Facts on File 1993 - Abstracts

Facts on File 1993
103rd Congress convenes. (includes related articles)Business, general 
1992 fourth-quarter profits rose 10%. (business profits) (includes related article)Business, general 
1992 trade surplus reaches record high. (Japan) (includes other Japanese news)Business, general 
23 U.N. peace-keepers slain in attacks. (United Nations; Somalia)(includes related articles)Business, general 
3 guilty of raping retarded N.J. woman. (includes related articles)Business, general 
'92 Fortune 500 profits lowered by charges. (noncash charges)(includes related articles on Philip Morris Companies Inc. and service companies)Business, general 
'92 productivity gain hit 20-year high. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
'93 supplemental spending approved. (includes related article)Business, general 
Aboriginal land claims plan proposed. (Australia)(includes related article on charges of crimes against humanity and trespass against the United Kingdom by Aborigines)Business, general 
Abortion blockade curbs struck down. (Supreme Court case of Bray versus Alexandria Women's Health Clinic)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Abortion restrictions reversed. (includes related article)Business, general 
Accord reached in eastern strikes. (eastern Germany)(includes related article)Business, general 
Administration unveils wetlands policy. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Adopted girl returned to natural parents. (Jessica DeBoer; includes related article)Business, general 
AIDS trial collaboration set. (15 U.S. and European pharmaceutical firms will collaborate on tests for drugs to fight AIDS)(includes other news about health)Business, general 
Airport shootout probe yields arrests. (ten arrested in Tijuana, Mexico; includes other news about Mexico)Business, general 
Alabama's governor convicted, ousted. (Guy Hunt convicted of diverting money)(includes related article on ethics laws)Business, general 
Alaska fishermen in protest blockade. (protest of effects of 'Exxon Valdez' oil spill)(includes related article)Business, general 
Alleged plot to spark 'race war' smashed. (attacks against African Americans and Jews by white supremacists in Southern California)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Altman's New York trial begins. (Bank of Commerce & Credit International; Robert A. Altman; includes other BCCI trial news)Business, general 
AL wins sixth straight all-star game. (American League; includes other sports news)Business, general 
Amnesty granted for civil war atrocities. (right-wing legislators in the National Assembly of El Salvador March 20, 1993, won amnesty for all participants in the country's 12-year civil war) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Andreotti denies charges by Mafiosi. (former Italian premier Giulio Andreotti)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Angola: peace talks open in Ethiopia. (includes related articles)Business, general 
April jobless rate holds steady at 7%. (April 1993)Business, general 
Arabs, Israelis conclude ninth round. (Middle East peace talks)(includes related articles)Business, general 
A review of the top news stories of 1992.Business, general 
Aristide, military open indirect talks. (negotiations over the return to power of Haiti's exiled president Jean-Bertrand Aristide; includes other new about Haiti)Business, general 
Armed forces to allow women to serve in aerial combat. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Armenians seize territory in West, South. (includes related articles on Azerbaijan)Business, general 
Army man named Joint Chiefs chairman. (Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Malchase David Shalikashvili)(includes biography)Business, general 
Asia news in brief.Business, general 
Asian news in brief.Business, general 
Asian news in brief.Business, general 
Asian news in brief.Business, general 
Asian news in brief. (China's sale of missile technology and components to Pakistan and other news)Business, general 
Asian & Pacific news in brief. (political conflict within Communist Party of the Philippines and other news)Business, general 
Aspin targets 31 military bases for closure; cutbacks set at another 134 bases. (Defense Secretary Les Aspin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Attacks on foreigners reported slowing. (foreigners in Germany)(includes related article on asylum-seekers and related developments)Business, general 
AT&T to buy McCaw for $12.6 billion. (McCaw Cellular Communications Inc.)(includes related article)Business, general 
Auditors: military deceived Congress. (investigation of claims to obtain funding)Business, general 
August jobless rate shows small drop. (1993)Business, general 
Austerity plan to help East proposed. (former East Germany) (includes related articles and other German economic news)Business, general 
Australia: federal elections called for March 13. (includes related articles and other political news)Business, general 
Australia Labor government wins fifth straight term. (Prime Minister Paul Keating wins election)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Aviation: news in brief. (news and regulations concerning the airline industry)Business, general 
Babangida annuls election. (Nigerian military leader General Ibrahim Babangida)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Babangida reschedules vote. (Nigerian leader Ibrahim Babangida announces new presidential elections)Business, general 
Baird's nomination for attorney general withdrawn: she steps down amid alien-hiring furor. (Zoe Baird) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Balladur named premier after French landslide vote. (Edouard Balladur)(includes biographical information and related articles)Business, general 
Balladur sets austerity budget. (French Premier Edouard Balladur)(includes related article on Bank of France)Business, general 
Balladur sets out plans. (Edouard Balladur)Business, general 
Bank aiding East embarrassed by probe. (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; aid to Eastern Europe)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Barbour elected GOP committee chief. (Haley Barbour) (includes related article)Business, general 
Baseball season opens with 2 new teams. (Florida Marlins, Colorado Rockies) (includes related articles and news of major personnel and other developments in baseball)Business, general 
BA, USAir announce new merger plan. (British Airways PLC, USAir Group Inc.)Business, general 
B.C. sets more Vancouver Island logging. (British Columbia)(includes related articles on forestry jobs, environmental standards, lumberjacks' union and conflict-of-interest investigation)Business, general 
Bills win third straight AFC title. (Buffalo Bills football team, American Football Conference) (includes related articles)Business, general 
BNL defendant subpoenas Bush. (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Atlanta, Georgia, branch manager Christopher P. Drogoul; George Bush)(includes related article and other developments in Iraqi arms scandal)Business, general 
Bomb at World Trade Center in New York City kills five; man described as Moslem fundamentalist arrested. (Mohammed A. Salameh)(includes related articles and other news)Business, general 
Bombay wracked by sectarian violence. (includes related articles on India)Business, general 
Bomb blasts wrack Bombay, Calcutta. (includes related articles and news of other developements in India)Business, general 
Border closed for currency recall. (Iraq closes border with Jordan)(includes other developments in Iraq)Business, general 
Bosnian mediation efforts renewed. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Bosnian Serb 'Parliament' backs peace plan. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Bosnian Serbs again reject peace plan despite U.S. military threat. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Boutros-Ghali sees May turnover. (United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali plans to replace troops in Somalia)(includes related articles on Somalia and other developments)Business, general 
Braves nip Giants to win N.L. Western Division. (baseball; Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants, National League West Division)(includes related articles on Major League Baseball)Business, general 
British budget plans future tax increases. (includes related articles)Business, general 
British, German tourists slain in Florida. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Brown admits Vietnam link, denies bribe. (Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown)(includes related article)Business, general 
Budget measure squeaks past Senate. (Pres Clinton's economic plan)Business, general 
Bush postal appointment overturned. (George Bush's appointment of Thomas Ludlow Ashley to Postal Board of Governors)(includes news on other appointments by Clinton Administration)Business, general 
Bush records reported missing. (George Bush) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Bush, Yeltsin sign START II nuclear arms pact. (George Bush, Boris Yeltsin; Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty II)(includes related articles on Bush's visits to Somalia and France and Bill Clinton's meeting with Yeltsin)Business, general 
Business briefs. (information about five corporations)Business, general 
Business news in brief.Business, general 
Business news in brief.Business, general 
Business news in brief. (business information on various organizations)Business, general 
Business news in brief. (Microsoft Corp. and other companies)Business, general 
Business people.Business, general 
Business people. (hirings and resignations of various executives)Business, general 
Business people. (personnel-related activities of various business people)Business, general 
Business people. (promotion, selection, resignation and retirement of various executives)Business, general 
Business people. (promotion, selection, resignation and retirement of various executives)Business, general 
Business people. (Westinghouse Electric CEO Michael H. Jordan and others; hirings and resignations of various executives)Business, general 
C-17 transport jet fails tests. (includes related articles and other defense news)Business, general 
Cabinet splits over identity checks. (immigration laws in France)Business, general 
Canada: Bronfman companies examined. (Edward and Peter Bronfman's Edper Enterprises) (includes related information)Business, general 
Canadiens best Kings in Stanley Cup. (Montreal Canadiens, Los Angeles Kings; National Hockey League championship)(includes related articles on overtime, earlier rounds and suspension of Dale Hunter of Washington Capitals)Business, general 
Car bomb near Florence museum kills five. (Uffizi Gallery, Italy)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Car makers drop 'antidumping' threat. (General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler Corp.)Business, general 
Cellular phone cancer scare hits. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Central banker Ciampi named Italian premier. (Carlo Azeglio Ciampi)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Chemical engineer held in World Trade Center blast. (Nidal A. Ayyad) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Chemical treaty signing begins. (includes related article)Business, general 
Chevron-Kazakhstan oil joint venture set. (includes related articles on former Soviet republics and the oil industry)Business, general 
Chicago Bulls win third straight NBA championship. (National Basketball Association)(includes related articles on the championship and on personnel changes in the NBA)Business, general 
China, Britain resume talks. (Hong Kong's political status before 1997)(includes related articles on airport project in Hong Kong, Hong Kong stock market, Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten's visit to U.S.)Business, general 
China, Taiwan sign cooperation pacts.Business, general 
Chinese premier meets Keating. (Chinese Premier Li Peng, Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating meet to discuss trade and economic issues)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Christopher tours Mideast. (Secretary of State Warren Christopher, Russian Foreign Minister Andrei V. Kozyrev; Middle East)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Church group gets equal access to school. (Lamb's Chapel; Supreme Court case)(includes related article on school prayer)Business, general 
Ciller becomes premier of Turkey. (Tansu Ciller)(includes related article and biographical information)Business, general 
'Clean fuel' causes health concerns. (combination of gasoline and methyl tertiary butyl ether)(includes related developments)Business, general 
Clerides elected president. (Glafcos Clerides) (includes related article)Business, general 
Clinton acts on military ban on homosexuals: President gives ground to opponents. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton administration: deficit cuts weighed. (Bill Clinton) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton administration: first 100 days marked.Business, general 
Clinton and Gore unveil plans for streamlining government. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton appointees sail through hearings. (Bill Clinton)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton blasts drug firms on costs. (President Clinton)Business, general 
Clinton budget measure passes narrowly in House. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton budget plan clears Congress; $496 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts set. (includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Clinton budget resolutions clear Congress. (President Bill Clinton) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton, cabinet campaign for economic plan support. (President Clinton) (includes related articles and news of other developments involving Clinton)Business, general 
Clinton campaign-finance reform proposals unveiled. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton compromises on lifting military ban on gays. (Bill Clinton) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton convenes timber summit. (President Clinton) (includes related article)Business, general 
Clinton criticizes the NRA. (President Clinton, National Rifle Association) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton defends record at press conference. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton deficit plan clears early hurdle. (President Clinton) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton drops Guinier as choice for civil rights post. (Justice Department civil-rights division nominee Lani Guinier)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton endorses eased military ban on homosexuals. (President Bill Clinton)Business, general 
Clinton endorses free trade. (President Bill Clinton)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton, Fed plan to ease lending rates. (President Clinton, Federal Reserve Board) (includes related article)Business, general 
Clinton focuses on deficit plan at press conference. (includes related articles on inflation, policy toward Bosnia and domestic and foreign issues)Business, general 
Clinton holds first press conference as president. (Bill Clinton) (include related articles)Business, general 
Clinton, Japan's Miyazawa discuss trade issues. (President Bill Clinton, Japanese Premier Kiichi Miyazawa)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton meets Aristide, backs return. (President Clinton, Jean-Bertrand Aristide; Aristide's return to power in Haiti) (includes related articles and news of other developments in Haiti)Business, general 
Clinton meets homosexual-rights leaders. (President Bill Clinton)(includes related article)Business, general 
Clinton names NAFTA task force head. (William M. Daley heads North American Free Trade Agreement task force)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton orders Medicaid streamlining. (Bill Clinton) (includes related article)Business, general 
Clinton picks Wilhelm as party chief. (Bill Clinton, David Wilhelm; chairman of Democratic National Committee)(includes related articles on presidential appointees and reductions in White House staff)Business, general 
Clinton presents economic program to Congress: $500 billion in taxes, spending cuts urged. (President Clinton) (includes summary of key aspects of plan, transcript of address, related articles) (Cover Story)Business, general 
Clinton proposes $1.52 trillion budget for fiscal 1994. (President Clinton) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton proposes reforms. (President Bill Clinton's immigration policy)Business, general 
Clinton service plan, loan reform detailed. (national service program)Business, general 
Clinton signals compromise on homosexuals in the military. (includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Clinton signs $6.2 billion aid package. (flood relief for midwestern states)(includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Clinton signs family-leave bill. (President Bill Clinton; Family and Medical Leave Act)Business, general 
Clinton signs NAFTA supplemental agreements. (North American Free Trade Agreement)(includes related article and other news on NAFTA)Business, general 
Clinton stumps for economic agenda. (campaign tours)(includes related article on deficit 'trust fund')Business, general 
Clinton takes oath of office as the 42nd U.S. president; Gore sworn in as vice president. (Bill Clinton, Albert Gore Jr.) (includes related articles and transcript of inaugural address)Business, general 
Clinton to sign biodiversity pact. (includes related article on global warming and other environmental news)Business, general 
Clinton unveils health-care reform proposals to Congress; 'managed competition' plan would overhaul system. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton urges end to Vietnam rancor. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton vows aid as floods strike midwestern states. (President Bill Clinton)(includes related articles)Business, general 
College football season opens. (includes related articles on resignation of University of Washington coach Don James, changes in rules and Penn State's membership in Big 10 Conference)Business, general 
'Columbia' flies German mission. (space shuttle)(includes related article on research on weightlessness)Business, general 
Commerce deputy nominee withdraws. (John A. Rollwagen)(includes other news on government appointments)Business, general 
Commercial solicitation upheld. (U.S. Supreme Court case Edenfield vs. Fane; includes other Supreme Court news)Business, general 
Commission charges corruption. (Russia)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Commission recommends more military base closures: thirty large facilities targeted. (Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission)Business, general 
Commission reports on criminal justice. (Great Britain's Royal Commission on Criminal Justice)Business, general 
Commonwealth of independent states. (dispute between Russia and Ukraine over the Black Sea fleet; includes related articles)Business, general 
Compensation set for gas-test subjects. (former service people exposed to poison gas testing during World War II) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Congress approves senior leaders. (China) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Congress moves on '94 appropriations. (includes related articles) (Federal Budget)Business, general 
Congress passes final budget resolution. (includes related articles) (Clinton Economic Plan)Business, general 
Connally family rejects exhumation. (John B. Connally)Business, general 
Consumer Confidence Index falls in June. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Consumer prices rose 2.9% in 1992. (includes description of the consumer price index)Business, general 
Consumer prices unchanged in June. (consumer price index, June 1993)Business, general 
Council on competitiveness abolished. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Court ruling restricts abortions. (Germany)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Cowboys rout Bills in Super Bowl XXVII, 52-17. (Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills football teams) (includes other sports news)Business, general 
CPI edges up by 0.1% in March. (consumer price index, March 1993) (includes other economic news)Business, general 
CPI increases 0.5% in January. (Consumer Price Index, January 1993) (includes other economic news)Business, general 
CPI surges by 0.4% in April. (consumer price index, April 1993)(includes related article on Federal Reserve Board's interest-rate policy and other economic news)Business, general 
Crime news in brief. (David and Sharon Schoo give up their daughters for adoption; includes other reports of US crimes and court decisions)Business, general 
Crime: news in brief. (gunman kills eight people in San Francisco, California, highrise; includes other U.S. crime reports)Business, general 
Crime news in brief. (sexual assault of retarded girl; charge dismissed against officer in the Rodney King beating case; Joseph Buttafuoco pleads not guilty to statutory rape)Business, general 
Croatia launches offensive against Serbs: year-old cease-fire shattered. (includes related article)Business, general 
Cuba looks to oil investors. (includes news of other developments related to Cuba's economic development)Business, general 
Daimler posts first loss; sets cuts. (Daimler-Benz AG)(includes related articles on job cuts by other firms and unemployment in the European Community)Business, general 
Death-row innocence claims curbed. (includes excerpts from Supreme Court's ruling and related articles)Business, general 
December 1992 jobless rate steady. (includes related article)Business, general 
Defense accord signed with U.S. (Ukraine)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Defense minister to become Canada's first female premier. (Kim Campbell)(includes related articles and biography)Business, general 
Defense new in brief. (Russia)Business, general 
De Klerk admits building of A-bombs.. (South African President F.W. de Klerk, atomic bombs) (includes related articles)Business, general 
De Leon outlines government priorities. (Guatemalan President Ramiro de Leon Carpio; includes other news about Guatemala)Business, general 
Demonstrators riot in Belgrade after Yugoslav president's dismissal; attacks on Sarajevo intensified. (President Dobrica Cosic)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Denmark voters approve EC's 'Maastricht' treaty. (European Community; Treaty on European Union)(includes related articles)Business, general 
'Discovery' flies atmospheric mission. (includes related articles and data on the space shuttle)Business, general 
'Discovery' launches two satellites. (space shuttle)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Donors pledge $7.4 billion aid deal. (World Bank and Western nations pledge aid to India for economic reforms; includes related articles on India)Business, general 
Dow stock index hits record high. (Dow Jones industrial average of 30 stocks)(includes related articles on financial markets)Business, general 
East German former leader convicted. (former East German Premier Hans Modrow)(includes related articles on arrest of Wolfgang Vogel and trial of Markus Wolf)Business, general 
Economic-reform package proposed. (India)Business, general 
Economy continues to slump. (Germany)(includes related articles and other economic news)Business, general 
Egypt blames Iran, Sudan. (of providing support for Islamic terrorists in the Middle East) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Election held; results suspended. (Nigeria)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Election reform bill enacted. (includes other news about Italy)Business, general 
Election turmoil deepens. (Nigeria)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Endeavour retrieves European probe. (space shuttle retrieves European satellite)(includes related articles on European Retrievable Carrier and Spacehab laboratory)Business, general 
Eritrea votes for independence. (independence from Ethiopia)(includes related article)Business, general 
Escobar threatens armed struggle. (Pablo Escobar Gaviria)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Estonian 'apartheid' scored, gas cut. (Russia refuses to deliver natural gas to Estonia because of dispute over treatment of ethnic Russians in Estonia)Business, general 
European aid bank chief departs early. (Jacques Attali, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; includes other European news)Business, general 
European bank chief resigns. (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development President Jacques Attali)(includes related article on bank audit)Business, general 
European Community allows wide currency fluctuations. (includes related articles)Business, general 
European Community leaders hold summit in Copenhagen. (Denmark)(includes related articles)Business, general 
European news in brief. (reduction of income taxes in Denmark and other news)Business, general 
Everglades restoration pact reached. (environmental restoration plan for the Everglades swamp region in Florida; includes other environmental news)Business, general 
Excerpts from President Clinton's address to Congress on health-care reform. (Transcript)Business, general 
Excerpts from Supreme Court decision on abortion-clinic blockades. (Antonin Scalia, John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O'Connor; Bray versus Alexandria Women's Health Clinic) (Transcript)Business, general 
Excerpts from Yeltsin's address on dissolving parliament. (Russian President Boris Yeltsin) (Transcript)Business, general 
Execution order signature stirs row. (judge criticized for attitude when signing execution order for Robert Nelson Drew)(includes news on other executions)Business, general 
Executives' suicides deepen scandals. (Italian industrialists Raul Gardini, Gabriele Cagliari)(includes related articles and other developments on political bribery scandals)Business, general 
Ex-minister assassinated. (former Algerian education minister Djilali Liabes) (includes related article and news of other developments in Algeria)Business, general 
Ex-Reagan press aide named to key post. (David R. Gergen named counselor to the President)(includes related article)Business, general 
FAA orders propeller inspection. (Federal Aviation Administration)(includes related articles on Northwest Airlines Inc.)Business, general 
FBI arrests nine men linked to N.Y.C. bombing plot; United Nations, tunnels among reported targets. (New York, New York)Business, general 
FBI director accused of misconduct. (William S. Sessions) (includes related article)Business, general 
FBI Director Sessions fired over ethics charges. (Federal Bureau of Investigation; William S. Sessions)(includes related articles)Business, general 
FCC sets cable regulation guidelines. (Federal Communications Commission)Business, general 
FDA, Red Cross tighten blood safety. (Food and Drug Administration; American Red Cross)(includes other medical news)Business, general 
February housing starts increase 2.5%. (1993)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
February joblessness rate drops to 7%. (1993)Business, general 
Federal budget unveiled. (Australia)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Federal staff, costs cuts ordered. (includes related article)Business, general 
Federal trial of L.A. officers in King beating begins. (Los Angeles, CA, police officers, Rodney King) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Fed reports modest improvement. (Federal Reserve Board; U.S. economic conditions; includes other economic news)Business, general 
Fed reports slow to moderate growth. (Federal Reserve Board; includes related article on other economic news)Business, general 
Fed sees weakness in California, N.E. (Federal Reserve Board) (includes related article)Business, general 
Filibuster blocks Clinton stimulus plan in Senate. (Republican filibuster, President Clinton) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Financier Nadir flees to Turkish Cyprus. (Asil Nadir)(includes related article on United Kingdom's Serious Fraud Office)Business, general 
First direct parliamentary vote held. (Cuba) (includes related article)Business, general 
First European leader hosted. (meeting between British Prime Minister John Major and President Bill Clinton)(includes related articles)Business, general 
First-quarter GDP revised downward. (gross domestic product, 1993)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
First-quarter profits rose 4%. (Commerce report of after-tax profits of U.S. corporations; includes other business news and results of a Wall Street Journal survey)Business, general 
Fiscal 1993-94 budget presented. (Canada)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Fiscal reform clears initial hurdle. (Brazil) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Fittipaldi wins Indianapolis 500. (Emerson Fittipaldi wins automobile race)(includes related articles on A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti and Dale Earnhardt)Business, general 
Florida doctor slain by abortion opponent. (Michael F. Griffin shoots David Gunn)(includes related articles on violence against abortion clinics and abortion rights)Business, general 
Forced Haiti repatriation to continue. (includes related article)Business, general 
Ford, UAW reach three-year contract. (Ford Motor Co., United Automobile Workers)(includes related articles on terms of agreement and Chrysler Corp. labor agreement)Business, general 
Foreign minister visits U.S. (Michio Watanabe) (includes related article)Business, general 
Former House postmaster admits embezzlement. (Robert V. Rota)(includes related articles on Congressman Dan Rostenkowski)Business, general 
Former Salomon bond trader indicted. (Salomon Brothers Inc., Paul M. Mozer) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Four chastised in travel-office report. (scandal over firing of the White House travel staff)Business, general 
Fourth-quarter '92 GDP gained 4.8%. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Four U.S. agents killed in raid on Texas cult. (agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Branch Davidians in Waco, TX) (includes related articles)Business, general 
France accepts EC-U.S. oilseed pact. (European Community)(includes other news on General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)Business, general 
French right dominates first round of general elections. (includes related articles and news of other developments involving French Socialists)Business, general 
GAO, OMB cite widespread waste in federal contracts. (General Accounting Office, Office of Management and Budget)(includes related article on overbilling penalties)Business, general 
Gas-subsidy cut delayed. (Nigeria)(includes related articles on debt arrears, meeting between transitional council leader Ernest Shonekan and British Prime Minister John Major and other news about Nigeria)Business, general 
GDP gain revised to 4.7%. (gross domestic product)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
GDP growth points to recovery. (gross domestic product)(includes other economic news on United Kingdom)Business, general 
GDP rose 1.8% in first quarter. (U.S. gross domestic product)Business, general 
GDP rose 3.8% in '92 fourth quarter. (gross domestic product) (includes other economic news)Business, general 
General election called for Oct. 25. (Canada)(includes related articles)Business, general 
German central bank cuts its key interest rates. (Deutsche Bundesbank)(includes related article)Business, general 
German plane diverted to U.S. (hijacked Lufthansa airliner)Business, general 
Germans reach 'solidarity' pact on reunification costs. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Germany tightens laws on asylum. (includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Global environment: news in brief. (air pollution over the Arctic decreases; includes other news about international environmental issues)Business, general 
GM asked to recall pickups. (General Motors Corp.)(includes related article)Business, general 
GM found negligent in pickup trial. (General Motors Corp.)(includes related articles on National Broadcasting Company Inc.'s crash tests and commercials)Business, general 
GM posts record $23.5 billion loss. (General Motors Corp.) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Gonzalez wins fourth term as Spanish premier. (Felipe Gonzalez)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Government attacks Khmer Rouge bases. (Cambodia) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Government bars dissident Moslem group. (Saudi Arabia)(includes related article on aid to militant Islamics and other news on Saudi Arabia)Business, general 
Government cracks down on militants. (Egypt) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Gov. Patten publishes reform bill. (Hong Kong Governor Christopher Patten) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Graf, Sampras wins at Wimbledon. (Steffi Graf, Pete Sampras win tennis tournament)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Great Britain: toddler's murder stuns nation. (James Bulger) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Greenspan give Fed monetary report. (Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan)Business, general 
Greenspan warns of inflation pressure. (Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Group of Seven ministers meet in London.Business, general 
Group of Seven unveils $28.4 billion Russian aid package, agrees to reschedule debt. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Guatemalan president ousted in countercoup. (Jorge Antonio Serrano Elias)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Gunmen end Costa Rica embassy siege. (Nicaraguan embassy in Costa Rica)(includes related articles on Nicaragua)Business, general 
Habeas corpus backed in 'Miranda' cases. (includes related article)Business, general 
Haiti compromise sets Aristide return. (former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide)(includes related articles on U.S. aid and United Nations embargo)Business, general 
Haiti: military agrees to human-rights monitors. (includes related articles and news of other developments in Haiti)Business, general 
HDTV alliance announced. (three consortia announce high-definition television alliance)Business, general 
Heads of top industrialized nations meet in Tokyo: G-7 vows progress on GATT, job growth. (Japan; Group of Seven; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)Business, general 
Health-care costs rose in 1992. (includes other health-policy news)Business, general 
Health-care reform: Clinton plan cost estimated. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Hosokawa unveils new stimulus plan. (Japanese Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa's economic plan)(includes related articles on Nikkei stock average and discount rate)Business, general 
House panel clears tax plan. (includes related article on President Bill Clinton's tax plan)Business, general 
IAEA demands nuclear site inspections. (International Atomic Energy Agency) (includes related article)Business, general 
IBM reports record $4.97 billion loss for 1992. (International Business Machines) (includes related articles)Business, general 
IBM sets $8.9 billion charge for further downsizing. (includes related article)Business, general 
IMF projects slow world growth in '93. (International Monetary Fund)Business, general 
IMF unveils new GDP standards. (International Monetary Fund; gross domestic product)(includes related articles on China)Business, general 
IMF, World Bank hold annual meeting. (International Monetary Fund)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Immigration service chief named. (Doris M. Meissner nominated as commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization Service)(includes news about other appointments)Business, general 
Immunizations set as diseases multiply. (Russia)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Independent report reveals ANC abuses. (African National Congress)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Independents score local victories. (Peruvian political parties) (includes related article)Business, general 
Indiana tops college basketball polls. (includes related articles and news of other developments in men's basketball)Business, general 
Indian massacre figures, site revised. (massacre of Yanomami Indians in Venezuela)(includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Insurer Lloyd's reports $4 billion loss. (Lloyd's of London)Business, general 
Interior Minister Moussa dismissed. (Abdel Halim Moussa)(includes related articles on Egypt)Business, general 
Investigations of Texas cult compound tragedy continue. (fire at the Branch Davidians compound in Waco, Texas; includes other related news)Business, general 
Iraq declares cease-fire after more attacks by U.S., allies. (includes related articles and news of other developments in Iraq)Business, general 
Iraqi loan investigation: Federal Reserve revives BNL inquiry. (Banca Nazionale de Lavore) (includes related article)Business, general 
IRA Warrington bombs spawn outrage. (Irish Republican Army; bombings in England)(includes related articles on United Kingdom)Business, general 
Irish currency devalued: EC monetary system realigned again. (European Community) (includes related articles)Business, general 
IRS head, Parks & Wildlife chief named. (Margaret M. Richardson, George T. Frampton Jr.) (includes related article)Business, general 
Israel agrees to let 100 Arab deportees return: U.S. satisfied, would veto U.N. sanctions. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Israeli court opens deportee hearing. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Israeli court overturns Nazi guard's death sentence. (John Demjanjuk; includes related articles)Business, general 
Israeli-Palestinian violence surges. (includes related article and other developments)Business, general 
Israel, Jordan envoys meet publicly. (Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan)(includes other developments)Business, general 
Israel launches air offensive in southern Lebanon; guerrillas bomb Israeli towns. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Italian cabinet shuffled amid corruption scandals: Premier Amato clings to power. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Italian Premier Amato survives despite growing scandal. (Giuliano Amato remains in office; political corruption scandal)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Italian voters back government reforms. (includes related articles)Business, general 
January jobless rate eases to 7.1%.Business, general 
Janzen wins U.S. Open golf tournament. (Lee Janzen; includes other sports news)Business, general 
Japanese parliament elects Hosokawa premier; seven-party coalition assumes power. (includes related articles and biography on Morihiro Hosokawa)Business, general 
Japan reaffirms peace-keeping role. (participation in United Nations' peace-keeping operation in Cambodia)(includes related article and related developments)Business, general 
Japan's government falls as Liberal Democrats defect in no-confidence vote; new elections called. (Liberal Democratic Party)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Japan's ruling party loses parliament majority; premier Miyazawa resigns. (Liberal Democratic Party; Kiichi Miyazawa)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Job bias claims require direct evidence. (US Supreme Court case, St. Mary's Honor Center versus Hicks)Business, general 
Jobs program for poor areas proposed.Business, general 
Judge Ginsburg nominated to replace White on Supreme Court; ex-rights lawyer would become Court's second woman. (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Byron R. White)(includes biography and related articles on women's rights, Ginsburg's judicial record and consideration of Bruce Babbitt and Stephen G. Breyer)Business, general 
Judge orders NAFTA environmental impact study. (North American Free Trade Agreement)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Judge overturns microchip ruling. (allows Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to sell clones of Intel Corp.'s 80486 microchip)(includes related article on stock prices)Business, general 
Judge rules on task-force secrecy. (National Task Force on Health Care Reform)(includes related articles and other health-care news) (Health-Care Reform)Business, general 
July jobless rate falls to 6.8%. (1993)(includes related article)Business, general 
June jobless rate edges up to 7%. (1993)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
June trade gap hit five-year high. (1993)(includes other U.S. economic news)Business, general 
Justice White to retire from Supreme Court. (Byron White) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Kanemaru charged with tax evasion. (Shin Kanemaru) (includes related article and other Japanese news)Business, general 
Keating announces republic committee. (Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating; Republic Advisory Committee)(includes related article on Attorney General Michael Lavarch)Business, general 
Keating defends troops' honor. (Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating; behavior of troops during fall of Singapore during World War II)Business, general 
Keating, Hewson debate tax plan. (Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating, Labor Party-National Party coalition leader John Hewson) (includes related article)Business, general 
Keating outlines economic plan. (Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating)Business, general 
Keating reshuffles cabinet. (Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating)Business, general 
Kenya: economic reforms reversed. (includes related article)Business, general 
Key city falls to UNITA. (Union for the Total Independence of Angola gains control of Huambo, Angola)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Khmer Rouge actions imperil election. (includes related articles) (Cambodia)Business, general 
Kim Campbell sworn in as Prime Minister. (Canada)Business, general 
Kim Young Sam names cabinet. (South Korean president) (includes other South Korean news)Business, general 
Kodak CFO quits in policy dispute. (Eastman Kodak Co.'s chief financial officer Christopher J. Steffen; includes other business news)Business, general 
Kurdish militants attack Turkish sites in Europe.Business, general 
Labor urges renegotiation of NAFTA. (proposed North American Free Trade Agreement) (includes related article)Business, general 
Labour Party parley curbs union power. (United Kingdom)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Land transfer for dump site blocked. (land in Southern California for use as nuclear-waste dump)Business, general 
Large-scale privatization starts. (includes related articles and other developments pertaining to Russia)Business, general 
Latin American and Caribbean news in brief.Business, general 
Latin American news in brief. (events in various countries)Business, general 
Law firm settles with RTC. (Jones, Day, Reavis and Pogue; Resolution Trust Corp.; fraud at Lincoln Savings and Loan Association)(includes related article)Business, general 
Legislative spending bill signed. (includes related articles on federal budget)Business, general 
Liberal Democrats hold conference. (United Kingdom)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Library of Congress opens Marshall papers. (Thurgood Marshall)(includes related articles on objections of family members and Roe versus Wade)Business, general 
Lombard League, PDS gain in local votes. (Italy; Party of the Democratic Left)(includes related article)Business, general 
Major League Baseball revises divisions, playoffs.Business, general 
Major set back on Maastricht social pact. (Treaty on European Union; United Kingdom removes reference to Social Chapter)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Major shuffles British cabinet amid political slump. (Prime Minister John Major)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Major sues over 'affair' story. (United Kingdom Prime Minister John Major) (includes news of other media-related developments)Business, general 
Major wins confidence vote on Maastricht Treaty. (United Kingdom Prime Minister John Major)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Major world conference held in Vienna. (World Conference on Human Rights; Vienna, Austria)Business, general 
Male sex survey published. (sexual behavior of men)(includes related article on gays)Business, general 
Mandela, Buthelezi meet. (African National Congress President Nelson Mandela, Inkatha Freedom Party President Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi)(includes other developments)Business, general 
March jobless rate holds steady at 7%. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
March trade surplus rises 44%. (Japan's merchandise trade surplus for April 1993)(includes other news about Japan)Business, general 
Marseilles soccer club 'fix' probed. (French soccer team Olympique Marseilles; bribery investigation)(includes related articles on European competitions, U.S.' win over England, English Premier League title of Manchester United and plane crash involving Zambian soccer team)Business, general 
Massive IRA bomb hits City of London. (Provisional Irish Republican Army; England)(includes related article on opening of financial markets)Business, general 
May jobless rate drops to 6.9%. (1993)Business, general 
Medical news in brief. (lawsuits and regulations pertaining to various medical and health issues)Business, general 
Medicine and health: news in brief. (various topics)Business, general 
Mergers & acquisitions.Business, general 
Miami officer acquitted in slaying retrial. (William Lozano; manslaughter case)(includes related article)Business, general 
Miami prosecutor named attorney general. (Janet Reno)Business, general 
Middle East news in brief.Business, general 
Middle East news in brief. (events in various Middle Eastern locations)Business, general 
Middle East news in brief. (killing of Abu Shaaban of Palestine Liberation Organization and other news)Business, general 
Military budget set at $263.4 billion. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Military retreats on apparent U.N. deal. (Haitian army, United Nations) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Mine workers widen coal strike. (United Mine Workers)(includes related article on coal prices and other developments)Business, general 
Ministers discuss tariffs, GATT. (trade ministers from U.S., Canada, European Community and Japan; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)(includes related article on France's GATT policy and other GATT news)Business, general 
Ministers join Tory leadership race. (Jean J. Charest and Kim Campbell become candidates for leadership of Canada's Progressive Conservative Party)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Ministry report criticizes trade partners. (report by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry)(includes related article on regulations for bidding on construction projects)Business, general 
Missile test allegedly faked, probe set. (Strategic Defense Initiative test data of the 1980s)(includes related articles)Business, general 
More women accuse Sen. Packwood. (women accuse Senator Bob Packwood of sexual harassment)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Moves to cut press intrusions pledged. (invasion of privacy in the United Kingdom)(includes related article on media coverage of the royal family)Business, general 
Mulroney reshapes cabinet. (Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney)Business, general 
Murdoch repurchases 'N.Y. Post.' (Rupert Murdoch, New York Post newspaper)Business, general 
Murdoch unveils expansion plans. (media executive Rupert Murdoch; News Corporation Ltd.)Business, general 
National service plan for youth sketched. (President Bill Clinton's education policy; tuition-for-service plan)Business, general 
Netherlands: parliament eases euthanasia rules. (includes related article)Business, general 
Networks vow TV violence warnings. (television networks agree to put warnings on violent programs)Business, general 
Network syndication curbs lifted. (network involvement in rerun business)Business, general 
New budget unveiled. (South Africa) (includes related articles and other South African economic news)Business, general 
New coal plan reprieves 12 mines. (mines in United Kingdom will stay open)(includes related article)Business, general 
New encryption system launched. (to be used by law-enforcement agencies)Business, general 
New finance minister appointed. (Fernando Henrique Cardoso; Brazil)Business, general 
New Microsoft antitrust probe set. (includes other business news)Business, general 
New premier wins confidence vote. (Italian Premier Carlo Azeglio Ciampi)(includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
New right-wing movement formed. (South Africa)(includes related article on protest by white farmers)Business, general 
News in brief. (crash-landing of blimp and other topics)Business, general 
News in brief. (German court upholds Germany's participation in Somalia peacekeeping mission; includes other news of Germany)Business, general 
News in brief. (reductions in drug prices and other news about United Kingdom)Business, general 
News in brief. (various medical reports)Business, general 
News in brief. (various news events)Business, general 
New socialist government sworn in. (Spain's Premier Felipe Gonzalez wins reelection)(includes related article on cabinet)Business, general 
New stock-option rules proposed. (includes related article)Business, general 
New suspects charged; six now detained. (includes related articles) (World Trade Center Bombing)Business, general 
New year heralds 'open' internal market. (European Community) (includes related articles)Business, general 
'New Yorker' writer loses libel case. (Janet Malcolm loses suit brought by Jeffrey M. Masson)Business, general 
NFL, players reach seven-year contract. (National Football League)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Ninth conference held in Berlin. (Germany; Ninth International Conference on AIDS)(includes related articles on HIV immunity, AZT, AIDS vaccine and other findings)Business, general 
No charges brought against suicide M.D. (Jack Kevorkian) (includes related article)Business, general 
North Korea suspends nuclear treaty withdrawal. (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty)(includes related articles)Business, general 
North Korea withdraws from Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Northwest timber compromise unveiled. (between logging interests and environmental groups in the Pacific Northwest)Business, general 
Nutri/System sale approved. (includes related article on other mergers and acquisitions)Business, general 
'N.Y. Times' sets 'Boston Globe' purchase. (New York Times Co. plans to purchase Affiliated Publications Inc.)Business, general 
OAS, U.S. warn on tank deployment. (Organization of American States)(includes related articles on Peru)Business, general 
'October Surprise' theory rejected. (release of American hostages in Iran in 1980)(includes related article) (Iran-Contra Scandal)Business, general 
OECD ministers meet in Paris. (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)(includes related articles on U.S.-Japanese trade policies, economic growth, farm subsidies and Mexico)Business, general 
Officials denounce 'Exxon Valdez' study. (Prince William Sound has not recovered from 1989 oil spill)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Ohio jail siege ends after 10 die. (Southern Ohio Correctional Facility)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Oil tanker wreck fouls Shetlands. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Olympia & York restructuring cleared. (Olympia and York Developments Ltd.)(includes related articles on Reichmann family)Business, general 
OMB projections show persistent deficit problems. (Office of Management and Budget)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Ontario Hydro unveils restructuring. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Ontario tackles budgetary imbalances. (Canada)Business, general 
Oregon local votes bar protective laws. (two Oregon towns pass laws prohibiting gay rights protection; includes related article on other gay-rights developments)Business, general 
Oregon rationing plan approved. (health care insurance) (includes related article)Business, general 
Orlando trades first pick in NBA draft. (Orlando Magic selects and trades Chris Webber in first pick of the National Basketball Association's 1993 draft; includes other basketball news)Business, general 
Other U.S. news: news in brief. (grandmother's custody of lesbian daughter's son and other news)Business, general 
Ousted Lamont lashes out at Major. (former U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont, Prime Minister John Major)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Packer quits Westpac bank board. (Kerry Packer, Westpac Banking) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Pakistan to aid search for suspects. (bombings in Bombay, India)(includes related articles on India and other developments)Business, general 
Palestine Liberation Organization rift surfaces as Israel accepts PLO presence in talks. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Palestinians agree to resume peace talks. (includes related articles on Middle East and other developments)Business, general 
Panel calls for pesticide control. (National Academy of Sciences; includes other news about pesticides)Business, general 
Panel releases competitiveness report. (National Commission to Ensure a Healthy, Competitive Airline Industry)Business, general 
Parliament convenes to end white rule. (South Africa)(includes related article on bill of rights)Business, general 
Patriots pick Bledsoe first in NFL draft. (New England Patriots, Drew Bledsoe, National Football League)Business, general 
Patten delays publication of reforms. (Chris Patten) (includes related article)Business, general 
Patterson returned to power. (Percival J. Patterson)Business, general 
Pension-plan advisers' liability limited. (Supreme Court does not allow workers to seek damages from professional-service providers who give employers advice on pension plans)(includes news on other Supreme Court cases)Business, general 
People in politics.Business, general 
People in politics. (activities of various political and legal figures)Business, general 
People in politics. (activities of various politicians)Business, general 
People in politics. (activities of various politicians)Business, general 
People in politics. (various political figures)Business, general 
Perez suspended, faces corruption trial. (Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Personal income rose 1.3% in August. (1993)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
PLO receives $2 billion aid pledge. (Palestine Liberation Organization, foreign aid)(includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Police block rally by Hindu opposition. (India)Business, general 
Police crack down on black radicals. (South Africa)Business, general 
Political violence continues. (South Africa)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Pope visits three African states. (John Paul II; Benin, Uganda, Sudan) (includes related article)Business, general 
Post office shootings occur in two states. (California, Michigan)(includes related article)Business, general 
Powell issues military 'roles' report. (Gen. Colin L. Powell) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Prelate slain, drug cartel leader arrested. (Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo, archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico, killed; Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin Guzman Loera arrested)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Premadasa cremated. (Ranasinghe Premadasa, assassinated president of Sri Lanka)(includes related articles on election of President Dingiri Banda Wijetunge, identification of assassins and United National Party)Business, general 
President dissolves government. (Pakistani President Ghulam Ishaq Khan)(includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
President killed by suicide bomber. (Ranasinghe Premadasa of Sri Lanka) (includes related article on assassination of Lalith Athulathmudali)Business, general 
President outlines fall agenda. (President Bill Clinton)(includes related developments)Business, general 
President, premier battle over economy. (Ukrainian President Leonid M. Kravchuk, Premier Leonid Kuchma)Business, general 
Price controls reimposed, lifted. (Russia) (includes related article)Business, general 
PRI fund-raising tactic provokes furor. (Mexico's ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Prime minster, president resign. (Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan; Pakistan)Business, general 
Privatization bill passed after revision. (Poland)(includes related articles)Business, general 
PRI wins Mexico, Nayarit state elections. (Institutional Revolutionary Party)(includes related article on reforms of Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari)Business, general 
Prominent dissident released. (Wei Jingsheng of China)Business, general 
Prominent student leader released. (Wang Dan) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Provinces face credit crunch. (includes related articles on Canada)Business, general 
Pulitzer prizes. (1993)Business, general 
QVC, Home Shopping Network to merge. (QVC Network; includes related article on other mergers and acquisitions)Business, general 
Rabin, Arafat hold talks in Cairo on Palestinian self-rule. (Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasir Arafat meet in Cairo, Egypt)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Rabin calms coalition crisis. (parliamentary crisis in Israel; Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin)(includes other news on Israel)Business, general 
Radical Moslem cleric detained. (Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Rail, coal workers strike for one day. (United Kingdom) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Rao realigns cabinet. (Indian Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao)(includes related articles on India and other developments)Business, general 
Rape case judge's ruling stirs row. (controversy over lenient sentence for rapist in Victoria, Australia)Business, general 
Rebel commander claims power. (Surat Huseynov assumes power in Azerbaijan)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Records fall at track championships. (1993 World Track and Field Championships, Stuttgart, Germany)(includes related article on ban of German sprinter Katrine Krabbe)Business, general 
Reformer returns to government. (Russia; former Acting Premier Yegor T. Gaidar)(includes related articles on International Monetary Fund loan and other business and economic news related to Russia)Business, general 
Refugees may claim gender persecution. (Canada) (includes related article)Business, general 
Refugees return from Mexico. (Guatemalan refugees)(includes related article)Business, general 
Religious animal sacrifice ban voided. (includes related article and opinions of Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, Harry A. Blackmun and David H. Souter)Business, general 
Reno confirmed as first female attorney general. (Janet Reno) (includes related article)Business, general 
Reno orders U.S. attorneys to resign. (Attorney General Janet Reno)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Rep. Ford acquitted of fraud. (Representative Harold E. Ford)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Report details abuses at '91 naval aviators' convention. (Tailhook scandal)(includes related article)Business, general 
Resignations complete military purge. (El Salvador)(includes related articles on arms caches of Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front and U.S. response to Salvadoran army rights abuses)Business, general 
Restraint marks conservative trend. (Supreme Court decisions)(includes related article on major decisions)Business, general 
Returning labor leader deported. (Han Dongfang deported from China)(includes other news on China)Business, general 
Rightists gain in Hesse local vote. (Hesse, Germany)Business, general 
Rightists storm charter talks. (white separatists; South Africa)Business, general 
Rights advocate becomes president. (Ramiro de Leon Carpio; Guatemala)(includes related articles on Gustavo Espina Salguero, dismissal of military leaders and U.S. aid)Business, general 
Rival groups free hostages. (guerrillas in Nicaragua)(includes related articles on Nicaragua)Business, general 
Rival parties agree to share power. (Cambodia)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Royal Bank buys Royal Trustco.Business, general 
Runoff set for Bentsen's senate seat. (former Texas Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr.; includes other Texas political news)Business, general 
Rushdie death edict reaffirmed. (Iranian death edict for Salman Rushdie) (includes related article)Business, general 
Russia draft charter clears conference. (Russian constitutional conference approves draft of new government charter; includes related articles about former Soviet republics)Business, general 
Russian Congress moves to curtail Yeltsin's power. (Congress of People's Deputies; Boris Yeltsin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Russian Congress summoned to vote on Yeltsin's future as president. (Congress of People's Deputies, Boris Yeltsin) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Russian constitutional conference opens. (includes related developments)Business, general 
Russian currency recall splits government. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Russian police, Communists clash in May Day riot.Business, general 
Russian president, parliament declare each other's power void; Yeltsin calls new assembly elections. (Russian President Boris Yeltsin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Russian President Yeltsin survives impeachment vote. (Boris Yeltsin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Russians, Afghans clash on Tajik border. (Tajikistan; includes other articles about the Commonwealth of States)Business, general 
Sailor sentenced to life for gay's murder. (Terry M. Helvey convicted of murder of Allen R. Schindler.)Business, general 
Salinas, Clinton confer on NAFTA. (Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, President-elect Bill Clinton; North American Free Trade Agreement)(includes related article on Salinas' cabinet)Business, general 
Sanchez de Lozada to become president. (Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada; Bolivia)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Scandal figure alleges payment to Rao. (securities scandal in India; Harshad Mehta alleges payments made to Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao)(includes related article)Business, general 
Scientific evidence expanded. (Supreme Court case on admissibility of evidence in trials)(includes news on other Supreme Court cases)Business, general 
Scores die as besieged Texas cult compound burns down; FBI calls blaze a mass suicide by Branch Davidians. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Sea Hero wins Kentucky Derby. (includes related articles on voiding of results of United Kingdom's Grand National steeplechase and results of Guineas horse race in Newmarket, England)Business, general 
Seizure challenges limited. (Supreme Court does not allow legality of evidence obtained in unconstitutional manner from criminal partner to be challenged)(includes other news on Supreme Court cases)Business, general 
Senate approves $34.3 billion for RTC. (Resolution Trust Corp.)(includes other news on savings and loan associations)Business, general 
Senate backs AIDS entry curb. (ban on immigration to U.S. of people testing positive for HIV)Business, general 
Senate backs tougher lobbyist rules. (includes related article on disclosure of gifts)Business, general 
Senate confirms Clinton cabinet nominees: Bentsen, Aspin, Christopher approved. (Lloyd Bentsen, Les Aspin, Warren Christopher) (includes biographical sketches of new officials and related articles)Business, general 
Senate MIA panel issues final report. (Senate Select Committee on POW-MIA Affairs; prisoners of war, missing in action)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Senate panel backs Ginsburg for Supreme Court. (Senate Judiciary Committee; Ruth Bader Ginsburg)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Senate panel drops BTU energy tax. (British thermal units)(includes related article on President Bill Clinton's economic plan)Business, general 
Senate passes campaign finance reform bill. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Sen. Durenberger indicted on expenses. (David Durenberger) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Sentence increases for perjury upheld. (includes news on other Supreme Court cases)Business, general 
Separatists cleared in '92 Idaho killing. (white separatists Randall Weaver and Kevin Harris in 1992 killing of federal marshal William F. Degan; includes related article)Business, general 
Serbian president orders blockade against Bosnian Serbs, opposes referendum on peace plan. (Slobodan Milosevic)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Sharif reinstated as prime minister. (Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Shining Path attacks Indian villages. (Peru)(includes related developments)Business, general 
Sihanouk seeks Cambodian coalition after U.N.-backed vote. (Cambodian Prince Norodom Sihanouk; United Nations)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Sinn Fein gains in Ulster vote. (political wing of Provisional Irish Republican Army)(includes related articles on IRA bombing and meeting between Social Democratic and Labor Party leader John Hume and Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams)Business, general 
Slain black leader Hani buried in South Africa. (Chris Hani)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Social Democrat heads new government. (Poul Nyrup Rasmussen) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Socialist leader quits. (Italian Socialist Party leader Giorgio Benvenuto resigns)(includes related articles)Business, general 
South African communist leader Hani assassinated. (Chris Hani) (includes related articles)Business, general 
South African election date confirmed. (includes related articles)Business, general 
South African government, African National Congress reach power-sharing deal. (includes related articles) (Cover Story)Business, general 
South African government agrees to share power with blacks on multiparty council. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Space station downsizing begun. (planned U.S. space station 'Freedom')Business, general 
Spanish Premier Gonzalez calls early elections. (Felipe Gonzalez) (includes related article)Business, general 
SPD chief Engholm quits over '87 scandal. (Social Democratic Party, Bjorn Engholm) (includes related article on 1994 elections) (Germany)Business, general 
Station redesign misses cost goals. (space station 'Freedom')(includes related articles)Business, general 
Stiffer sentences for hate-crimes upheld. (Supreme Court case)(includes related article on opinion of Justice William H. Rehnquist)Business, general 
Stimulus bill falls to GOP filibuster. (President Bill Clinton's economic plan; Republican Party filibuster)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Stimulus plan unveiled. (Japan) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Stricter seafood tests set. (includes other news on the Food and Drug Administration)Business, general 
Study faults EPA spending allocations. (Environmental Protection Agency)(includes other news on the environment)Business, general 
Study sees little societal impact. (social effects of the AIDS epidemic)(includes related article)Business, general 
Suharto reelected, names deputy. (Indonesian President Suharto, General Try Sutrisno) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Sunbeam CEO fired, partners sue. (Paul B. Kazarian; Michael G. Lederman, Robert H. Setrakian) (includes related article)Business, general 
Supreme Court backs challenge to minority districts. (Shaw versus Reno; ruling on racial gerrymandering of election districts; includes excerpts from minority and majority opinions)Business, general 
Supreme Court backs forced return of Haitians.Business, general 
Surgeon Gen. nominee defends record. (Joycelyn Elders)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Tajikistan forces take rebel centers. (includes related article)Business, general 
Talks begin on NAFTA amendments. (North American Free Trade Agreement) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Task force holds first session. (Task Force on National Health Care Reform)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Teachers unions fight national tests. (Great Britain)Business, general 
Theater openings.Business, general 
Three deaths tied to tainted hamburgers. (E. coli-infected hamburgers sold at Jack in the Box restaurant) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Tibetans demonstrate against China. (includes related articles and other news about China)Business, general 
Tony Awards presented. (1992-93)Business, general 
Top East German officials convicted. (killing of East German refugees)(includes related article)Business, general 
Tories questioned on campaign funds. (United Kingdom's Conservative Party)(includes related articles on testimony of Norman Fowler, relationship between corporate donations and titles, debate in House of Commons and resignation of Northern Ireland Security Minister Michael Mates)Business, general 
Tory leadership hopeful sets candidacy. (Patrick Boyer) (includes other Canadian news)Business, general 
Trade framework talks held. (Japan and U.S.)(includes other news on Japan)Business, general 
Trade gap expanded by 29% in 1992. (balance of trade)Business, general 
Trade gap widened in November 1992. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Trade surplus reaches $9.97 billion. (Japan; June 1993 rate; includes other news about Japan)Business, general 
Travel office firings embarrass White House. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Treasury auctions $35 billion in debt. (includes related article on use of short-term notes)Business, general 
Troops diffuse rebel attack in north. (Esteli, Nicaragua)(includes related articles on Nicaragua)Business, general 
Troops insubordinate, Somali panel says. (Canadian peace-keeping troops)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Troops' role in Somalia deaths probed. (includes related articles) (Canada)Business, general 
Two ex-cops convicted in Detroit killing. (Larry Nevers, Walter Budzyn)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Two L.A. officers convicted on U.S. charges in King case. (Laurence M. Powell, Stacey C. Koon; Rodney King beating trial)(includes related articles and related news)Business, general 
Two L.A. officers sentenced in King beating. (Los Angeles Police officers Stacey Koon and Laurence M. Powell; Rodney King; includes related articles)Business, general 
Two more suspects arrested in World Trade Center blast. (Mahmud Abohalima and Bilal Alkaiss) (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.N. arms inspectors thwarted. (United Nations; Iraq)Business, general 
U.N. body condemns abusive nations. (United Nations Human Rights Commission)(includes related developments)Business, general 
U.N. cites rights abuses in East Timor. (United Nations Commission on Human Rights)(includes related articles on Indonesia)Business, general 
Unemployment continues to rise. (Germany)(includes other German economic news)Business, general 
U.N. extends Croatia mandate. (United Nations) (includes related article and news of other Croatian developments)Business, general 
U.N., Italy clash over Somalia mission. (United Nations; relief aid to Somalia)Business, general 
U.N. plot transcripts feature sheik. (Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman)(includes related articles) (New York City Bombing Plots)Business, general 
U.N. report probes El Salvador civil war murders. (United Nations)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
U.N. votes sanctions against rebels. (United Nations Security Council, National Union for the Total Independence of Angola)(includes related article and other developments in Angola)Business, general 
U.S. aircraft, U.N. forces attack Somali warlord; Pakistani troops fire on protesters. (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. Bosnia evacuation blocked by Serb attacks: rescue of wounded Moslems prevented. (includes related article) (Cover Story)Business, general 
U.S.-brokered cease-fire ends Israeli strikes on Lebanon. (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S.-Canada panel strikes lumber duties.Business, general 
U.S., EC partially settle dispute. (European Community; trade policy)(includes related article on telecommunications sanctions)Business, general 
U.S., EC trade officials meet. (European Community) (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. ends opposition to loans. (multilateral loans to Vietnam; includes other news about Vietnam)Business, general 
U.S. floats Ukrainian arms plan. (includes related articles on arms control)Business, general 
U.S., G-7 push for new Russia aid. (Group of 7 industrial nations)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
U.S., Germany reach telecom pact. (drop barriers to foreign telecommunications firms competing for government contracts)Business, general 
U.S. given assurances on MIAs. (missing in action in Vietnam)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. Holocaust Museum dedicated. (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum)(includes related article on Holocaust survey)Business, general 
U.S., Iraq trade fire in northern 'no-fly zone.' (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S., Japan reach framework trade pact. (international trade)Business, general 
U.S. marines capture arms depot. (includes related articles and news of other developments in Somalia)Business, general 
U.S. missile attack targets Iraqi intelligence agency; Baghdad raid retaliates for Bush 'death plot.' (plot to assassinate former U.S. President George Bush)Business, general 
U.S. official pessimistic on NAFTA. (Office of Management and Budget Director Leon E. Panetta)(includes other news on the North American Free Trade Agreement)Business, general 
U.S. official warns of trade conditions. (U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Winston Lord; U.S.-China trade relations)(includes other news on China)Business, general 
U.S. planes skirmish with air defenses. (Iraqi air-defense installations) (includes related article and news of other Iraqi developments)Business, general 
U.S. presses Junta on rights abuses. (Pres Clinton urges Myanmar to free dissident Aung San Suu Kyi; includes related articles on Myanmar)Business, general 
U.S. promises Russia $1.6 billion in aid at Clinton-Yeltsin summit in Vancouver. (Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin; Vancouver, British Columbia) (Cover Story)Business, general 
U.S. renews favorable trade status. (China)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. says Sudan supports terrorism. (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. seeks to end ship subsidies. (for commercial shipping industry; includes related article on commercial shippers that want to reflag their vessels)Business, general 
U.S. sets antidumping tariffs on steel. (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. sets Somalia pullout deadline. (includes related articles on events in Somalia and speech by President Bill Clinton and other developments)Business, general 
U.S. sets tariffs on steel imports. (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. targets Serbian sanctions-busters. (includes related articles and news of other Yugoslavian developments)Business, general 
U.S. threatens sanctions against Japan. (includes related article about trade sanctions against other nations)Business, general 
U.S. threatens to bar some EC contracts. (European Community) (includes related article)Business, general 
U.S. trade body rejects steel tariffs. (International Trade Commission)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S., U.N. agree on troop transition. (United Nations)(includes related articles on Somalia)Business, general 
U.S. vows change of African policy. (includes related article)Business, general 
US West buys stake in Time Warner unit. (Time Warner Entertainment L.P.)Business, general 
Vandal cleared in stabbing death. (Joseph Elliot acquitted of murder of Bob Osborne)(includes related article on other crimes in the United Kingdom)Business, general 
Vasectomies tied to prostate cancer. (includes other medical news)Business, general 
Velasquez elected interim president. (Ramon Jose Velasquez Mujica; Venezuela)(includes related articles on selection of cabinet members and Democratic Action party)Business, general 
Volvo, Renault to merge. (Renault S.A., Volvo AB)Business, general 
Waco, Texas standoff at cult compound drags on. (standoff between federal law enforcement agencies and Branch Davidians) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Walsh reports on Weinberger notes. (independent prosecutor Lawrence E. Walsh; former Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger)(includes related articles and other developments) (Iran-Contra Scandal)Business, general 
Wasmosy wins presidential vote. (Juan Carlos Wasmosy; Paraguay)(includes related articles)Business, general 
White paper sets defense cuts. (United Kingdom)(includes related article on spending by members of North Atlantic Treaty Organization)Business, general 
Wider transport deregulation urged. (Canada)(includes related article on contract between Canadian National Railways and J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.)Business, general 
Winnie Mandela courts squatters. (receives support from squatters and radicals)(includes other news on South Africa)Business, general 
World Bank restores aid. (aid to Kenya)(includes other developments in Kenya)Business, general 
World body extends whaling moratorium. (International Whaling Commission)(includes related articles on whale sanctuary and Norway's whale-hunting policy)Business, general 
World heads of state and government leaders.Business, general 
Yeltsin fires officials, calls convention. (Russian President Boris Yeltsin; constitutional convention)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Yeltsin, Khasbulatov in power struggle. (Boris Yeltsin, Ruslan Khasbulatov) (includes related article)Business, general 
Yeltsin prevails in Russian referendum. (Russian President Boris Yeltsin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Yeltsin raps US foreign policy. (Russian President Boris Yeltsin) (includes related article)Business, general 
Yeltsin reports draft charter completed. (Russian President Boris Yeltsin; includes other new about Russia)Business, general 
Yeltsin seeks regional intervention powers. (Boris Yeltsin) (includes related article)Business, general 
Yen hits record high against dollar.Business, general 
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