Facts on File 1995 - Abstracts

Facts on File 1995
104th Congress convenes with GOP in majority; Gingrich, Dole sworn in as leaders. (Newt Gingrich, Robert Dole; includes related information on the Republican agenda and biographies on the leaders)Business, general 
1994 profits rose 10.2%. (corporate profits for 1994)Business, general 
1995 spending cuts signed by Clinton.(budget bill signed; includes related articles)Business, general 
1996 presidential campaign: Dole wins Florida straw poll. (Bob Dole)Business, general 
1996 presidential campaign: Perot hosts hopefuls at conference. (Ross Perot; United We Stand America conference)Business, general 
1996 presidential campaign: Republican hopefuls attend TV forum.Business, general 
1996 presidential campaign: third-quarter spending reports released.Business, general 
1996 presidential race: Pete Wilson quites GOP race.Business, general 
300 injured in Yokohama gas attack. (terrorist attack in Japan subway)Business, general 
49ers rout Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.(includes related articles)Business, general 
'95 spending cuts cleared, face veto. (budget cuts)Business, general 
Accounting sought in 'dirty war.' (Argentina to investigate deaths and disappearances during the military government)Business, general 
Accused clinic gunman pleads not guilty. (John Salvi) (includes related abortion clinic news)Business, general 
Active hurricane season affects U.S., Mexico, Isles. (Caribbean islands)Business, general 
Adams resigns, probe's end seen near. (independent counsel Arlin M. Adams, Department of Housing and Urban Development investigation)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Affirmative action: Clinton defends federal programs.Business, general 
Affirmative action: Clinton details plans for review.(includes results of an opinion poll about affirmative action)Business, general 
Affirmative action, immigration backed. (Pres Clinton speaks at rally in Monterey, California)Business, general 
Age of French cave paintings raised. (Chavet cave in southern France)(includes other archaeology news)Business, general 
Agriculture funds clear House, Senate. (appropriations bill)Business, general 
Algeria: President Zeroual wins reelection. (Lamine Zeroual)Business, general 
American pilot downed by Bosnian Serbs, rescued by U.S. Marines; U.N. hostages released. (Scott F. O'Grady)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Americans jailed for border crossing. (in Iraq)Business, general 
Americans killed in ambush. (diplomats assassinated in Karachi, Pakistan)Business, general 
Amman economic summit sets further regional ties. (Jordan)Business, general 
ANC wins majority in local elections. (South Africa's African National Congress)Business, general 
Anti-kurd assault into Iraq launched. (by Turkey)Business, general 
Antiterror bill passes Senate. (includes related articles)Business, general 
April trade deficit rose sharply.(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Argentina's Menem easily wins reelection.(Carlos Saul Menem)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Arizona Amtrak crash blamed on sabotage; antigovernment notes found at scene.Business, general 
Armed intruder shot on White House grounds; breach comes amid new security efforts.Business, general 
Army officers arrested for alleged plot. (coup plot in Pakistan)(includes related article on U.S. aid to Pakistan)Business, general 
Army reportedly puts down insurrection. (Iraq)Business, general 
Art confiscated by Soviets uncovered. (includes other art news)Business, general 
Asian nations hold trade meeting.Business, general 
Astronomy: first brown dwarf found. (includes other astronomy news)Business, general 
'Atlantis,' Russian space station link. (space shuttle; includes related data)Business, general 
Atomic bomb exhibit scaled back.Business, general 
AT&T announces plan to split apart. (AT&T Corp.)(includes related article about planned sale of AT&T Capital Corp.)Business, general 
Australia: commission censures health minister. (Carmen Lawrence)Business, general 
Australia: mining, shipping face national strikes.Business, general 
Award-winning author draws scrutiny. (Australian author Helen Darville)Business, general 
'Baby Richard' appeal denied. (Supreme Court rules that custody of adopted child must be given to his father; includes other Supreme Court news)Business, general 
Balanced-budget amendment backed byHouse.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Balanced-budget amendment blocked by Senate Democrats.Business, general 
Balkan presidents reach Bosnia peace accord; NATO to keep peace in divided state. (Bosnia-Herzegovina)Business, general 
Balladur releases policy manifesto. (French Premier Edouard Balladur)Business, general 
Banker's plea threatens Clinton aide. (Pres Clinton aide Bruce Lindsay; includes related article)(Whitewater affair)Business, general 
Barings crash report released. (financial collapse of Barings PLC)Business, general 
Baseball season opens. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Baseball strike ends.Business, general 
Baseball strike end seen.Business, general 
Base closing recommendation made.Business, general 
Battles called worst in two years.(Bosnia Herzegovina and former Yugoslavia wars)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bengals pick Carter first in NFL draft. (Cincinnati Bengals; Ki-Jana Carter) (includes list of first-round draft choices for all football teams)Business, general 
Berlusconi arrest sought. (former Italy Premier Silvio Bertolucci) (includes other information on media industry referendum and proposal by Rupert Murdoch to purchase part of Fininvest SpA)Business, general 
Bernardo convicted of girls' murders. (Canadian Paul Bernardo)Business, general 
Bernardo trial begins. (Paul Bernardo, of Canada, accused of murder)Business, general 
Black journalist's retrial bid rejected. (Mumia Abu-Jamal's plea for a new trial)(includes other crime news)Business, general 
Black man acquitted in Ala. school arson. (Christopher Lynn Johnson acquitted by Montgomery, Alabama, jury)Business, general 
Black men hold 'Million Man March' in Washington, D.C.; Mass rally organized by National of Islam leader. (Louis Farrakhan)Business, general 
Boeing hit by machinists strike. (Boeing Co.)Business, general 
Boeing takes $12.7 billion air order. (won contract with Singapore Airlines Ltd.)(includes other aviation news)Business, general 
Bosnia factions agree to form government.(includes summary of the agreement's major principles and information about related developments)Business, general 
Bosnian combatants sign peace treaty in Paris; NATO peace force deployment set in motion.Business, general 
Bosnian government offensive shatters truce.Business, general 
Bosnian peace talks begin; U.S. mediates negotiations.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bosnian Serbs free last U.N. hostages.(includes related articles about Bosnia-Herzegovina)Business, general 
Bosnian Serbs free most U.N. hostages; rescued U.S. pilot given hero's welcome by Clinton. (Air Force Captain Scott F. O'Grady)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bosnian Serbs shell Sarajevo market; NATO bombs Serb targets in retaliation.(includes news about related developments)Business, general 
Bosnian Serbs surround second Moslem safe area; fighting spreads. (Zepa, Bosnia-Herzegovina)Business, general 
Bosnian Serbs take Srebrenica, expel Moslems from safe zone.Business, general 
Boxer listed in critical condition. (Gerald McClellan)Business, general 
Braves win World Series over Cleveland Indians. (Atlanta Braves)Business, general 
Breast-implant pact revised. (a new settlement plan was proposed)(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Brecheen executed in Oklahoma. (Robert Brecheen)(includes news about other executions)Business, general 
Britain and Ireland set Ulster framework plan: proposals to guide peace talks. (Northern Ireland)(includes excerpts from peace proposal)Business, general 
Britain's Barings Bank declares bankruptcy.Business, general 
Britain signals EMU reluctance. (economic and monetary union with the European Union)(includes related articles)Business, general 
British bank resumes trading. (Barings PLC)(includes related articles about the collapse of the bank)Business, general 
British Queen visits. (Queen Elizabeth II visits South Africa)Business, general 
Broad species protections upheld. (Supreme Court ruling)Business, general 
Buchanan launches GOP presidential bid. (Patrick J. Buchanan)Business, general 
Budget deficit forecast revised upward. (Australia)(includes related article)Business, general 
Budget reconciliation bills pass House, Senate; entitlements slated for largest cuts.(includes details about the reconciliation process and a comparison of the two versions)Business, general 
Business: General Motors sets EDS split-off. (Electronics Data Systems Corp. to be divested)(includes table of October financial update)Business, general 
Business news in brief. (plans of Berkshire Hathaway and other companies)Business, general 
Business people. (appointments, resignations, and firings of prominent business executives)Business, general 
Business people. (hirings, firings, promotions and resignations)Business, general 
Business people. (multiple articles on executive appointments)Business, general 
'Business Week' gains court hearing.Business, general 
Cabinet member quits over Korea remarks. (Japanese official Takami Eto)Business, general 
Calif. speaker Brown installs successor. (California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown; Doris Allen; includes information about Brown's campaign for mayor in San Francisco)Business, general 
Campaign targets TV talk shows.Business, general 
Canadian Airborne Regiment disbanded.Business, general 
Car bomb explodes at Oklahoma City federal building; death toll expected to top 200. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Car bomb kills 42 in Algiers.(includes other Algerian news)Business, general 
Caribbean Common Market meets.Business, general 
Cease-fire goes into effect in Bosnia-Herzegovina after Bosnian government delays. (includes related information about the civil war)Business, general 
Central banks intervene in currency markets in attempt to boost sagging U.S. dollar.Business, general 
Chargers, 49ers earn Super Bowl berths. (San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers football teams)(includes other football news)Business, general 
Chechen president abandons Grozny. (Dzhokhar Dudayev)(Brief Article)Business, general 
Chechen rebels release hostages after raid on Russian town. (Budennovsk, Russia)(includes related articles on Russia)Business, general 
Chechnya bombardment renewed. (by Russia)(includes related information on the Russian ruble)Business, general 
Chechnya clashes mar vote. (local elections in the breakaway Russian republic were disrupted by protests and fighting)(includes information about earlier developments)Business, general 
Chemical, Chase Manhattan to merge in $10 billion deal. (Chemical Banking Corp. and Chase Manhattan Corp.)(includes list of the top ten U.S. banks)Business, general 
Chile, Bolivia seek Mercosur entry. (includes other news from Latin America)Business, general 
China conducts military tests north of Taiwan; tests seen as intimidation tactic.Business, general 
China conducts nuclear tests: Japan cuts aid in protest.Business, general 
China expels two U.S. officers for spying. (Joseph Wei Chan and Dwayne Howard Florenzie)Business, general 
China: Panchen Lama installed. (includes other news from China)Business, general 
China sentences, expels Chinese-American activist. (Harry Wu)Business, general 
Chirac inaugurated as France's president.(Jacques Chirac)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Chirac wins French presidential election, defeating socialist Jospin. (Jacques Chirac, Lionel Jospin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Chretien makes Latin trade trip. (Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien)Business, general 
Chretien names new CBC chief. (Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chretien names Perrin Beatty as president of Canadian Broadcasting Corp.)Business, general 
Chretien offers Quebec autonomy plan. (Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien; includes related articles)Business, general 
CIA nominee Carns withdraws in controversy. (Michael P.C. Carns)(includes related articles)Business, general 
CIA says Ames tainted U.S.S.R. data. (Central Intelligence Agency, Aldrich Hazen Ames)(includes related articles on espionage)Business, general 
Ciller government loses confidence vote. (Turkish Premier Tansu Ciller)Business, general 
Ciller seeks U.S. support for Iraq raid. (Turkey Premier Tansu Ciller; includes related articles)Business, general 
Citizens urged to boycott pirated goods. (China attempts to create good trade relations with the United States)Business, general 
Civil rights: affirmative action to end at UC schools.(University of California; includes related articles on student protests)Business, general 
Cleric and followers convicted in U.N. bomb plot trial. (Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman)Business, general 
Cleveland, Atlanta win baseball pennants.(includes other baseball news)Business, general 
Clinton accepts '96 defense spending bill. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton announces widened Iranian trade embargo; cites Iran's terror links and nuclear aspirations. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton authorizes $20 billion U.S.loan for Mexico; international donors add $29.5 billion.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton bars U.S. firms from Iranian oil-production deals: Conoco to withdraw from contract.Business, general 
Clinton delivers State of the UnionAddress; urges 'new covenant' between voters, government.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton, Dole present reform plans. (welfare reform; President Clinton and Sen Bob Dole)Business, general 
Clinton fails to end baseball strike.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton fund-raising, ads launched.Business, general 
Clinton, Gingrich meet in New Hampshire forum. (Pres Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich)Business, general 
Clinton, Gore open 1996 reelection bid. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton holds prime-time news conference. (Bill Clinton)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton hosts Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein leader. (Gerry Adams)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton meets with China's President Jiang.Business, general 
Clinton names Carns to CIA post. (Michael P. Carns; Central Intelligence Agency)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton opposes tougher U.S. sanctions. (on Cuba)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton outlines 10-year balanced-budget plan: seeks to protect education, health care.(includes highlights of the plan and political reaction to it)Business, general 
Clinton partners, Ark. Governor charged. (James B. McDougal, Susan McDougal, Jim Guy Tucker face charges for activities uncovered during investigation into the Whitewater affair)Business, general 
Clinton proposes $1.61 trillion budget for fiscal 1996; middle-class tax relief offered.(includes budget highlights)Business, general 
Clinton proposes minimum-wage hike.Business, general 
Clinton retains stiff crack penalties. (crack cocaine)Business, general 
Clinton sees GOP budget compromise. (Republican Party)Business, general 
Clinton sets school prayer guidelines.Business, general 
Clinton signs insurance FCC tax bill. (Federal Communications Commission)Business, general 
Clinton signs second stopgap funding bill; compromise temporarily ends impasse.Business, general 
Clinton signs striker-replacement ban.Business, general 
Clinton stresses middle-class aid. (tax cuts)Business, general 
Clinton to join V-E Day celebration. (end of World War II in Europe)Business, general 
Clinton vetoes 1995 spending cuts. (President Bill Clinton)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton vetoes '96 legislative spending. (funds for running of Congress)Business, general 
Clinton vetoes Commerce, Justice funds. (appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce, State, Justice and the federal judiciary)Business, general 
Clinton vetoes Interior spending bill. (includes related article on a section of the bill relating to land sales to mining firms)Business, general 
Clinton vetoes Republican reconciliation bill. (includes related articles on budget negotiations and the budget proposals of the Clinton administration and the Republicans)Business, general 
Clinton vetoes stopgap spending, debt ceiling bills; partial government shutdown results.Business, general 
Clinton visits, signs air-travel pact. (pact with Canada)Business, general 
Clinton, Yeltsin meet in Moscow, reach limited agreements. (Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin; includes related articles)Business, general 
Coalition weakened in Diet elections.(Japanese elections)(includes related article on retaining power of Premier Tomiichi Murayama)Business, general 
Colin Powell bars bid for presidency in 1996. (includes related articles)Business, general 
'Columbia' flies long science mission. (space shuttle)(includes additional data about the space shuttle)Business, general 
Commerce Secretary Brown probed. (Ronald H. Brown)Business, general 
Commerce Secretary Brown to face independent counsel.(investigation of Ron Brown)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Communists make biggest gains in Russian election; voters rebuff reformers.Business, general 
Commuter plane restrictions lifted.Business, general 
Comoros: French troops put down coup. (French mercenary Bob Denard surrenders)Business, general 
Companies set standard disk format.Business, general 
Congress labor measure cleared, signed. (Congressional Accountability Act)Business, general 
Congress: Rep Schroeder declines reelection bid. (Representative Patricia Schroeder)Business, general 
Conner earns America's Cup berth. (sailor Dennis Conner, includes related article)Business, general 
Consumer prices rose 2.7% in 1994. (includes information on changes to the calculation of the consumer price index)Business, general 
Convictions upheld in Letelier case. (former Chilean leaders found guilty of murdering dissident Orlando Letelier)Business, general 
Convicts escape top-security prison. (Isle of Wight)Business, general 
Corruption report released. (Great Britain Members of Parliament investigated for political corruption)Business, general 
Counsel named in Cisneros inquiry. (David M. Barrett, Henry G. Cisneros)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Counsel to probe Gingrich ethics charges. (House Speaker Newt Gingrich)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Coup try crushed, rebel leader slain. (Azerbaijan; Rovshan Javadov)Business, general 
Court redraws Georgia districts. (redistricting plan affects predominately black areas)Business, general 
Court rules against Gonzalez probe. (Spanish Premier Felipe Gonzalez)(includes related article about the Catalan nationalist party)Business, general 
Credit Lyonnais rescue plan unveiled.Business, general 
Crime: news in brief.Business, general 
Croatia agrees to continued United Nations peace-keeping presence.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Croatia plan rebuffed by Serbs.(negotiations between Croatian Serbs and Croatian government)(includes related articles on former Yugoslavia)Business, general 
Croatia retakes Serb-held Krajina region; thousands of Serb refugees flee.(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Crown, defense rest in Bernardo case. (accused murderer and rapist Paul Bernardo)Business, general 
Cuba-U.S. immigration talks held.(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Cuba: U.S. relaxes some restrictions.Business, general 
Curbs pledged on striker replacements.(includes other union news)Business, general 
Currency devaluations announced. (Brazil)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Cyanide spill taints Guyanese River. (the Essequibo River in Guyana)Business, general 
Daly wins British open golf title.(John Daly)(includes other golf tournament news)Business, general 
Daschle defends plane-inspection role. (Senate Minority Leader Thomas A. Daschle)Business, general 
D.C. finances oversight board approved. (includes related articles)(District of Columbia)Business, general 
Debt rating threatened. (Canada)Business, general 
Defense chief quits over drug scandal. (Colombian Defense Minister Fernando Botero)Business, general 
Defense fund challenge dismissed. (President Clinton's legal defense fund)Business, general 
Defense, prosecution rest in O.J. Simpson murder trial.Business, general 
Democrats propose welfare reforms.Business, general 
Democrats rally, pick chairmen.(includes related developments)Business, general 
Deposit insurance merger proposed.Business, general 
Derivatives regulation volunteered. (voluntary regulation of the financial instruments)Business, general 
Deutch confirmed as intelligence chief. (John M. Deutch; includes related articles)Business, general 
Devils best Red Wings in Stanley Cup. (New Jersey Devils; Detroit Red Wings; includes other National Hockey League news)Business, general 
Dini named new Italian premier; politically neutral cabinet unveiled. (Lamberto Dini) (includes biographical information)Business, general 
Dini survives confidence vote. (Italian Premier Lamberto Dini)(includes related articles)Business, general 
'Discovery,' Russian 'Mir' rendezvous. (space shuttle and space station)(includes related articles about the space program)Business, general 
Disney announces $19 billion Capital Cities/ABC purchase; Westinghouse to buy CBS Inc. television network. (Walt Disney Co.; Westinghouse Electric)Business, general 
Divorce approved in referendum. (Ireland)(includes related article on Catholic Church's position on Irish referendum)Business, general 
Dole blasts 'depravity' in film, music. (Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Dole blasts multilingualism, 'elites.' (Sen Bob Dole)Business, general 
Dole formally announces candidacy. (Senator Bob Dole)Business, general 
Don King fraud case ends in mistrial. (boxing promoter accused of fraud)Business, general 
Double-jeopardy plea rejected. (U.S. Supreme Court ruling)Business, general 
Dylex files for creditor protection.Business, general 
Earthquake rocks western Japan; buildings collapse, fires rage; death toll expected to top 5,000.Business, general 
Eased controls spur high-tech imports.(trade with China)(includes other China news)Business, general 
Ebola virus death toll rises. (Zaire)Business, general 
Economy: jobless rate falls 5.6% in June. (1995; includes related article and other economic news)Business, general 
Economy: September jobless rate steady at 5.6%.Business, general 
Egypt charges Israel with POW deaths. (prisoners of war killed in 1967)Business, general 
Egypt vote marred by fraud charges, crackdown. (parliamentary elections)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Election date set as tension mounts. (Haitian presidential election)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Elections set amid strife as talks fail. (Algeria)(includes news about related developments)Business, general 
Embattled president declares emergency. (Colombia President Ernesto Samper) (includes information about other events in Colombia)Business, general 
Emir deposed by son in palace coup. (Qatar)Business, general 
'Endeavour' flight length sets record. (space shuttle)Business, general 
English fans riot at soccer match. (in Dublin, Ireland)Business, general 
Europeans take golf's Ryder Cup.(includes other golfing news)Business, general 
EU-Turkey trade pact established. (European Union)Business, general 
Evers-Williams elected NAACP head. (Myrlie Evers-Williams was chosen to head the National Association of Colored People)(includes related information)Business, general 
Evidence of black hole found.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Ex-communist chosen as next premier. (Jozef Oleksy)Business, general 
Ex-Communist defeats Walesa in Polish presidential race; Kwasniewski wins close vote. (Lech Walesa; Aleksander Kwasniewski)Business, general 
Ex-Defense chief charged in killings. (former South African Defense Minister Magnus Malan)Business, general 
Ex-Housing chief spared prosecution. (Samuel R. Pierce, Jr.)Business, general 
Ex-president arrested in bribery case. (former South Korean Pres Roh Tae Woo)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Ex-U.S. president Bush tours region. (George Bush visits Asia)Business, general 
Ex-White House travel chief acquitted. (Billy R. Dale acquitted of embezzlement charges)Business, general 
Facts on Rabin. (Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin)Business, general 
Facts on the 1996 Republican presidential candidates.(Directory)Business, general 
Failed bomb injures four. (France)Business, general 
Fall of Saigon commemorated. (Vietnam; includes related article)Business, general 
Fan convicted of slaying singer Selena.Business, general 
Faulkner enters Citadel's cadet corps. (Shannon Faulkner)Business, general 
FBI deputy demoted in '92 siege row. (Deputy Director Larry A. Potts)Business, general 
FCC concludes wireless auction. (wireless telephone licences)Business, general 
Fed Chairman delivers monetary report. (Alan Greenspan)Business, general 
Federal budget: stopgap bill averts federal shutdown.Business, general 
Federal Reserve raises two key interest rates.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Federal Reserve trims key interest rate. (federal funds rate)Business, general 
Federal Reserve trims key short-term interest rate; inflation seen under control.Business, general 
Fed reports slower growth. (Federal Reserve Board, economic data)Business, general 
Female cadet quits Citadel; cites stress of prolonged legal battle. (Shannon Faulkner)Business, general 
Fighting escalates along Afghan border. (Tajikistan rebels battle Russian troops)Business, general 
Fighting prompts exodus from capital. (Burundi)Business, general 
Financial markets: regulators urge no new derivatives rules.Business, general 
First Interstate accepts buyout. (First Interstate Bancorp agreed to takeover by First Bank System)Business, general 
Firt-quarter profits rose 3.8%. (for U.S. corporations)(includes reports from the Wall Street Journal's quarterly survey of earnings)Business, general 
Fiscal 1996-97 budget unveiled. (British government's budget)Business, general 
Fishing dispute with Spain erupts. (Canada)Business, general 
Fish war with European Union ends. (international fishing rights; includes related articles)Business, general 
Fleet to buy Shawmut in bank merger. (Fleet Financial Group Inc. plans to acquire Shawmut National Corp.)(includes list of the country's largest bank holding companies)Business, general 
Floods hit California again: cause 15 deaths, $2 billion in damage.Business, general 
Floods hit Western Europe: 250,000 Dutch evacuated.Business, general 
Forbes enters race for GOP nomination. (Malcolm S. Forbes Jr.)Business, general 
Fordice reelected in Mississippi. (Governor Kirk Fordice)(includes other Mississippi election results)Business, general 
Foreign trade: curbs on advanced computer sales eased.Business, general 
Former Allied POWs seek apology. (prisoners of war)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Former Labour chief files libel suit. (Michael Foot)Business, general 
Former Yugoslavia: Milosevic rejects U.N. peace bid. (Serbian Pres Slobodan Milosevic)(includes other news about the region)Business, general 
France: Algerian bombing suspect killed. (Algerian Khaled Kelkal shot Sep 20, 1995 by police; includes related articles on French budget)Business, general 
France conducts second nuclear test: new wave of protests follows. (includes other articles)Business, general 
France detonates nuclear device in French Polynesia.Business, general 
French ambassador to Australia recalled. (Dominique Girard)(includes related articles)Business, general 
French public-sector strikes escalate; government offers talks.(includes related articles)Business, general 
French Socialist Jospin tops first-round president poll; Jospin to face Chirac in run-off. (Lionel Jospin; Jacques Chirac)Business, general 
French unions stage massive rallies; welfare reform package protested.Business, general 
Fujimori easily wins reelection. (Alberto Fujimori reelected president of Peru)Business, general 
G-7 officials discuss telecom policies.Business, general 
'Galileo' orbits Jupiter; probe arrives. (spacecraft)(includes other space news)Business, general 
Gaza Islamic leader assassinated in Malta. (Fathi al-Shiqaqi)(includes related article on peace talks)Business, general 
Gaza suicide bombers kill 8; Arafat orders crackdown. (Yasir Arafat)Business, general 
Genocide trial opens, stalls. (Rwanda; includes related article)Business, general 
Genocide trial site, prosecutor named. (war crimes in Rwanda)Business, general 
German central bank cuts two key interest rates. (Bundesbank)(includes information about other European rate cuts)Business, general 
Gingrich book-deal furor renewed. (Newt Gingrich) (includes related political events)Business, general 
Gingrich responds to book-deal charges. (Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich)Business, general 
Glickman confirmed as USDA chief. (Dan Glickman confirmed as Secretary of Agriculture)Business, general 
Global environment: global warming effects forecasted. (includes a listing of possible effects)Business, general 
Global financial-services accord endorsed; U.S. refuses to sign WTO pact. (World Trade Organization)(includes highlights of the pact)Business, general 
Golf announcer in lesbian row. (CBS commentator Ben Wright)Business, general 
Golf course plans halted after protest. (planned course in Tepoztlan, Mexico)Business, general 
Gonzalez denies terrorist charges. (Spanish Premier Felipe Gonzalez)(includes related article)Business, general 
GOP balanced-budget plan wins Congress's final approval.(includes related articles and highlights of the plan)Business, general 
GOP holds winter meetings. (Republican National Committee)Business, general 
GOP hopefuls court Christian Coalition. (Republican presidential candidates)(includes excerpts from the 'Contract with the American Family')Business, general 
GOP marks action on 'Contract with America;' Gingrich speaks on future agenda. (Newt Gingrich; includes related information on actions taken thusfar with the contract)Business, general 
Government affirms deficit goal. (Canada)Business, general 
Government blamed in Iran arms sale. (United Kingdom)Business, general 
Government collapses over budget row. (Austria)Business, general 
Government, EZLN agree on agenda. (Mexican government negotiations with the Zapatista National Liberation Army)(includes related article about priests expelled from Mexico)Business, general 
Government, EZLN recess talks. (Mexican government and Zapatista National Liberation Army; includes related articles)Business, general 
Government loses pay-disclosure vote. (disclosure of salaries for consulting work for members of Parliament in Great Britain)(includes related article)Business, general 
Government predicts budget surplus. (Australia)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Government remorseful for war acts. (Japan; World War II)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Governors deadlock on benefits overhaul. (National Governors' Association's welfare reform discussions)(includes related article)Business, general 
Gov. Wilson in immigrant worker furor. (California governor Pete Wilson, includes related article)Business, general 
Gov. Wilson sets candidacy. (California Governor Pete Wilson announces bid for presidency)Business, general 
Gramm admits 1970s 'R' film backing. (Senator Phil Gramm)Business, general 
Gramm, Alexander declare GOP presidential candidacies. (Sen. Phil Gramm; Gov. Lamar Alexander)Business, general 
Grasso executed in Oklahoma. (Thomas Grasso; includes news of six other executions)Business, general 
Great Britain: Ireland, unionists discuss Ulster peace. (Ulster Unionist Party head David Trimble meets Irish Prime Minister John Bruton on N. Ireland question)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Great Britain: Labour Party conference held.Business, general 
Great Britain: Queen's speech opens Parliament. (Queen Elizabeth II)Business, general 
Group of 7 ministers discuss currencies. (currency market)Business, general 
Group of Seven leaders meet; jobs, crisis funds top issues.(includes economic data)Business, general 
Guatemala: runoff forced in presidential vote.Business, general 
Guerrillas release U.S. hostage. (Colombian leftists release Thomas R. Hargrove)Business, general 
Haiti: Aristide's party dominates elections. (Pres. Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas Movement)Business, general 
Haiti: Preval elected Aristide's successor. (Rene Preval wins presidential election to replace Jean-Bertrand Aristide; includes other news)Business, general 
Haiti: U.S. to return documents. (includes information about allegations by opposition leader Emmanuel Constant)Business, general 
Hamas bomber kills five Jews in Jerusalem bus attack. (includes related information on arrests of bomb suspects)Business, general 
Hearings held on 1992 Ruby Ridge siege. (Idaho)(includes related articles on testimony and related developments)Business, general 
Hearings held on 1993 Waco cult siege. (1993 assault on Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas)Business, general 
High court upholds Aborigine land act. (Native Title Act of Australia)Business, general 
High-level Ulster meeting postponed. (talks about Northern Ireland between Ireland and Britain)Business, general 
High-level Ulster talks open.(peace talks in Northern Ireland)(includes related article)Business, general 
High-level Ulster talks seen. (peace talks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland)Business, general 
Highway speed-limit law repealed. (federal law)Business, general 
Hillary Clinton to attend China parley. (U.N. World Conference on Women)(includes other news about the conference)Business, general 
Historian fired for Holocaust remarks. (Christina Jeffrey)Business, general 
Hockey season ends.(includes related articles on team sales, firings and other hockey topics)Business, general 
Home resales fell 1.9% in October. (1995)Business, general 
Home resales rose 0.7% in September.(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Home resales rose 3% in August.(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Home resales rose 4.7% in May. (May 1995; includes other economic news)Business, general 
Home resales rose 5/8% in March. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Home resales rose 5% in July.(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Hormone causes mice to lose weight. (includes related articles on obesity gene)Business, general 
House backs flag-protection amendment.Business, general 
House panel proposes D.C. overhaul. (Washington, D.C. finances; includes related information on Newt Gingrich's visit to district)Business, general 
House passes anticrime bills.Business, general 
House passes five-year, $189 billion tax cut.(includes highlights of the tax bill)Business, general 
House passes foreign-aid bill.(Brief Article)Business, general 
House passes gift ban. (House of Representatives)Business, general 
House passes HHS/Labor/Education funds. (Health and Human Services Department)Business, general 
House passes liability suit curbs. (Common Sense Product Liability and Legal Reform Act)Business, general 
House passes lobbying disclosure bill. (U.S. Congress)Business, general 
House passes property-rights bill.Business, general 
House passes spending cuts: $17 billion cut from fiscal '95 programs. (includes related information)Business, general 
House passes tort reform bills.Business, general 
House passes welfare reform. (includes related article with highlights of the bill)Business, general 
House rejects term-limits bills in chamber's first defeat for Republican Party's 'Contract with America.'Business, general 
House Republicans propose Medicare, Medicaid overhaul.Business, general 
House resolution stalls budget negotiations. (1995-96 federal budget impasse)Business, general 
House scales back Clean Water Act.(environmental legislation)(includes related articles)Business, general 
House seeks EPA curbs in spending bill. (Environmental Protection Agency)Business, general 
House, Senate approve balanced-budget plans. (includes comparison of proposals)Business, general 
House, Senate committees pass balanced-budget plans. (includes related articles)Business, general 
House, Senate pass '96 interior funds. (Department of the Interior budget)Business, general 
House, Senate pass overhaul bill. (welfare reform bill)(includes details of the bill)Business, general 
House votes to ban abortion procedure. (late term intact dilation and evacuation)Business, general 
House votes to curb federal regulations.Business, general 
Houston Rockets win second straight NBA title. (National Basketball Association)(includes related articles and other basketball news)Business, general 
HUD scandal: ex-Interior Secretary Watt charged. (James G. Watt)Business, general 
Human radiation-test figures disclosed. (Department of Energy's Human Radiation Experiments)Business, general 
Human-rights petitions released. (China)(includes article about the arrest of Zhou Beifang)Business, general 
Hussein wins orchestrated vote. (Iraqi President Saddam Hussein)(includes related article and related developments)Business, general 
Ibero-American Summit meets in Argentina.Business, general 
IBM issues hostile bid for Lotus. (Lotus Development Corp.)(includes related article)Business, general 
Illinois train, bus crash kills seven. (Fox River Grove, Illinois)Business, general 
IMF releases report on world growth. (International Monetary Fund)Business, general 
IMF revises '95, '96 growth forecasts. (International Monetary Fund)(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Immigration: commission urges cuts.Business, general 
Implant suits bankrupt Dow Corning. (breast implant lawsuits)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Income increased 0.8% in December 1994.(includes other economic statistical news)Business, general 
Income rose 0.5% in February. (personal income)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Income rose 0.9% in January. (includes related economic news)Business, general 
Independent counsel asked in HUD secretary's case: Cisneros's payments to mistress queried. (Housing and Urban Development Sec Henry G. Cisneros)Business, general 
Indian activist killed by police. (Canadian Chippewa activist Anthony George)Business, general 
Indicted Army officers evade arrest. (Honduran Army officers charged with kidnapping and torture of student activists in 1982)Business, general 
Indonesia: East Timorese ask Britain for asylum. (five are in the British Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia)Business, general 
Integration debate splits Tories. (the British Conservative Party's views on European integration)Business, general 
Intelligence: CIA officers fired over Guatemala affair. (operation ends in American deaths)Business, general 
Iraq discloses nuclear, germ weapons data to U.N..(includes news about related developments)Business, general 
Iraq rejects U.N. oil-sale plan. (United Nations; includes related articles)Business, general 
Israel arrests more Rabin slaying suspects; military withdraws from Jenin. (assassination of Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin)(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Israel continues West Bank pullout. (includes other Mideast news)Business, general 
Israel frees 900 Palestinians, begins West Bank pullback; confusion clouds political turning point.Business, general 
Israeli-PLO talks deadlocked over Hebron settlers. (Palestinian Liberation Organization)(includes information on related developments)Business, general 
Israeli troops exit from Nablus, Tulkarm on West Bank; Peres keeps peace process on track. (new Prime Minister Shimon Peres)Business, general 
Israel, PLO agree to revive stalled peace effort. (Palestine Liberation Organization)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Israel, PLO reach accord on West Bank, military pullout and expanded Palestinian self-rule. (Palestine Liberation Organization)(includes highlights of the accord)Business, general 
Israel, PLO reach accord on West Bank pullout, voting. (Palestine Liberation Organization)(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Israel, PLO vow to continue talks on expanded self-rule. (Palestine Liberation Organization)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Israel's East Jerusalem land plans trigger uproar. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Israel's Rabin slain by Jewish extremist at peace rally; Peres assumes helm of shocked nation. (Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Israel suspends Jerusalem land seizures amid mounting international criticism.Business, general 
Israel, Syria intensify efforts to forge peace terms.(includes related articles on the Middle East)Business, general 
Israel, Syria resume direct talks in Washington. (peace talks)Business, general 
January jobless rate edges up to 5.7%.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Japan: Daiwa Bank reports bond fraud losses.Business, general 
Japanese cult leader arrested, charged with subway nerve-gas attack.(Shoko Asahara)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Japan hosts APEC summit; free-trade framework signed. (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)Business, general 
Japan: housing lenders bailout approved. (includes other financial news)Business, general 
Japan's premier issues World War II apology; act is first by a Japanese leader.Business, general 
Japan: U.S. asked about trade talks spying.Business, general 
Japan: U.S. servicemen charged in Okinawa rape.Business, general 
Jobless rate dips to 5.5% in October. (1995)(includes related article)Business, general 
Jobless rate dips to 5.7% in May. (includes related articles and other economic news)Business, general 
Jobless rate drops to 5.6% in August.Business, general 
Jobless rate edges up to 5.5%.Business, general 
Jobless rate falls to 5.4% (for December 1994) (includes related articles and analysis of the data)Business, general 
Jobless rate falls to 5.4% in February. (1995)(includes other employment statistics)Business, general 
Jobless rate rises to 5.8% in April. (includes related article)Business, general 
Jobless rate rose to 5.6% in November.Business, general 
Jobless rate rose to 5.7% in July.Business, general 
Journalists win overtime pay case.(includes other labor news)Business, general 
Judge rejects Microsoft consent decree. (related to antitrust charges)(includes other computer industry news)Business, general 
Juppe unveils new government. (French Premier Alain Juppe)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Kashmiri rebels kill Norwegian hostage. (Hans Christian Ostro's body was found near Srinagar, India)Business, general 
Kashmir Mosque, town cutted in clashes.(war in Kashmir and Jammu region of India)(includes related article)Business, general 
Kassebaum to leave Senate. (Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum)Business, general 
Keating announces republic plan. (Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating)Business, general 
Kerkorian drops bid to buy Chrysler. (Kirk Kerkorian, Chrysler Corp.)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Killings, settlements roil Israeli-PLO peace process. (Palestine Liberation Organization)Business, general 
Ku Klux Klan cross display allowed. (Supreme Court ruling)Business, general 
Labor: news in brief.Business, general 
Labor Party wins Queensland elections. (Australia)Business, general 
L.A. County receives federal aid. (Los Angeles County, California)Business, general 
Latin American and Caribbean news in brief.Business, general 
Latin American news in brief.Business, general 
Leaders agree on currency name. (European Union)(includes related article on Eastern European expansion)Business, general 
Leaders of U.S., Japan hold one-day summit. (includes related article about new trade pact signed Jan 10, 1995)Business, general 
Leading television journalist slain. (Vladislav Listyev, of Russia)Business, general 
Legislation: regulatory overhaul thwarted in Senate.(bill on cutting business regulation; includes related articles on Bob Dole and Republican agenda)Business, general 
Legislation: 'unfunded mandate' curbs advance.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Legislative elections held. (Haiti; June 25, 1995)Business, general 
Liberal Democrats hold conference. (United Kingdom)Business, general 
Liberal Party leader Downer resigns. (Alexander Downer, Australia)(includes other Australian news)Business, general 
Liberals dominate Quebec by-elections. (Liberal Party)Business, general 
Liberation of Auschwitz remembered. (Auschwitz, Poland)Business, general 
'Line-item' veto backed by House.Business, general 
Line-item veto backed by Senate; bill goes to conference.Business, general 
Lloyd's restructuring announced. (Lloyd's of London insurance company)Business, general 
Lobbyist pleads guilty in Espy case. (James H. Lake, Henry Espy, former Agricultural Secretary Mike Espy, illegal payment of campaign debts)(includes related article)Business, general 
Lockheed admits Egypt bribe; fine set. (Lockheed Corp.)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Los Angeles sweatshops raided. (California)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Lotus accepts sweetened IBM offer. (acquisition of Lotus Development Corp.)Business, general 
Louisiana's Rep. Tauzin switches to GOP. (W.J. Tauzin becomes a Republican)Business, general 
Lugar, Dornan make GOP bids official. (Richard Lugar, Robert Dornan announce bid for Republican presidential nomination)Business, general 
Macedonia: president injured by car bomb. (Pres. Kiro Gligorov)Business, general 
Maid's hanging in Singapore protested. (Philippine residents protest conviction and sentence of Filipina maid)Business, general 
Main rebel-held Chechen towns fall. (Gudermes and Shali, Chechnya)Business, general 
Major cautious on European currency. (Prime Minister John Major)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Major resigns as British Conservative Party leader. (U.K. Prime Minister John Major)Business, general 
Major wins Britain's Conservative Party leadership vote; rewards allies in cabinet shuffle. (Prime Minister John Major)(includes list of cabinet officers)Business, general 
Man acquitted of murder after DNA testing.(Canada)Business, general 
Mandela shoot-to-kill order draws ire. (South African Pres. Nelson Mandela)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Manufacturers' group meets. (the National Association of Manufacturers)(includes other business news)Business, general 
Mariners take A.L. West with playoff rout of Angels. (Seattle Mariners win major league baseball title against California Angels)(includes other major league baseball news)Business, general 
Maryland gov. vote challenge dismissed. (1994 gubernatorial race)Business, general 
Maxwell fraud trial opens. (Maxwell Communication Corp.)(includes related article on settlement received by pensioners)Business, general 
Mayfair wins final PGA golf tour event. (Billy Mayfair; Professional Golfers' Association)(includes other golfing news)Business, general 
MCI agrees to SHL Systemhouse buy. (MCI Communications Corp.)(includes news of other mergers and acquisitions)Business, general 
McNamara: Vietnam War was a mistake. (former US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara; includes related articles)Business, general 
Medical research: second breast cancer gene found. (includes other research news)Business, general 
Menem unveils austerity plan. (Pres Carlos Saul Menem of Argentina)Business, general 
Mergers & acquisitions: news in brief.Business, general 
Mexican financial crisis persists; political reforms set.Business, general 
Mexico accepts U.S. terms for $20 billion rescue package; austerity measures are imposed.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Mexico: central bank intervenes as peso drops.Business, general 
Mexico's President Zedillo meets with Clinton in U.S.: loan repayment deal precedes visit. (Ernesto Zedillo, Bill Clinton)Business, general 
Mexico's ruling party suffers landslide electoral defeat in key state. (Institutional Revolutionary Party, state of Jalisco)Business, general 
Mfume named top NAACP executive. (Kweisi Mfume)Business, general 
Microsoft abandons deal with Intuit. (acquisition cancelled)Business, general 
Microsoft antitrust deal approved.Business, general 
Middle East news in brief. (includes news on Palestinian refugees and other topics)Business, general 
Middle East News in Brief. (UN trade sanctions against Iraq remain) (includes other news on Iran, US/Iraq, European Union/Israel, Egypt/Israel, Lebanon, Argentina/Syria, terrorists arrests in London)Business, general 
Mid weight gain tied to shortened life. (Study of 115,000 women nurses over 16 years: includes findings on Japanese American men)Business, general 
Military-construction funds signed. (Pres. Bill Clinton signs appropriations bill for base maintenance)Business, general 
Military homosexual policy overturned.Business, general 
Milosevic linked to war crimes. (Serbian Pres Slobodan Milosevic; includes related articles on war in former Yugoslavia)Business, general 
Minister ousted due to maid's hanging. (Roberto Romulo, Philippine Foreign Minister)Business, general 
Ministry backs complete nuclear ban. (French Defense Ministry)Business, general 
Monetary row overshadows EU summit. (European Union rules on European Monetary Unit cause problems)Business, general 
Moslem rebels attack southern town. (Ipil, Philippine Islands)Business, general 
Mulroney named in bribe probe, sues. (former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney)Business, general 
Murayama admits botching quake relief.(Tomiichi Murayama and Kobe, Japan earthquake)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Muster wins tennis's French Open. (Thomas Muster)(includes other tennis news)Business, general 
National Gypsum rejects BPB bid. (takeover attempt by BPB Industries PLC.)(includes news of other mergers and acquisitions)Business, general 
Nation of Islam leader's assassination plot alleged. (plot to kill Louis Farrakhan)Business, general 
Nations agree on pact to repatriate Rwandan refugees.Business, general 
Nation's rail workers go on strike. (Canada)(includes related articles)Business, general 
NATO chief Claes quits amid bribe scandal. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization secretary-general Willy Claes)Business, general 
NATO chief questioned as probe widens. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General Willy Claes; Belgium bribery scandal)(includes related articles)Business, general 
NATO extends air strike threat to all safe areas in Bosnia-Herzegovina.(includes related articles)Business, general 
NATO picks Spain's Solana as Secretary General; foreign minister is compromise choice. (Javier Solana)Business, general 
NATO resumes airstrikes against Bosnian Serbs.Business, general 
Navy captain acquitted of harassment. (Everett L. Greene)Business, general 
Navy storms Greenpeace vessel.(French Navy storms Rainbow Warrior II)Business, general 
NBA approves pact, ends lockout. (National Basketball Association and players reach labor contract for $5 billion over six years)Business, general 
NBA imposes player lockout. (National basketball Association)(includes other news about basketball)Business, general 
NBA season ends. (regular season; includes related articles)Business, general 
NBA season opens. (National Basketball Association)(includes related articles and other developments in basketball)Business, general 
NEC buys stake in Packard Bell. (NEC Corp., Packard Bell Electronics Inc.)(includes information about other mergers and acquisitions)Business, general 
Nerve-gas attack on Tokyo subway system kills 10; Police raid religious sect's offices, seize chemicals. (Japan)Business, general 
New Era Philanthropy charged with fraud. (Foundation for New Era Philanthropy)Business, general 
New-home sales rose 6.1% in June.(includes other economic news)Business, general 
News in brief.Business, general 
News in brief.Business, general 
News in brief. (includes Canadian news on smuggling illegal aliens, Canadian dollar valuation, DuPont Canada Ltd. suit, motorcycle gang war, Ontario Hospital Assn. head resigns, job cuts in Immigration Dept.)Business, general 
News in brief. (Israel)Business, general 
News in brief.(Mergers & Acquisitions)Business, general 
News in brief. (prayer in the schools and other news about education)Business, general 
New York bids to keep Coffee Exchange. (Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange)(includes other news about financial markets)Business, general 
New York train gunman convicted. (Colin Ferguson)Business, general 
NFL season opens. (National Football League game results)Business, general 
NHL season set to begin. (National Hockey League) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Nigerian writer, minority rights activists hanged; executions cause international furor. (Ken Saro-Wiwa)(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
N.J. Sen. Bradley declines reelection. (Bill Bradley)Business, general 
N.L. wins baseball All-Star game.(National League; includes baseball first-half standings and other related topics)Business, general 
Nobel Prizes awarded. (1995 winners)Business, general 
Northern Ireland talks impasse broken. (includes related articles)(Great Britain)Business, general 
North Korea breaks off U.S. nuclear-pact talks. (includes related articles)Business, general 
North Korea threatens nuclear-pact withdrawal.Business, general 
Nuclear nonproliferation pact extended indefinitely.(Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Nuclear nonproliferation talks open. (includes related articles)Business, general 
NYC fall auctions yield mixed results. (1995 fall art auctions of Sotheby's Holdings and Christie's International in New York, NY)Business, general 
OAU 31st summit held in Ethiopia. (Organization of African Unity)(includes other African news)Business, general 
Offensive launched against rebels. (Algeria)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Officer cleared in Iraq copter downing. (Air Force Captain James Wang)Business, general 
Ohio State's George wins Heisman. (Eddie George wins the 1995 Heisman Trophy; includes other college football news)Business, general 
Oil rig deep-sea disposal abandoned. (near Outer Hebrides islands)Business, general 
O.J. Simpson acquitted in double murder trial; high-profile case sparks debate on race, jury reaches quick decision.(includes related articles)Business, general 
O.J. Simpson case: detective, house guest testify.Business, general 
O.J. Simpson case: opening arguments heard.(includes related articles)Business, general 
O.J. Simpson case: Simpson calls off TV interview.Business, general 
Oklahoma City bombing; 2nd suspect charged; chemist arrested.(Terry Lynn Nichols)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Oklahoma City bombing. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Oklahoma City bombing: McVeigh, Nichols indicted. (Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols)(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Oklahoma City bombing: McVeigh, Nichols plead not guilty. (bombing suspects Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols)Business, general 
On-line copyright protections proposed.(includes other task force recommendations)Business, general 
Ontario details more budget cuts.(includes related article on the province's labor law reform proposals)Business, general 
OPEC: oil output quotas remain frozen. (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)Business, general 
Opposition party wins general elections. (Thailand)Business, general 
Opposition peace proposals rejected. (Algeria)Business, general 
Orange County found in bond default.Business, general 
Orange County sets repayment plan. (California county bankruptcy)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Order of Canada Awards announced. (includes other Canadian news)Business, general 
Other European news. (miscellanea)Business, general 
Palestinian suicide bombs kill 19 at Israeli army bus stop.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Parade group allowed to ban gays. (U.S. Supreme Court ruling)Business, general 
Paris subway train bomb injures 29; Algerian group threatens terror escalation. (Armed Islamic Group; France)Business, general 
Parliament holds annual session. (China)Business, general 
Parliament rejects 1996 budget. (Spain)Business, general 
Parliament votes to oust cabinet. (Ukraine; includes related articles)Business, general 
Parliament vote tally confirms CP win. (Communist Party wins large share of vote in Russian election)(includes related information)Business, general 
Pavin wins U.S. Open golf tournament. (Corey Pavin)(includes other golfing news)Business, general 
Peace plan set; ruling council seated. (Liberia)Business, general 
Pell declines 1996 Senate bid. (Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell)Business, general 
Perot to form third political party. (H. Ross Perot)Business, general 
Personal income rose 0.7% in July. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Personal income was flat in August. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Peru, Ecuador border clashes erupt; peace talks stall.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Peru, Ecuador sign truce; border dispute unresolved.Business, general 
Pharmaceutical giants' merger seen.(Glaxo PLC offers to buy Wellcome PLC)(includes other business news)Business, general 
Plan reached to restart Ulster talks.(peace negotiations in Ireland; includes related article on secret meeting of Patrick Mayhew)Business, general 
Police raid Winnie Mandela's home.Business, general 
Politician sentenced in Tapie trial. (businessman Bernard Tapie; includes related articles)(France)Business, general 
Pope issues 'right-to-life' encyclical.Business, general 
Pope John Paul II tours U.S.; visits New York, New Jersey, Maryland.Business, general 
Pope tours Asia, Australia. (Pope John Paul II)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Pope tours three African nations. (Pope John Paul II)Business, general 
Portugal: socialists win general election.Business, general 
Poverty decreased in 1994. (Census Bureau report)Business, general 
Premier accused of spying. (Polish Premier Jozef Oleksy)(includes related article about the inauguration of Pres. Aleksander Kwasniewski)Business, general 
Premier Michel resigns. (Haitian Premier Smarck Michel)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Premier ousted amid refugee crisis. (Rwandan Premier Faustin Twagiramungu)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Premier wins budget confidence vote. (Italian Premier Lamberto Dini)(includes other political news about Italy)Business, general 
President Clinton seeks support for U.S. role in NATO force for Bosnia-Herzegovina.Business, general 
President reelected in boycotted vote. (Ivory Coast Pres. Henri Konan Bedie)Business, general 
President vetoes VA-HUD funds. (funding for the Veterans Administration and the Housing and Urban Development Dept. and other agencies)Business, general 
PRI defeated in state elections. (Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party)Business, general 
Prison chief fired amid criticism. (UK prison systems head Derek Lewis)Business, general 
Prison riot crushed, inmates killed. (Algeria)(includes related articles about rebel resistance in Algeria)Business, general 
Pro-Aristide party leads in vote count. (Haitian Pres Jean-Bertrand Aristide; Lavalas party)Business, general 
Pro-China candidates rebuffed in vote. (elections in Hong Kong)Business, general 
Producer prices fell 0.1% in August.(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Producer prices rose 0.3% in February. (1995)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Producer prices rose 0.5% in April. (Labor Dept. report)(includes other news on economic statistics)Business, general 
Producer prices rose 1.7% in 1994. (includes information on changes to the calculation of wholesale prices)Business, general 
Producer prices were flat in March. (1995; includes other economic statistics)Business, general 
Producer prices were steady in May. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Prosecution rests in O.J. Simpson murder trial.Business, general 
Protesters force calf-export reforms.(controversy over inhumane treatment of calves in Great Britain)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Province premiers in talks on finances. (Canada)Business, general 
Prudential cites suit deadline. (Prudential Securities Inc. settles class-action suit)(includes other business news)Business, general 
Quarterly corporate profits survey. (third quarter 1995 results)Business, general 
Quebec narrowly rejects independence from Canada in controversial referendum.Business, general 
Raytheon acquires E-Systems. (includes related articles on other mergers and acquisitions)Business, general 
Real estate firm in liquidation. (Bramalea Inc.)Business, general 
Rebel bomber kills dozens in Colombo. (Sri Lanka; includes information about peace efforts and campaigns against the rebels)Business, general 
Records fall at track championships. (1995 World Track & Field Championships)Business, general 
Redefined 'Fortune' 500 sets '94 profits. (Fortune 500 companies; includes related articles and list of Fortune's 20 largest US corporations)Business, general 
Referendums back Berlusconi. (former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi)(includes news about other referendums)Business, general 
Refugee exodus halted. (Burundi; includes related article)Business, general 
Refugees riot in Malaysian camps. (Vietnamese refugees)(includes related article on Vietnamese refugees in the U.S.)Business, general 
Rep. Reynolds guilty of sexual assault. (Illinois Congressman Mel Reynolds)Business, general 
Republican bloc dominates election. (Armenia)Business, general 
Rockefeller Center accepts Goldman bid. (acquisition by Goldman, Sachs & Co.)Business, general 
Rose Law Firm-Madison ties assailed. (Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, of Arkansas)Business, general 
Rubin urges bank-regulation reform. (Treasury Sec Robert E. Rubin)Business, general 
Ruling coalition collapses. (Thailand)Business, general 
Ruling coalition retains majority. (election results from Belgium)Business, general 
Russia assault on Chechnya continues.Business, general 
Russia, Chechnya reach truce in secession conflict.Business, general 
Russian forces increase intensity of attacks on breakaway republic of Chechnya. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Russian space station 'Mir,' U.S. shuttle 'Atlantis' dock.(includes space shuttle data)Business, general 
Russian troops capture Chechnya's presidential palace.Business, general 
Russia reschedules $2.5 billion debt. (Ukraine's debt to Russia)Business, general 
Russia to fulfill reactor contract with Iran.Business, general 
Rutgers president's remark stirs row. (racial remarks made by Rutgers University Pres. Francis L. Lawrence)Business, general 
Saatchi founder cuts ties to ad firm. (Saatchi & Saatchi founder Maurice Saatchi) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Saatchi & Saatchi injunction blocked.Business, general 
Salinas's brother linked to slaying. (Raul Salinas de Gortari is charged with the murder of Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Sampras, Graf win at Wimbledon.(Pete Sampras; Steffi Graf; includes other tennis news)Business, general 
Sampras, Graf win tennis U.S. Open. (Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf)(includes other tennis news)Business, general 
School admission denied in race trial. (reverse discrimination case against Boston Latin School)(includes other education news)Business, general 
School drug-testing program upheld. (Veronia School District v Acton)(Supreme Court case)Business, general 
School must fund religious journal. (University of Virginia)(includes excerpts from the Supreme Court decision)Business, general 
S.C. mother sentenced to life in sons' drownings. (South Carolina; Susan V. Smith)(includes information about related developments)Business, general 
Second-quarter profits rose 0.8%. (includes briefs about individual company results)Business, general 
Sect remains focus of nerve-gas probe. (Japanese religious sect Aum Shinrikyo; includes information on assassination attempt of Japan's top police official)Business, general 
Senate approves gift ban.Business, general 
Senate backs strict lobbyist rules.Business, general 
Senate cuts 1995 spending: disaster relief funds included in bill.Business, general 
Senate, House committees conclude Whitewater hearings: wrongdoing not conclusively shown. (Whitewater Development Corp. scandal)Business, general 
Senate, House pass defense bills. (defense spending)Business, general 
Senate, House pass Treasury/Postal bills. (funding for the Treasury Dept and the Postal Services)(includes information about amendments to the bill)Business, general 
Senate panel cites Packwood for sexual misconduct.(investigation of Bob Packwood)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Senate passes AIDS treatment act. (includes related article about comments made by Sen Jesse Helms about homosexuals)Business, general 
Senate passes Congress labor measure. (Congressional Accountability Act)Business, general 
Senate passes foreign aid bill.Business, general 
Senate passes liability suit limits.Business, general 
Senate passes telecommunications overhaul: deregulation, Internet smut addressed.(includes highlights of the bill)Business, general 
Senate passes welfare reform bill in bipartisan vote. (includes related highlights of bill)Business, general 
Senate rejects flag-desecration measure.Business, general 
Senate rejects Foster as Surgeon General nominee. (Henry Foster)Business, general 
Senate votes against public hearings on Packwood. (allegations of sexual harassment and ethics violations against Sen Bob Packwood)Business, general 
Senate votes to curb investors' suits.Business, general 
Sen. Campbell defects to GOP. (Ben Nighthorse Campbell)Business, general 
Sen. Hatfield survives job challenge. (Mark O. Hatfield)Business, general 
Senior Cali cartel figure arrested. (Jose Santacruz London, Colombia)Business, general 
Senior Iraqi army defectors given asylum in Jordan; son-in-law calls for President Hussein's ouster. (Saddam Hussein)Business, general 
Sen. Packwood resigns from Senate after ethics committee recommends his expulsion; documented evidence released. (Robert Packwood; includes text of committee recommendation)Business, general 
Sen. Packwood sets resignation date. (Oregon Senator Bob Packwood)(includes excerpts from Packwood's diary and related articles)Business, general 
Sen. Pryor sets 1996 retirement.(David Pryor)(includes news on other retiring senators)Business, general 
Serb leaders face new indictments: Serbian officers indicted. (charges of genocide and crimes against humanity)Business, general 
Serbs pull back heavy guns in Bosnia; Moslems, Croats press offensive.Business, general 
Serial bomber seeks manuscript publication: 'Unabomber' reveals plane threat hoax.Business, general 
Serial bomber's manuscript published. (includes excerpt and related information)Business, general 
Singapore releases Barings report. (report on the collapse of the UK investment firm Barings PLC)(includes related article on bondholders' suit)Business, general 
Slayings prompt U.S. probes. (Guatemala; includes related articles)Business, general 
Smith picked first in NBA draft. (Joe Smith; National Basketball Association)(includes list of other first-round draft picks)Business, general 
Social Democrats wins election. (Finland)Business, general 
Space: shuttle 'Discovery' deploys satellite.(includes related articles on satellite and new mission control center)Business, general 
Space: shuttle 'Endeavour' deploys satellites. (includes space shuttle data and other related articles)Business, general 
Sports: NFL season ends.Business, general 
Sports: NHL season opens. (National Hockey League; includes awards and personnel changes)Business, general 
Spy satellite photos declassified.Business, general 
States can tax interstate bus routes. (includes news of other Supreme Court cases and decisions)Business, general 
Store complex collapse kills hundreds. (Seoul, South Korea)Business, general 
Storms, floods hit California. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Study finds some schools lie to guides. (guides that rank colleges and universities)Business, general 
Study rates anti-AIDS drugs.Business, general 
Suicide bomber kills six Israelis on Tel Aviv bus.(includes related articles on Israeli-Palestinian relations)Business, general 
'Super utility' merger approved. (North West Water Group PLC's acquisition of Norweb PLC)(includes news about other British utility mergers and acquisitions)Business, general 
Supreme Court: 1995-96 term opens. (United States Supreme Court)Business, general 
Supreme Court blocks federal affirmative action plan.(includes excerpts from the decision and dissenting opinions)Business, general 
Supreme Court: conservatives dominate 1994-95 term. (includes related articles on voting and case rulings)Business, general 
Supreme Court overturns racially based Congressional district. (in Georgia)(includes related articles and excerpts from the decision)Business, general 
Supreme Court reduces school segregation remedies: redress limited to specific bias.Business, general 
Supreme Court strikes down Congressional term-limit laws: says Constitutional amendment required. (includes related article with excerpts from the decisions)Business, general 
Supreme Court strikes down school-zone gun ban; interstate commerce link rejected. (includes excerpts from the ruling)Business, general 
Surgeon general nominee defends record in hearings. (Henry W. Foster Jr.)Business, general 
Surgeon general nominee embroiled in abortion row. (Henry W. Foster, Jr. )(includes related articles)Business, general 
Suspects arrested in Colosio slaying. (Othon Cortes Vazquez arrested in Mar 1994 killing of Mexico presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio)Business, general 
Suspect with antigovernment views arrested in Oklahoma City bombing; 2 others held as witnesses.Business, general 
Sweeney elected AFL-CIO president. (John J. Sweeney)Business, general 
Taiwan president visits U.S.. (Lee Teng-hui)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Taliban rebels launch new offensive. (civil war in Afghanistan)Business, general 
Tamil rebels down government planes. (Sri Lanka; includes related articles)Business, general 
Tanzania: ruling party wins first multiparty vote. (Revolutionary Party wins elections; includes results from Zanzibar also)Business, general 
Telecommunications: Clinton backs antiviolence TV chip.(V-chip; includes related article on Clinton's views on public television)Business, general 
Telecommunications: conferees agree on reform legislation.Business, general 
Telecommunications overhaul approved by House.(includes highlights of the bill)Business, general 
Telecom sale to Italian firm folds. (Societa Finaziaria Telefonica withdraws from plan to purchase 25% of Svyazinvest)(includes related Russia business and economic news)Business, general 
Terry Nichols denied bail; brother freed. (James Nichols)(includes related articles and related developments)(Oklahoma City Bombing)Business, general 
Texas execution sets post-1976 record. (the execution of James Michael Briddle)(includes other news about capital punishment)Business, general 
Texas holds 100th execution since '82. (includes list of other prisoners executed)Business, general 
Thai workers found in virtual slavery. (El Monte, California)Business, general 
Theater openings.Business, general 
Theater Openings. (in the U.S. and internationally)(Directory)Business, general 
Theater: Tony Awards presented.Business, general 
The high court Jan 17 rejected an appeal by Stephen A. Knox.Business, general 
Thousands die in Rwanda refugee-camp closures; government disputes death toll estimate.Business, general 
Three charged in bond kickback scheme. (in New Jersey)(includes related article about case in Florida)Business, general 
Time Warner sets merger with Turner Broadcasting System.(includes related article about Time Warner's sale of Interscope Records Inc.)Business, general 
Tobacco: CBS pulls segment; company files suit. ('60 Minutes' interview of former Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. executive)Business, general 
Tobacco: Clinton proposes youth antismoking plan.(includes related news)Business, general 
Tobacco: FDA plan for regulation reported.(includes related articles)Business, general 
Top quark reported found. (physics research)Business, general 
Tories defeat Labour EU policy censure. (European Union)Business, general 
Tories hold annual conference. (the British Conservative Party)Business, general 
Tories routed in local elections. (Great Britain; includes related articles)Business, general 
Tories routed in Scottish elections.Business, general 
Toronto man accused of Nazi war crimes. (native Latvian Erichs Tobiass)Business, general 
Trade deficit contracted in August. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Trade deficit increased in July.Business, general 
Trade deficit increased in June.Business, general 
Trade deficit narrowed in September. (1995)Business, general 
Trade deficit widened in May.Business, general 
Trade gap narrowed in February.Business, general 
Trade gap narrowed in March.Business, general 
Trade gap reached six-year high in 1994.Business, general 
Trade gap rose 4.3% in November 1994.Business, general 
Trader blames crash on Barings. (Barings PLC rogue trader Nicholas Leeson)Business, general 
Trafalgar drops Norther takeover bid. (Trafalgar House PLC; Northern Electric PLC)Business, general 
Train bomb in Paris kills seven.(Paris, France; includes related article on bombing investigation)Business, general 
Transcript of President Clinton's State of the Union message.(Transcript)Business, general 
Treasury auctions $42.5 billion in debt.Business, general 
Treasury to slow government borrowing. (Treasury auction)Business, general 
Troops advance against rebels in Jaffna. (Sri Lanka)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Turkey seeks U.S. intervention in Iraq. (military action against Kurds desired)Business, general 
Tutu named to head truth commission. (Desmond Tutu)(South Africa)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Two jailed Americans freed in Iraq. (William Barloon and David Daliberti)Business, general 
Tyson defeats McNeely in boxing return. (Mike Tyson, Peter McNeely; includes news of other boxing results)Business, general 
UCLA beats Arkansas for NCAA basketball title; Bruins win 11th championship. (includes other competition news)Business, general 
UCLA tops year-end polls. (University of California-Los Angeles basketball team)(includes other basketball news)Business, general 
Ulster document leak stirs row. (peace treaty between Northern Ireland and the UK)(includes related articles)Business, general 
'Unabomber' strikes again. (mail bombings; includes related articles)Business, general 
U.N. approves Haiti peace-keeping force: U.S. to cede control by March 31.(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.N. bomb plot trial: defense rests, jury deliberations begins.Business, general 
U.N. bomb plot trial: prosecution rests case.Business, general 
U.N. climate conference held in Berlin; global-warming curbs sought by 1997. (United Nations)Business, general 
'Unfunded mandate' bill cleared, signed.Business, general 
Union Pacific drops Santa Fe bid. (Santa Fe Pacific Corp.)(includes other corporate mergers and acquistions news)Business, general 
United Nations: 50th General Assembly opens. (includes other articles)Business, general 
United Nations Conference on Women held in China. (includes related statistical information)Business, general 
United Nations: peace-keeping report issued. (includes list of heads of UN agencies)Business, general 
U.N. operation in Somalia ends; U.S. aids withdrawal of peace-keepers. (includes chronology of operation)Business, general 
U.N. panel scores abuses, spares China. (United Nations Human Rights Commission conference in Geneva, Switzerland)Business, general 
U.N. peace plan stalls. (resolve conflict in Afghanistan)Business, general 
U.N. retains sanctions. (against Iraq)Business, general 
U.N. 'social summit' held in Copenhagen. (Denmark)Business, general 
U.N. takes over Haiti security role from U.S.-led forces.(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. aid worker slain, family says. (Chechnya aid worker Frederick C. Cuny)Business, general 
U.S. astronaut orbits on Russian craft. (Norman E. Thagard)Business, general 
U.S. begins forcible repatriations.Business, general 
U.S. charges, evicts Japan's Daiwa Bank. (Daiwa Bank Ltd.)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S., China reach accord on 'pirated' goods.Business, general 
U.S., China sign trade accords.Business, general 
U.S. CIA linked to killings. (in Guatemala)Business, general 
U.S. confirms probe of Nasdaq pricing. (price-fixing probe)(includes information about a class-action suit and related developments)Business, general 
U.S. criticizes Colombia antidrug effort.Business, general 
U.S. dollar plunges to record lows against yen, mark; Mexico crisis, U.S. deficits cited.Business, general 
U.S. eases embargo against North Korea.(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. First Lady tours Latin America. (Hillary Rodham Clinton)Business, general 
U.S. First Lady tours South Asia. (Hillary Rodham Clinton)Business, general 
U.S. House tightens economic embargo. (against Cuba)Business, general 
U.S. House votes to pass Medicare overhaul. (includes highlights of the House Medicare Overhaul bill)Business, general 
U.S. imposes punitive tariffs on Chinese imports; China retaliates; talks' resumption planned.(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S., Japan reach automotive trade accord; Clinton calls off threatened tariffs.Business, general 
U.S. makes settlement in '92 Idaho siege. (Ruby Ridge, ID)Business, general 
U.S. offers Bosnia peace plan; new offensives launched.(includes news about other developments)Business, general 
U.S. opens ties with Vietnam.(includes related article on MIA issue)Business, general 
U.S. peace envoys to Bosnia killed in car crash; continued peace efforts are vowed. (includes related developments)Business, general 
U.S. President Clinton opens full diplomatic ties with Vietnam.Business, general 
U.S. reports fault CIA officials.(report on CIA involvement in murder of two Americans in Guatemala; includes related article on Clinton panel report)Business, general 
U.S. scraps asylum policy.(Cuban refugee policy)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. Senate passes embargo bill.Business, general 
U.S. servicemen admit to Okinawa rape. (includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
U.S. sets sanctions on Japanese autos.Business, general 
U.S., Shabazz settle Farrakhan plot case. (Malcolm X's daughter Qubilah Bahiyah Shabazz, Louis Farrakhan; includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. State Dept. releases annual survey. (human rights report)Business, general 
U.S. targets Japan in auto trade fight. (includes related article)Business, general 
U.S. troop pullout reviewed. (effects action will have on Panama's economy in the Canal Zone)Business, general 
U.S. troop role seen in Croatia pullout.Business, general 
U.S. troops arrive in East Africa.(withdrawal of United Nations troops from Somalia)(includes related news)Business, general 
U.S. troops deploy in Bosnia-Herzegovina; U.N. relinquishes peace-keeping role to NATO.(includes information about other Bosnian developments)Business, general 
U.S., U.N. allege rights abuses. (in Guatemala)(includes related article about peace negotiations)Business, general 
U.S. urged to recall alleged spies.Business, general 
U.S. urges tougher sanctions on Libya.(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S., Vietnam expand diplomatic ties.(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. workers' honoraria ban overturned.Business, general 
U.S. writer found guilty of defamation.(in Singapore)Business, general 
V-E Day commemorations held. (Victory in Europe; includes related articles)Business, general 
Viacom sets sale of cable properties.(Viacom Inc. sells cable television systems to RCS Pacific L.P.)(includes other merger news)Business, general 
Vice president charged, flees. (Ecuador VP Alberto Dahik Garzoni)(includes related article on other cabinet officers)Business, general 
Vranitzky maintains electoral edge. (Austrian Chancellor Franz Vranitzky)(includes related article on letter bombs)Business, general 
Waldholtz admits funding violations. (Rep Enid Waldholtz)Business, general 
Warfare erupts in Croatia, shattering three-year truce. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Warring parties in former Yugoslavia agree to U.S.-brokered peace plan.Business, general 
Wave of violence shakes Guerrero state.(Mexico)Business, general 
Western hemisphere ministers meet. (trade ministers)Business, general 
White House gunman found guilty.(Francisco Martin Duran)(includes related article)Business, general 
White mayor elected in Gary, Indiana. (Scott King)(includes results of other mayoral elections)Business, general 
Whitewater affair: Arkansas governor charged with fraud. (Jim Guy Tucker)(includes related article about former Clinton aide Stephen A. Smith)Business, general 
Whitewater affair: Clinton releases 1993 meeting notes.(includes related articles about the Whitewater scandal)Business, general 
Whitewater affair: hearings focus on Foster office search.(Whitewater government investigation into death of Vincent Foster; includes related articles)Business, general 
Whitewater affair. (scandal involving the Whitewater Development Corp.)(includes related article about the hiring of Suzanna W. Hubbell)Business, general 
Whitewater affair: Senate approves new round of hearings.Business, general 
Whitewater affair: White House defies Senate subpoena.Business, general 
Whitewater hearings begin in Senate.Business, general 
Whitman gives Republican response. (New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman; rebuttal to Pres Clinton's State of the Union Address)Business, general 
Wolves brought to Yellowstone Park.Business, general 
Woman acquitted of injecting man with HIV. (includes related witness information)Business, general 
Women, minorities face job barriers.Business, general 
Women's prison scored by investigator. (investigation reveals laws were broken after disturbance at the Prison for Women, Kingston, Ontario)Business, general 
World heads of state and government leaders.(Directory)Business, general 
World heads of state and government leaders.(Directory)Business, general 
World leaders gather in U.S. to commemorate United Nations' 50th anniversary. (includes excerpts from speeches).Business, general 
World Trade Center bombing: alleged van driver detained in Jordan.Business, general 
World Trade Center bombing: suspect nabbed in Pakistan. (Ramzi Ahmed Yousef)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Zedillo gives state of nation address. (Mexico Pres Ernesto Zedillo)Business, general 
Zedillo sets new economic plan. (Mexican Pres Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Zepa safe area falls to Bosnian Serbs; Western allies threaten air strikes.(Zepa, Bosnia Herzegovina; includes related articles on war in Bosnia)Business, general 
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