad-cow disease)Business, general 
Great Britain: inclusive Ulster talks start date set. (peace talks about the future of Northern Ireland)Business, general 
Great Britain: Ulster disarmament body releases report.Business, general 
Greenspan gives monetary report. (Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan)Business, general 
Group of Seven, Russia reach accords on nuclear issues.Business, general 
Guerrero governor quits over massacre. (Ruben Figueroa Alcocer; June 1995 massacre of peasants)Business, general 
Hamas bombings in Israel send peace process reeling; Peres declares "war" on Islamic militants. (Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres)Business, general 
Hearing on genital mutilation case held.(political asylum for woman from Togo considered)Business, general 
High court voids Colorado law barring gay rights protection.Business, general 
HIV-tainted blood settlement reached. (Japan)Business, general 
Hockey season ends. (professional and college hockey standings; includes list)Business, general 
Home resales rose 6.5% in February. (includes other economic indicator statistics)Business, general 
Hong Kong: Major vows to protect post-1997 rights. (British Prime Minister John Major)Business, general 
Hopefuls spar over negative ads, trade. (republican presidential candidates)(includes list of scheduled primaries and caucuses by date, and related developments)Business, general 
House panel cites lawyers for contempt. (House Government Reform and Oversight Committee)Business, general 
House passes '97 authorization funds. (defense bill)Business, general 
House passes assault weapons ban repeal.Business, general 
House passes diluted antiterrorism bill.Business, general 
House passes health-insurance reform bill.(includes highlights of the bill)Business, general 
House passes illegal immigration bill.Business, general 
HUD scandal: ex-Interior Secretary Watt pleads guilty. (Housing and Urban Development Dept.; James G. Watt)Business, general 
India: more ministers charged in bribe probe.Business, general 
Indian Gaming Act overturned. (by the Supreme Court)Business, general 
India's Hindu Nationalist Party asked to form government; election results augur instability.Business, general 
Inmate's death-row appeal granted. (Larry Lonchar)(includes other Supreme Court news)Business, general 
IRA bomb destroys London bus. (Irish Republican Army; London, England)(includes information about reaction to the bombing)Business, general 
IRA bomb kills two, injures 100 in London; British prime minister demands return to cease-fire. (Irish Republican Army; John Major)Business, general 
Iraq agrees to U.N. terms on oil-for-food deal; accord marks first easing of 1990 sanctions. (Iraq permitted to export oil)Business, general 
Iraq: defectors slain after returning home.Business, general 
Israeli artillery barrage pounds U.N. base; scores of civilians killed in attack.(United Nations base in Lebanon)(includes related articles on event)Business, general 
Israel, Lebanon accept U.S.-brokered terms for cease-fire; Syria accorded key role.Business, general 
Israel's Peres issues call for early elections; vote deemed peace process referendum. (Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres)(includes related article on Israeli-Syrian peace talks)Business, general 
Italian premier sworn in; cabinet unveiled. (Romano Prodi)Business, general 
Japan: '96 budget passes after bailout row delay.Business, general 
Japanese Premier Murayama resigns; Parliament elects Hashimoto to succeed him. (Tomiichi Murayama; Ryutaro Hashimoto)(includes list of new cabinet officers)Business, general 
Jet crash off Dominican Republic kills 189.Business, general 
Jets pick Johnson first in NFL draft. (New York Jets select Keyshawn Johnson; includes list of first-round draft picks and contracts for present players)Business, general 
Jobless rate fell to 5.4% in April.Business, general 
Jobless rate fell to 5.5% in February.Business, general 
Jobless rate rose to 5.6% in March.Business, general 
Jobless rate rose to 5.8% in January.Business, general 
Judge reverses controversial drug ruling. (New York, NY, judge Harold Baer Jr. decision on suppressing evidence)Business, general 
Karadzic ousts moderate Serb premier. (hard-line Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic)Business, general 
Kentucky beats Syracuse for NCAA basketball title. (National Collegiate Athletic Assoc. championship)(includes other basketball news)Business, general 
Leaders debate economic future. (Australia)Business, general 
Leaders endorse hard-line policies. (Cuba's Communist Party)Business, general 
Leaders renew peace commitment. (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia)Business, general 
Liberal - National coalition wins Australian elections.Business, general 
Liberia: factional fighting in capital ebbs. (Monrovia, Liberia)Business, general 
Liberia strife hits capital; U.S. evacuates foreigners.(includes related article about the murder of 60 peacekeepers)Business, general 
Liggett settles suits, breaking ranks. (Liggett Group Inc. settles class action suit brought by smokers)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Major backed in arms-to-Iraq scandal. (UK Prime Minister John Major)Business, general 
Major threatens EU beef ban retaliation. (UK prime minister John Major; European Union)Business, general 
Marines convicted for refusing DNA test.Business, general 
Maxwell brothers acquitted of fraud. (Kevin and Ian Maxwell)Business, general 
MCI, News Corp. win satellite license. (MCI Communications Corp. and News Corp. Ltd.)(includes related article about AT&T's investment in DirecTV)Business, general 
Menendez brothers convicted. (Lyle and Erik Menendez found guilty of murdering their parents)Business, general 
Mexico: 11 pacts signed with U.S.Business, general 
Minimum wage vote blocked in Senate.Business, general 
Mulroney testifies to open libel case. (suit filed by former prime minister Brian Mulroney)Business, general 
NASA launches craft to study asteroid. (asteroid 433 Eros)Business, general 
National education summit held. (in Palisades, New York)Business, general 
National Football League 1995 statistical leaders.(Illustration)Business, general 
Nation of Islam leader's tour draws ire. (Louis Farrakhan)Business, general 
Navy orders flight restrictions for F-14s.(includes information about other military aircraft accidents)Business, general 
Navy's top admiral commits suicide. (Jeremy M. Boorda)(Obituary)Business, general 
NBA player benched for anthem protest. (the National Basketball Assoc. disciplined Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf)(includes other basketball news)Business, general 
Nebraska routs Florida in college football title game.(includes other college football news)Business, general 
Networks offer free time to candidates.(presidential candidates offered television spots; includes related article on Bob Dole's request for the investigation of funds donated to his campaign)Business, general 
New planets, galaxies, dark matter seen. (astronomy research)Business, general 
News in brief. (business news)Business, general 
News in brief. (business news)Business, general 
News in brief. (business news)Business, general 
News in brief.(business news)Business, general 
News in brief.(news about various mergers)Business, general 
News in brief. (various brief U.S. news reports)Business, general 
NFL owners approve Brown's move. (National Football League approves the Cleveland Brown's relocation to Baltimore, Maryland)(includes other football news)Business, general 
North Korean troops enter demilitarized zone; moves violate armistice with South Korea.Business, general 
NYC spring sales yield solid results. (New York, New York auction houses)Business, general 
NYNEX, Bell Atlantic set merger.Business, general 
Officer convicted of massacre of youths.(murder of street children in Brazil; includes related information on surviving witness)Business, general 
Oil spill threatens environment. (Sea Empress accident)Business, general 
Oklahoma City bombing: service marks first anniversary. (memorial service in Oklahoma)Business, general 
Ontario job cuts set after strike.(public employee layoffs in Ontario, Canada)(includes related article on public employee strike in Ontario)Business, general 
Ontario passes omnibus budget bill. (Canada)(includes related article about the retirement of former Premier Bob Rae)Business, general 
Other U.S. news: sale of Kennedy Onassis items held. (Sotheby's Holdings Inc. auctions personal belongings of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis)Business, general 
Packer heads Australis rescue.(Australian businessman Kerry Packer of Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd. helps ailing Australis Media; includes related information on terms of aid and other investors involved)Business, general 
Panel probes Castle Grande meetings. (Senate panel investigates real estate project related to the Whitewater scandal)Business, general 
Panel scores U.S. research program. (report on AIDS research and funding)Business, general 
Paraguay: constitutional crisis resolved. (President Juan Carlos Wasmosy reverse decision to name former army commander Gen. Lino Cesar Oviedo defense minister)Business, general 
Parliament annuls Soviet Union breakup. (Russia lower house: the State Duma)(includes related news about Russia)Business, general 
Partial government shutdown ends. (federal budget standoff)Business, general 
Philip Morris faces accusations. (charges by former employees that the cigarette company manipulated levels of nicotine)Business, general 
PLO parliament revokes anti-Israel clauses in charter; move bolsters Peres. (Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres)Business, general 
Pope John Paul II tours Central America and Venezuela: urges progress on social issues.Business, general 
Popular Party's Aznar voted premier.(Jose Maria Aznar, Spain's new premier; includes biographical information on Aznar and related information on Catalonia, Aznar's cabinet, and former prime minister Felipe Gonzalez's exoneration in the killings of Basque nationalists)Business, general 
Premier replaced in banking scandal. (Lithuanian Premier Adolfas Slezevicius)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Premier resigns after warlords' threat. (Tajikistan Premier Jamshed Karimov)Business, general 
Premier to head Chechen peace effort. (Viktor S. Chernomyrdin, of Russia)Business, general 
President, backers win protested vote. (Sudan Pres. Omar Hassan al-Bashir wins reelection)Business, general 
President Mugabe wins uncontested vote. (Zimbabwe Pres. Robert Mugabe)Business, general 
President Preval visits U.S.. (Haitian Pres. Rene Preval)(includes related article on privatization in Haiti)Business, general 
President signs authorization bill. (Pres. Clinton signs defense spending bill)Business, general 
President signs third stopgap measure. (Pres. Clinton authorizes federal budget funds)Business, general 
President submits 1997 budget proposal. (President Clinton submits budget to Congress for deliberations)Business, general 
President vetoes State Department bill.(includes related articles on bill)Business, general 
Preval sworn in as Aristide's successor. (Haiti's new President Rene Preval replaces Jean-Bertrand Aristide)(includes other Haitian news)Business, general 
Primakov replaces Kozyrev as top envoy. (Yevgeny Primakov replaces Russian Foreign Minister Andrei V. Kozyrev)(includes other news about Russia)Business, general 
Pro-Chechen hijackers surrender ferry. (in Black Sea; protest in support of standoff in Pervomayskoye, Russia)Business, general 
Producer price rose 2.2% in 1995. (includes description of how the producer price index is calculated)Business, general 
Producer prices fell 0.2% in February.(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Pulitzer Prizes. (1996)Business, general 
Punitive damages award overturned. (US Supreme Court case)Business, general 
Quebec party drops 'distinct society' demand. (members of Canada's Liberal Party rejects request for wording in constitution)Business, general 
Rabin slayer given life.(Yigal Amir trial for killing of Yitzhak Rabin)(includes related article on Israeli government investigation report on assassination)Business, general 
Railroads: two passenger trains collide, killing 11.Business, general 
Rebels bomb capital, kill dozens. (Colombo, Sri Lanka)Business, general 
Report criticizes travel office firings. (Clinton administration's handling of 'Travelgate')(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Rostenkowski pleads guilty to mail fraud. (former Congressman Dan Rostenkowski)Business, general 
Ruling coalition formed. (New Zealand's National and United Parties)Business, general 
Ruling party loses parliamentary majority.(New Korea Party in South Korea)Business, general 
Ruling party wins boycotted elections. (Bangladesh National Party)Business, general 
Russia, Belarus sign union pact. (to form the Community of Sovereign Republics)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Russia captures Chechen-held village; many hostages freed after massive bombardment.Business, general 
Russia: Chechnya rebel leader reported slain. (President Dzhokhar M. Dudayev; includes information about Russian violation of truce with Chechen rebels)Business, general 
Russia: IMF sets loan to back economic reforms. (International Monetary Fund)Business, general 
Russia: more reformers leave government.Business, general 
Sarajevo reunited after Bosnian Serb exodus. (Bosnia-Herzegovina)(includes information about the Sarajevo city council)Business, general 
SBC to buy PacTel for $24 billion. (SBC Communications Inc. plans to acquire Pacific Telesis Group)Business, general 
Senate passes health insurance reform. (includes related article with highlights of the bill)Business, general 
Senate passes illegal immigration bill.(includes related article comparing immigration bills in House and Senate)Business, general 
Senator Dole's 'retirement' speech.Business, general 
Serial bombings suspect detained in Montana. (Unabomber suspect Theodore J. Kaczynski)Business, general 
Simitis government takes office. (Greek Premier Costas Simitis)(includes biographical information on Simitis)Business, general 
South Africa adopts new democratic constitution; De Klerk's party quits ruling coalition. (F.W. DeKlerk and the National Party) (includes list of key provisions in new constitution)Business, general 
South Africa: schools ordered to admit blacks amid row.Business, general 
Space: 'Endeavour' returns Japanese satellite. (details of Jan 11-20, 1996 mission) (includes statistics on the shuttle)Business, general 
Sports: Cowboys, Steelers win conference titles. (football teams Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers advance to the Super Bowl)Business, general 
Sports: NBA season ends. (National Basketball Association)Business, general 
'Stand-down' ordered at Naval Academy. (crimes committed by midshipmen causes revocation of off-campus privileges)Business, general 
Stay granted in affirmative action case. (court blocks dismantling of college admissions based on affirmative action guidelines)Business, general 
Strike forces GM plant closures. (General Motors Corp.)Business, general 
Supreme Court: banks' insurance sales upheld.Business, general 
Supreme Court: ban on liquor price ads overturned.Business, general 
Supreme Court: jury role in patent cases curbed. (includes news of cases under consideration)Business, general 
Sweeping economic reforms unveiled. (Germany)(includes unemployment forecasts)Business, general 
Switzerland: drug companies set massive merger. (includes chart of the largest global pharmaceutical manufacturers)Business, general 
Taiwan: Lee inaugurated, offers to visit China. (Pres Lee Teng-hui)Business, general 
Taiwan's President Lee wins first Democratic election; victory seen as blow to China. (Lee Teng-hui)Business, general 
Taped aliens' beating sparks protests. (Southern California)Business, general 
Taxes: GOP tax-reform panel proposes flat tax. (Republican Party commission)Business, general 
Taxes: House passes adoption tax credit.Business, general 
Telecommunications overhaul approved by Congress, president.(includes highlights of the bill)Business, general 
Tobacco: former executive's charges revealed. (Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corp.'s Jeffrey S. Wigand)Business, general 
Trade deficit narrowed in November 1995.Business, general 
Trade deficit rose in January.Business, general 
Trade gap grew in 1995 to seven-year high; deficit increased 4.5% from 1994.Business, general 
Transcript of President Clinton's State of the Union message.Business, general 
TV networks promise rating system.Business, general 
TV violence rating system mandated. (Canada)Business, general 
Two suicide bombings in Israel kill 27; Hamas claims revenge as motive.Business, general 
Uganda: President Museveni wins no-party vote.(Yoweri Museveni)Business, general 
Ulster election plan unveiled. (upcoming May elections in Northern Ireland) (includes news on a bombing and travel of Gerry Adams)Business, general 
Unabomber case: bombing suspect probe continues. (case against Theodore J. Kaczynski)Business, general 
Unions can sue on behalf of members.(Supreme Court case)Business, general 
U.N., Israel in angry exchange over Qana shelling: Israel denies targeting civilians.Business, general 
U.N., U.S. tightens rules on land mines.Business, general 
U.S. approves Pakistan arms delivery.Business, general 
U.S., China threaten each other with sanctions: U.S. demands action on 'pirated' goods.Business, general 
U.S. Commerce Secretary Brown, top executives perish in Croatian plane crash. (Ronald H. Brown; includes biographical information about Brown)Business, general 
U.S. decertifies Colombia in drug war.Business, general 
U.S. enacts Cuba embargo-tightening bill; allies lodge protests. (Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act of 1995)Business, general 
U.S. judge rejects Ruiz deportation. (former Mexican Deputy Attorney General Mario Ruiz Massieu)(includes related article on charges against Raul Salinas)Business, general 
U.S. loses Davis Cup quarterfinal.(includes other tennis news)Business, general 
U.S.'s Christopher tours Russia, Eastern Europe. (Secretary of State Warren Christopher)Business, general 
U.S. Secretary of State tours Latin America; praises democracy, free-trade progress. (Warren Christopher)Business, general 
U.S. Senate ratifies START II nuclear arms pact. (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty)(includes related article on uranium trade deal between Russia and the European Union)Business, general 
U.S. Sen. Dole clinches Republican presidential nomination after winning California primary. (Bob Dole) (includes related charts with primary results and delegate count)Business, general 
U.S. warns on chemical arms plant.(United States will not allow Libya to construct underground facility)(includes related article on testimony of CIA Dir. John M. Deutch)Business, general 
US West sets cable TV firm buyout. (US West to buy Continental Cablevision Corp.)Business, general 
U.S. woman sentenced to life in prison. (Peru convicted Lori Helene Berenson of treason)Business, general 
Utah lawmaker's husband indicted.(Joseph P. Waldholtz, husband of Rep. Enid Greene)Business, general 
Voting Act covers party conventions. (Supreme Court ruling)Business, general 
White House releases missing Whitewater records; Madison Guaranty billing detailed. (activities of Hillary Rodham Clinton)Business, general 
Whitewater affair: Hale sentenced as fraud trial begins. (David Hale; trial of Susan McDougal, James McDougal and Jim Guy Tucker)Business, general 
Whitewater affair: Hillary Clinton to face grand jury.Business, general 
Whitewater affair: president ordered to testify. (President Clinton)Business, general 
Whitewater affair: President testifies in loan fraud trial. (Bill Clinton)Business, general 
Whitewater affair: Senate agreement revives panel.Business, general 
Wisconsin to end welfare payments.Business, general 
World heads of state and government leaders.(Directory)Business, general 
World leaders condemn terrorism at summit in Egypt; Mideast peace process widely backed.Business, general 
Yeltsin names auto maker to economy post. (Russian Pres. Boris Yeltsin appointed Vladimir V. Kadannikov as deputy premier of economic policy)Business, general 
Yeltsin unveils Chechnya peace plan. (Russian Pres. Boris Yeltsin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Yeltsin, Zyuganov set election bids. (Russian Pres. Yeltsin and opposition candidate Gennadi Zyuganov)(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
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